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Top 10 Sources to Make Money Online Other Than Blogging

Sources to Make Money Online Other Than Blogging, Part time Income, Genuine Freelancer income

Blogging is the good way to make money online but what about other ways to make money online, so I am going to share with you those ways, that's why you can make more money online, but right now I am going to tell you myth of about earning money other than Blogging, especially these ways, these ways can not make you millionaire not even make you 1000$ online, but of course you can make some pocket money, but if you want to make some serious money then start affiliate marketing.

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So, here are those ways to make money online, but remember one thing every time more tough job make you more money.

1. Earn Money For Clicking Ads

Paisalive is one of the best way to make money online for pocket money, but you are not going to make millions through this way but of course you can make some pocket money.

I will strongly recommended you to  join to make some extra money by reading emails only.

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2. Get Paid for Doing Small Jobs

microworkers is one of the well known website for internet money makers to make money online, may be you wanted to know, what you need to do to make money?

You have to do only small jobs like, Likes on Facebook, Sign Up, Giving Comments etc.

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3. Get 5$ for Doing Small Jobs


Let monetize your knowledge or your knowing things, this is the market place in the world, which
offer you to sell your knowing things with world of buyers for starting from 5$.

4. Earn Money By Writing Your Favorite Things


In this world almost every one learned something in their life, just need to spread your learned things with world of people to make more money, provides a platform which offer to people to make money for writing articles.

This service has been shut down.

5. Get Paid for Writing


Hubpages providing the same platform like but you may use both networks to spread your words with world of people to make money online.

6. Work Like a Freelancer


If you are really serious to make money online from sitting at home, but for this you have to make your self more strong in your field that's why you can deliver best service to your clients, because in this market place there is not shortage of job, short is only one thing that is perfect person to do the job.

7. Again Good Platform for Independent Professional

Elance is also a market place for freelancers to find jobs and get paid for doing jobs, you can easily choose any job as your best known and complete the job and then get paid for the job.

It's simple. Like A, B, C.

8. Good Platform for Freelancer


Odesk is also a market place to find jobs to make money online, you choose this market place also to get start your career as a freelancer.

9. Good Platform to Get Paid for Doing Small Jobs


This is a website which offer service to people to make money online by doing small jobs the most amazing thing about this website, what?

This is a Amazon based website, so there is nothing to worry about the payment just you need to do work to make money online.

10. Take Survey and Earn Money

Cash Crate

This is a website which allows you to take surveys and get paid for them, hows that amazing right, may be till now you are thinking about this service, right! so this is the platform to make money online by doing surveys.

Why Blogging is the Best to Earn Passive Income Online-

See, I have numerous reasons to tell you why blogging is the best, but here I am going to tell you most effective reasons, that's why today there are more than million blogs exist, so here are few effective reasons-

  1. If you will start with blogger then its almost free but must get domain name and before choosing domain name must do little research.
  2. It is one of the best way to earn passive income online
  3. It will help you to grow your audience and of course personal branding which increase the money flow and hence revenue
  4. It will help you to get fans, authority and of course money freedom too.
  5. Its already proven by many that this is a way to earn passive income online

Making money online is really easy but you have to choose the right source to make money online, as I told you blogging is the best way to make money online.

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I have listed resources are genuine so don't need to worry to get paid just you need to do worth full work to get paid better amount.


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