Beginner Bloggers Tips 2014
Blogging in 2013 is increasing very fast as dot com boom started in 1997, but here is a big thing, is this really good for all bloggers, because competition is increasing day by day, the more competition niche in blogging and affiliate marketing, those even don't know any thing about blogging and affiliate marketing they even started writing on blogging and affiliate niche, for getting more visitors to blog.

This is good for bloggers to make money, but beware from bunch of spammers in the internet, only visitors is not good enough for your blog, you have to make your blog a knowledge hub, that's why people will come your blog again and again to get some knowledge.

Let me clear you one most important thing in blogging, you have to satisfy readers through your articles, even you can add videos to make it effective for readers as well as for you, to get more traffic.

Biggest mistake every beginner bloggers do i.e. start writing on blogging niche, don't do this, other wise you will not love blogging for long time, because you will not succeed through this strategy, of course you should do blog, if you can write blog post daily, then that's great but don't write junk blog post, always make your blog post more informational, don't hide any thing just write what you know.

Finally I have categorized blogging tips for you to have a long time blogging career and more important to make money blogging.

#1)- Choosing Blogging Niche

If you are new to blogging world or may be old, but choosing a blogging niche is a most important decision for any blogger and dangerous decision, it can spoil your blogging career, but I have one great solution for you, choose two to three topics on which topics you think you have some thing and then start blogging from dam beginning to end of the world and see the blog where is going, more important where you are going through blogging.

Choosing niche like choosing a career, if you will not choose your interesting course in your study then I am sure you are not going to be a successful student same in blogging choose topic to blog, what you like? Simple!

#2)- SEO for Your Blog

SEO stands for search engine optimization, I don't know what you have heard about SEO, but let me tell you the truth about SEO, SEO is the way to make visible your blog with out any barriers for search engine crawlers.

This is it, nothing else, may be you have heard that SEO can make you to get your post on the top of the search engine results, even search engine results vary from place to place, I have analysed this thing for my blog

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#3)- Content & Post Length 

Content in King in blogging, remember this every time, even Bill Gates(Founder of Microsoft) said this, so don't write which make your content from king to labour, you should write each and every articles from your self and unique, don't copy paste from other blogs, if you want to succeed in blogging, because you have to give value of time spending by your readers to read your blog.

One my second tips for you is "Post Length" this is really important, as a beginner blogger you will see many succeed in blogging, may be you are thinking, I will also succeed in blogging, so let's start posting more than 5 posts daily, then probably I will become a problogger at the end of the month!!

Beginner bloggers think like this! Don't think like this even do this is beyond dear, if you will do this, then even you will not get approval from infolinks for advertisements forget about Google Adsense, so what is the solution man, may be you thinking.

Don't worry dear, I am hear to help you, write your blog post at least 300 words with an image, may be you are thinking why image? There are two reasons behind of this, one is getting more traffic from image searches(search engines) and another one is to make understand your readers quiet easily about the blog post.

The most important thing for adding image is your blog post look like a professional blog post, think about this!

#4)- Reading Other Blogs

Many beginner bloggers think why should I read other blogs, then I will suggest you to read other blogs, to know how they are writing, because all things come to your way of writing in your blog post.

Let me give you an example if a person having less knowledge about any thing, but he or she express the thing very well then he or she is better than a person having more knowledge but can't express the things very well.

So, read other blogs, increase your knowledge and also know how to express your words in better way, do hard work, that's why people will appreciate your work, other wise like 97% bloggers are doing, seeing dream but working zero that's why they are still only in dream, there is nothing wrong with big dream but you first have to start from small to big then only, your dreams will become in a reality.

One most important benefit for reading other blogs, do comments and get traffic, it will also improve reputation of your blog.

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#5)- Response to Comments

Response to comments is building relationship between you and the readers, this is really need to build a great relationship, this is really need in life and even in blogging.

Those are commenting on your blog they will encourage to read your blog daily, to get some thing new, so if you have time then I will recommend to write a blog post daily.

You Must Read Your Blog Post Before Publish it!!!

In 2013 bloggers are increasing tremendously, but only few of them will succeed in blogging, because blogging need more hard work and dedication too.

The most important proper guidance to do blogging, so here I am helping people to get in money making bloggers.

Stay tuned and keep blogging to see your self a professional blogger!