Make Money on twiiter

Twitter is the world most popular micro-blogging website, according to Wikipedia Twitter having 500 million users.

Now you can understand that if people are using this network that means you can make money from you it.

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May be you are thinking how is it possible, yes it is possible.

But, your earning will depend on the number of followers you have on twitter, here is the simple way to make money on twitter.

May be don't know about this network which offer to twitter users to make money from their twitter profile.

The name of that network is

They offer twitter users to post sponsored ads on their profile, when your follower will click on that link you will get money.

It's too simple, I think so.

What do you think.

May be you are thinking you are not having too many followers but even then you can make money from Twitter.

Hopefully this article help you, let me know how much money you make from Sponsored Tweets.

Ohhhh, the most important thing I did not discuss with you that is withdraw amount from sponsored tweets.

The amount is 50$, so increase your followers as much you can that's why you can make more money from it.

My mission is to make some more money for you, that's why you can enjoy your life more better way, may be you have more questions in your mind regarding this that's why I have categories all those points below-

How Much Followers Needed on Twitter

See, if you want to see big bucks in your account then you need more active followers, more important you have to do work to make them to click your sharing link on Twitter, no its not number of followers its on number of royal followers those trust on you.

But remember don't tweet each and every offer you got there, tweet which would be useful for your followers.

I mean, if you have even 100 royal followers then you can make easily 2$ to 5$ per tweets, now think about if you have 1000 royal followers, but it is really difficult to have 1000 royal followers until or unless you are not doing hard work.

What Type of Offers You Should Promote

SponsoredTweets offer many products, but you have to choose offer wisely that's why your followers will click more on the link you are sharing on Twitter, there are two ways to know your followers choice those are either by surveying (you can use surveymonkey for survey) or sharing different category products, these two ways are the best, it works for me.

But generally, if you will promote products related to Health, Make Money Online, Insurance, Automobile, Gadgets (Mobiles, iPad, Tab etc), entertainment then CTR (Click Through Rate) would be more.

The reason is quite simple most of the people are involved in these activities in their life, so by promoting such type of offers can help you to see big bucks in your account.

How Much Rate You Should Fixed Per Tweet

In general there are two ways to promote offers on Twitter through, one is fixed price for per tweet and another one is price per click.

Both are good in their own place, but if you think you have very good active followers then you must go for per click rate, it will increase your revenue.

Or you can try both and then see which is better for you, but don't fixed price 50$ or 100$ per tweet, if you want to get offer from advertisers, first start from ground level like 10$ per tweet, if you will get more offer then you can go for higher rate, I hope the concept is clear to you.

Here is the big thing for getting more offers those are direct, you should think like that advertisers must get benefit from you, otherwise they will not give you any other direct offer, remember this for long time business plan.

What Next on Twitter to Make More Money

There is not only the to earn money from twitter, there are many methods, may be directly or indirectly- directly is affiliate marketing and indirectly is blogging.

If you are looking for long time business plan for you must go for blogging otherwise you can go for affiliate marketing, in the case of affiliate marketing- in affiliate marketing you need to promote products those are relevant to your Twitter followers, there are many affiliate networks like ClickBank, shareasale, CJ etc. But always choose top converting product those are already sold by people and people are getting value from it.

One more tip, I would like to share with you here, if you are looking for long time business plan then make a list of e-mail addresses, through your affiliate link, it will help you to know how many people are interested, what type of products you are promoting right now on Twitter.

Big Question- Now may be you are thinking why am I telling you to use ClickBank for choosing products then let me tell you, this is one of the oldest affiliate network having more than 10,000 digital products and of course more than 100,000 people are promoting products, now think about this, 100,000 people are already getting benefits from ClickBank and why you can not?

Big Solution- Even I got paid from ClickBank, that's why I am telling you to promote product, because I knew it will help you to make more money, but do not except result from first day of promoting product, because they will pay you when you will get sells.

Another Good one- If you have a blog, then you can use this option because for getting approval from this network you must have good blog with having decent traffic, I am talking about, if you want to increase your blog revenue then it is the best network this network will help you to get connect with direct advertisers, then definitely your blog revenue will see skyrocket, okay let me tell you how you can make money from Twitter by using, actually there is a option to monetize your Twitter profile, you can easily monetize your twitter profile by just fixing price per tweet, to get good offers you must have more followers at least 1k.

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If you are looking for extra cash then this is the best way to get more cash but you need to little take care about your followers, because you need to provide valuable information every time you tweet, here I have very good idea for you, if you want to get notice by twitter users then try to concentrate on a topic a single topic and start sharing information related to that topic, re-tweet blog post those are shared by experts, it will help you to get authority in the Twitter sphere.

I hope you are getting me.

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