Good news for all "Blogger How-to SEO Tips" readers, finally I did it, I have created a SEO friendly blogger template, which is just amazing, well I will launch that template very soon, but that would be paid one, but I will offer about 90% discount for first week of launch then I will hike price of the template.
SEO Blogger Template

Well, the template I am going to give away, which is I am using in this blog, this is also a good template, almost year I have used this template, but now I want to change my template and I want to give away this template for free.

Features of this Blogger SEO Friendly Template-

When it comes to SEO friendly template then there are many things to consider, just like automatic blog post title before blog title, Meta Description of the blog, Meta Keywords of the Blog, easy navigation, social sharing button, credit free footer, fast loading speed.

Well, in this template you are going to get all those things, I am going to tell you its benefit with little important descriptions-

  • Blog Post Title Before Blog Title- This is one of the biggest problem beginner  bloggers face, they don't understand this and they did blunder mistake here and finally they quit because they unable to drive lot of traffic and without a traffic you can not make money.
  • Meta Description of the Blog- This is the best way to make know the blog to the search engines, I mean search engine show results sometimes on the basis on meta description, this thing I come to know from my own blog, when any one will search engine (Google) the term "Blogger SEO Tips and Tricks", then here I am right now seeing, here is the screen shot- on the below screen shot you can see I have type Blogger SEO Tips and Tricks and search engine show my blog on the top because of only two things- title of the blog as well as meta description of the blog, so in this blog template you can write  meta description of your blog quiet easily.
Blogger SEO Tips and Tricks

  • Meta Keywords of the Blog- Again this is also important, in this section you need to put important and most relevant keywords for your blog.
  • Easy Navigation- According Google your blog or website must have easy navigation, to make it easy for search engines crawler.

  • Floating Social Sharing Button- This is the thing, which came at the end of 2011, when marketers, bloggers, see hike users of the social medias like (Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (popularly known for images) and many more.

Blogger Social Sharing Widget

  • NO Credit Footer- This is the best part of this template, well in the entire internet, if you will download a blogger template, they will ask for footer credit, even they have stated that if you will remove it then they will do these, that! but its over now, yes its over now. I am telling you, even I have not added any footer credit to this template, so you can use this template to your any blog, I don't have any problem regarding that.
  • Fast Loading Speed- According to Google if your blog is not loading fast then may be it will effect your about 2% search engine traffic, so keep in mind that thing I made this template simple that's why it will load super fast.

Settings Guide for the Template-

Lets get started from the beginning meta description of the blog, here are steps to follow
Blogger Meta Description

After clicking on the template, you need to wait for few seconds to load the page, here is the screen shot I am pasting below, what you are seeing right now-
Edit Blogger Template
Then click on the Edit HTML, then you will see too many codes don't get panic for that, I will tell you what you need to do there, actually I am going to discuss with you all settings for this blogger template for your better understanding, because I can remember that day, when I was newbie to blogger platform, in that time I face too much problem to edit my blogger template, that's why I will share here most easiest way to do it.

After clicking there again wait for few seconds to load the page properly, then you will see bunch of codes as right now I can see here, here is the screen shot-
Blogger HTML Edit Box
Well, at this stage you need to find out, all codes and edit with your own, here is the key to find out any code, just press CTRL +  F that's it, you will see a box for search, I am giving the screen shot of it, but before doing it, first just click on the HTML/XML Edit box.
Easy Search for Blogger HTML Edit Box
Now, first starting from Meta Description as well as Meta Tags, if you will find see the code in the template, I am going to give you a download link, then after changing the blogger template you will see code like this at the beginning on the blogger HTML/XML Edit box, where you are right now-

<meta content='Write About your blog but in short' name='description'/>
<meta content='Blogging Tips | Make Money Online | SEO | Dofollow | nofollow | Marketing | Affiliate | Traffic | Monetize | Advertisement Networks | Review' name='keywords'/>

Meta Tag of my blog- This Blog is an ultimate source to get Blogger Tips and tricks, SEO Tips and Tricks and Make Money Online Tips

Meta Keywords of my blog- Blogging Tips | Make Money Online | SEO | Dofollow | nofollow | Marketing | Affiliate | Traffic | Monetize | Advertisement Networks | Review

These are for my blog, but you need to write about your blog, I hope these examples will help you.

Then you need to find out navigation pages-
Now you need to use the easy search box, write there "SEO Tips and Tricks" and then enter, then you will see the code which is having SEO Tips and Tricks (yellow on the SEO Tips and Tricks), here is the screen shot as well as code-
Blogger SEO Template
After coming to here, just scroll down the page you will find code here, as I am giving below-

   <li><a expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl'>Home</a></li>
        <li><a href=''>Start Blogging Today Free</a></li>
<li><a href=''>SEO Tips and Tricks</a></li> 
  <li><a href=''>Earn Money Online</a></li>    

Now you need to replace, URL with your own desire URL as well as Name to appear on the navigation.

Most Important- I was thinking, how would I give you link to download this template, after thinking long time, I have decided, to give a direct download link-

There are around 100 hours wasted by almost every blogger to design their blog template, because I have spend around last 30 days for designing a new blog template, but I am happy because I did it, well after couple of days you will see on my blog.

That's why I will give away this template for all my blog readers for free, the best part is you don't need to provide any footer credit, even I have not put any footer credit.

If you want any other information regarding this SEO friendly Blogger template leave your comment here.