I can remember when I have started using Bidvertiser (Bidvertiser Review is because of that), in that time I don't have knowledge about any ads network, that's why I have started using many ads network including- Affinity, Clicksor, Chitika, Popads.net, Qadabra etc.

Some of them paid and some of them did not, because I was unable to reach their minimum withdraw amount.

WELL, that's why I have stop using some of them and using Bidvertiser and today I have something important to share with you about making money from blog as well as my experience with Bidvertiser.

I did not made too much money but of course I made something from Bidvertiser which probably 80% of bloggers never reach to this condition, I mean 80% of bloggers never made more than $100, but I did from single ads network.

See, there is no rocket science behind this, even it is simple! I have already written a blog post about Bidvertiser Review, you  can also read this for better as well as basic understanding about Bidvertiser, but in this blog post I will share with you two important things about Bidvertiser those are my earning proof as well as how you can reach here easily and you can also share about your earning on your blog.

My Earning Proof from Bidvertiser

Well, its my earning proof from Bidvertiser with whole statistics, here is the screen shot of it
I Earn $104 from Bidvertiser
I hope you are little inspire from the proof, but dear for this I did something that's why I have earn this much money.

Well, this is not Big amount but I know there are many those are dreaming about making this much money from blogging.

May be you are one of them! well I don't know about this.

My proof shows that you can make money from Bidvertiser, but for making more money you need to get more CTR (Click Through Rate), for all these I will tell you simple working tips and tricks that's why you will earn more money from same traffic of your blog.

Earn More MONEY From Bidvertiser

I bet you, right now you are thinking about traffic of your blog, because more traffic means more bucks in your pocket.


Actually its not like that, because I came to know about this when I made $145.85 from ClickBank.

Can you guess how much traffic made me this amount, its only 5 visitors, yes only 5 real people, from that I learn more traffic does not mean more money, its about right audience if your blog having right audience you can make more money.

Okay, that good but what else if you want to get more CTR and want to make more bucks, many bloggers struggle with this.

Actually, Its all about placing ads code, yes! 

You have read it RIGHT, if you will place ads code just after the title of the blog post as well as if you will place ads code in between the blog post then chances of getting more clicks is more that means more money you can earn.

How I Get Paid from Bidvertiser

The confusion always have with new bloggers especially those are from Asian countries, because almost all ads network paid in dollars then how would you get paid, more important how you are going to get paid in your own country currency.

Well, for all these the Answer is Paypal, just use Paypal and stay away from all these problems, I have using Paypal from Years.

I will recommend you to Create Paypal account for making it easier for you.

I hope you like the review, even then there would be something different you need, then you can ask me below through comments.

Well, there are numerous network for bloggers to use but I will suggest you to use ads network those are well established as well as they paid on time like Bidvertiser.

Join Bidvertiser Now Click here and Starting earning from blog.

I hope you will make your 10$ soon from your blog.