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Every blogger want to make money from their blog that's why they need good traffic for their blog and commenting on other blogs is a very good strategy to get good traffic as well as back links which will help to get blog post's on top of the search engines result pages for a query.

Why I am telling this because there are many bloggers those are getting traffic by commenting on other blogs but those blogs are on the wordpress platform and there are many rest of blogs those are based on blogger platform that's why I will share with you in this article about how to give comment to get traffic.

Here why I am telling this because where ever you write comment on blogspot platform blog, you got the back link with your blogger profile not with your blog, but you can make it possible to get back link to your blog directly.

May be you are thinking how it is possible here is the tips, I have given screen shot of my blog comment form.

Then after click on the form as I have shown on the screen shot click where I have indicated to click.

After click on there you will the form like I have given on below the screen shot-

You will see the below screen shot after click on "Name/URL"-

Now Just Put your name and url(means your blog address like mine one to which url you want to get traffic.

Then click on continue then write comment and then click on "Published" button, here many blogs have disabled word verification and many enable, okay that is depend on blogger.

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Bonus for Bloggers (You)-

As a reader of my blog, I have started sharing my own strategies to drive lots of traffic to your blog, okay today in this blog post I am sharing with you art of commenting for driving traffic, here I am going to tell you few top blogs, those can drive you lots of traffic-
  1. The great internet marketing blog
  2. The great blog for learning about back links
  3. Good blog for improving writing skills
  4. Learn guest blogging
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  6. Very good blog for newbies
  7. The great internet marketing blog his success is a great story.
  8. Good blog for beginner bloggers
  9. Very good blog for learning about e-commerce
  10. Great for learning about wordpress  
But, don't comment too quickly rather take time to read the blog post, which will improve your knowledge and then comment something important may be which is missing in the blog post, but don't forget to appreciate for the blog post.

Remember only writing comment is not the way for getting traffic although write solid comment that's why people once see your comment they will become curious to know about the person who has written the comment in this way you can get very good valuable traffic to your blog.

More important it will shows your social activity also, that your readers will come to know, you are also reading other blogs.

To improve your blog contents as well as income from blog, hopefully you are getting me.