How to Increase Alexa Rank
Alexa Rank is one of the key factor for making money online, even people means bloggers, webmasters, website owners feel proud for having good alexa rank, See there many bloggers those have good traffic but they don't have good alexa rank, even there are blog or website those have less traffic but they do have very good attractive Alexa rank.

See,  I was in the same situation few years ago, I did have lot of traffic but I did not have good alexa rank, I Google about this, but I could not find out the real solution for this, so I have started learning and as well as experimenting then I have learn about this, those tips and tricks I am going to share with you that's why you can improve your blog alexa rank.

So, lets begin from the introduction-

What is Alexa?

Alexa is a website, which provide ranking for worldwide websites, blogs, on the basis on three important things, most probably on those basis search engine rank pages of blogs or website, those are-

  • Bounce Rate- Means how many pages views by a visitors
  • Users Spend Time- How much time spend per visitor on your blog.
  • Back Links- How many blogs or website link back to your blog.

If you are little aware about SEO Tips and Tricks then you are getting me but more important how Alexa is getting these data, actually this is totally depend on wheather the person install Alexa tool bar or not.

How Does Alexa Rank Work?

Alexa is totally working on the tool bar, if any one internet users using Alexa tool bar and he or she is browsing your blog then it will help you to get good rank on Alexa.

No, its not automatic.

As I said to you earlier, it is totally depend on the tool bar.

Why Alexa Rank Matter?

Alexa exist since years, so no doubt on this that Alexa is one of the people first choice to know about the website or blog, I mean its ranking worldwide as well as local.

That's not all, it will help you also to know keywords people are using for the blog.

I remember, when I usually use Alexa to know the reputation as well as the popularity of the website, but don't waste more time on this, just give time what I am going to tell you to improve your blog Alexa rank.

How to Improve Alexa Rank Top 10 Tips and Tricks?

Well, here I am going to share with you top 10 tips and tricks to improve Alexa rank, well I have already said to you many things about Alexa, I hope you got those things quite easily, so here are those tips and tricks-

  1. Tell Your Blog Readers to Install Alexa Tool Bar- This is the main GAME, if you want to increase rank, yes you also need to install this tool bar right now. The question is how would you encourage them to install this tool bar? Simple just tell them as a notice on the side bar of your blog or you can send an e-mail about this.
  2. Write Lengthy Blog Post- See, more time people will spend on your blog better Alexa rank as well as rank on search engine you will get, that means win to win situation,  you are looking for an idea for writing lengthy blog post then see mine this blog post.
  3. Write Guest Blog Post for Back Links- Well, this is not that much effective but even then it is useful, if you are looking for getting lot of traffic at an instant then this is the best method but you need to find out very good traffic blog on your niche only and remember don't write guest post, where blog posts are not relevant to your blog.
  4. Put Only One Image on a Blog Post- I read many blogs for getting more and more knowledge about Blogging, I got this information from forums, blogs as well as from my blogger friends, they have been told me that if you want that your blog readers will read the blog post then put only one image in a blog post and of course at the beginning of the blog post.
  5. Interlink With Other Blog Posts- Again this activity will decrease your blog bounce rate means people are going to spend more time on your blog, which means better Alexa rank. But don't interlink always with same keywords to the same blog post or page, mix keywords with little variation would be better for search engine point of view.
  6. Use Related Posts and Popular Posts Widget- These two widgets help many bloggers to increase page views as well as to make a strong relationship with new blog readers, because blog readers come to know the best thing  as well as related thing about the blog.
  7. Use Email Marketing for More Interactions with Readers- Many top bloggers said that they did the mistake that they did not collect e-mail address at the beginning, that's why I always said that start collecting e-mail addresses if you want to get loyal traffic for your blog.
  8. Give More Value to Your Blog Post- Big question, but the solution for this is really simple you just need to write what you have discover from yourself or you can also write same topic but need to put more effort that's why you can stand on the top for providing better content.
  9. Write Reviews- This is my own experience writing reviews help me to drive another 200 more page views per day even improving day by day, the reason behind this is quite simple, I have written all reviews from my own experience.
  10. Have Easy Social Sharing Widget- Social Sharing Widgets are main keys these days for traffic to blog, but you need to have very good network, that's why you will get traffic, I mean at the beginning no body knows about your blog, then best way to promote your blog is social media, tell your friends to share your blog on their wall and then see hike in visitors to your blog, try this you will definitely get more blog visitors.

I have put all my experiences to increase your blog Alexa rank, but nothing is possible in very short period of time, if possible even it will not be there for long run, so go slowly and steadily that's why you will have a perfect business with you for long time earning.

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I know every blogger wanted to earn money, good rank, reputation, buzz about the blog. But the truth is only 3% bloggers reach to the target then where is the problem- is there more bloggers, is there no space for bloggers to earn money.

No, the truth is you need to have patience as well as proper guidence to be a successful blogger.

Is there anything Can Improve Your Blog Alexa Rank?