How to Make a Popular Blog

Every blogger want to become popular and make money from blog but only few of them actually become popular blogger reason behind this may be you don't know or may be know in this article I will share you reasons and also tips to become popular blogger.

Let me tell you dear if you make a blog popular then you have to hard work and share every things you know with the people, many people thing that sharing all things he or she know is not good for them but if you wanna become popular then you have share all best things you know with the world of people, that's why people will come to your blog daily and daily, they will become curious about your blog may be probably they will tell others about your blog.

Just think about this, I mean how to make a blog popular if you will not make mistakes then definitely you will become popular that's why I will share with you only about mistakes you may be doing just don't do these mistakes to become a popular blogger.

Reasons Behind Not Becoming a Popular Blogger:-

Not concentrating on topic-

Many bloggers they usually not write about only few topics, what they do they read a blog which blog is popular then they start copy their content and their article too, to become popular but which is not possible in actual.

If it is possible in actually their there are thousands of people in this world those can easily make a website like Facebook, but it is not possible to make a website popular if they will make even, because the reason behind this too simple because we don't want copy things we every time searching and looking for some thing different, weather your blog design is not good or bad but if your concept of sharing is good then definitely people will like your blog.

Not Writing Often-

Set your own time to publish post, start from one post in a week then may be you will increase to two or three posts in a week then may be one post per day.

But its not that much matter, matter is all about information you are pouring in the blog post, in blogging you need to walk like a Tortoise to win at the end and then keep winning each and every day.

Not Writing in Proper Presentations-

Many bloggers they do write very good contents but because of not proper presentation they can not make their blog popular.

Let me give you an example many times we do not get very good marks in the examination although we did have very good knowledge in the particular subjects, what does that means our presentation on the answer sheet.

Not Using Easy Social Media Shares-

It is one of the best way to make your blog popular because you may probably know that most of the people is having account on social media and they are active if you will put easy social media people will share your article on their profile that means people will work your work to make your blog popular.

Not Do SEO Setting For Your Blog-

Most of the best way to get free traffic is search engine that means you have to optimized your blog  for search engine.

My my all articles for optimized your blog for search engine.

Not Writing People Hunting Content-

One of the most important thing is people hunting content, if you will write about flowers only few people looking for these type of articles that means you will get less visitors to your blog no matter how much your content is good but if you will write about any gadgets then I am pretty sure there most of the people looking for these news then definitely you will get more and very good visitors.

Not Giving People Searching Title Name-

Do you know your blog will get visitors you can not even imagine from search engine but for that you have to do one exercise Using Google Trend you can come to know how many people are searching about the same titles.

Then give name to your blog title the same to get very good rank on Google for more information about title name you can read my article.

Never Never Give UP-

90% blogger they after blogging few months they just give up but blogging is not like you will become popular with in few months you have to be regular and be regular every time after even becoming popular blogger.

It's a real business do write article in that way when any people come to your blog once he or she has to be come to your blog again and again.

One of a Great Lesson Learnt in Blogging

Well may be you know about me or may be not, but let me tell you about few popular as well as amazing bloggers those really putted value in the internet world from couple of years like Neil Patel, Darren Rowse, Brian Dean and there are many those are really doing awesome work helping the whole community.

If you wanna like them or like any blogger whom you like the most then I must say you need to invest time, which is most precious than any other things in this world.

Do you know?

Why these bloggers are popular?

Because, they are putting effort continuously and they are posting in detail blog post, there each and every blog post having more 2000 words, with heading, sub headings which is good for people as well as SEO, that's why they are popular today.

Do the same you will also become famous like them.

Creating a popular blog is not quiet difficult but people make it difficult by concentrating on only money rather than concentrating on contents.

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Is there anything I missed which can make you to create a popular blog.