Choose Blog Topic to Earn Money
Blogging topics that's make money, you wanted to know about this right! Of course that's why you have search probably this("Blog Topics That Make Money") term on search engines and you are hear for knowing the topics name, right! Okay then come to the point I can not give you right topics to blog for you, because I don't know about you, So how could be possible that I can give right you blog topics, which will make you money from blogging, if you are little smart then you are getting me.

Yes, you are right, I am talking about your capabilities, what you know and what you are passionate about, what are your interests.

Don't look at others, how they are making money online from topic like making money online, according to me any topic can make money for you, but the promise is that you should have stick to that topic and keep going with improvement.

So, I am going to give you an idea, which will make you to choose blog topics to blog and I know, if you will choose a right blog topics then you can easily succeed in blogging, because blog topics like career path in our life.

For example, if Sachin Tendular(God of Cricket) father told him to become an Engineer, then I am sure he did not succeed like he succeeded.

Make sense, now probably the question is going on your mind, how would you choose a topic to succeed in blogging, then I will suggest you to do an analysis, which analysis I did, when I have started blogging.

That analysis is most popular even many business persons, students do to find out strength and weakness of them self and besides these two, another two you can get by using this analysis, and what are those, right! one of them is opportunities and another one threads.

The name of that analysis is SWOT analysis!

S- Strength
W- Weakness
O- Opportunities
T- Threads

Now, how would you do this analysis in effective way, let me tell you an idea for doing this analysis.

Just get a copy and pen and divide the page in one fourth parts, then write Strength in one and respectively on other part too, one by one.

Now start writing about your Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threads.

Then come to the last point, of this analysis, do write your interest in the next page, now it's time to take a break for 10 minutes, go to drink a glass of water then again come back with full of energy.

Now conclude all parts, to find out in which topic is most useful for you, then create two to three blogs on different niche, if you don't have enough money then create a blog on blogger platform but don't forget to buy a domain name for your blog, then only you are going to succeed easy, because there are many benefits of using domain name on blog rather than a sub-domains like blogspot or wordpress.

Now the next step to do, that is start writing a blog post, I know your every blog is not going to get good traffic, but now keep blogging like normal blogger, now see, your are enjoying while writing an article for which blog, this will not take more time, I know at least 1 month, then after seeing these choose only one blog to focus then see how you are succeeding in blogging.

See why am I telling you to focus on one blog, because now competition is every where, no matter in which field are you going, for job, business, blogging etc.

Then to beat others, you have to give your 100% effort, focus, concentration to your one blog, then it will grow like monsters.

What I believe, because building many blogs and non of them is not having very good rank, then it is not make you very good money, rather if your one blog will become popular on a particular niche then probably you will make money, as much you can not think even, few times more than even your day job.

Why, You Should Listen to My Words?

Probably you are thinking, who is this guy, why should you listen to me?

Well, I will tell you about me in short, I am a Mechanical Engineer but passionate about blogging, I have started blogging in 2010, I have build my first blog( from scratch like same others, I have driven traffic to that blog from 0 to 11564 page views in a day.

This is my second blog for bloggers, with having about 3 years blogging experience!

For more information you can read my, about me.

Okay that's enough for you to choose your blog topic, but here I am going to tell you few more tips and tricks those really needed to earn money from your blog.

First Traffic Of Your Blog-

See, any blogger quit blogging only because they unable to attract enough traffic, do you know the number one reason!


It's basic SEO Tips and Tricks, I always tell beginner bloggers even before getting domain name for your blog learn basic SEO.

Because I made mistake here, okay here are my full proof 25 working methods to get traffic to your blog, you must utilize these sources for getting more traffic to your blog.

Monetize Your Blog Right Way-

See, if you don't know how to monetize your blog then probably you are going to loose lot of money, I have also written a full descriptive article on Monetize Your Blog.

You must read it, if you does not want to repeat mistakes those I have repeated, here I am repeating short steps to monetize your blog, if you have just started blogging then try for getting approval from Google Adsense, if you did not get then go for Bidvertiser or other Google Adsense alternatives.

I am telling you to use Bidvertiser because I have already made more than $100 from Bidvertiser- Read my full experience about this ads network- Bidvertiser Review.

Promote Your Blog on Your Medias-

Every body says, you must promote your blog on social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus as well as sending e-mail news letters.

Well, I know these works very well but what about other medias, those you may say offline medias- see you need to invest little money for this but I know these tips and tricks really work.

Its an experiment done by me! when I have started my new job blog in that time I have started promoting my blog offline than online, because I know if it will work then I am sure this is going to help me lot.

Here is- what exactly I did.

Actually, I have design a poster about the job website, I knew students much need information about this, that's why I have contact with book sellers in the region, see I did not paid them but just make good friendly talk with them and just paste the poster there and it works.

I have just pasted about 100 posters, its cost only 100 RS and I have started getting traffic around 300 to 400 page views per day for a brand new blog.

Now think about this, if you can do it for 500 book sellers, 1000 book sellers, think and I hope you can calculate by yourself.

Have Confidence to Achieve Something Big-

This is my own personal experience about blogging, see if you want to achieve something big in short period of time in the legit way then INTERNET is your best friend.

Remember this, always.

Actually, I have seen this when I have earn about  $145 from ClickBank, see only about 5 unique visitors needed to earn the amount I have written.

Now, think about the power of internet and all happen when I was on vacation in Kullu and Manali Trip (India).

Okay, for achieve your goal you need to follow MANAGEMENT people, I mean you need to copy their  strategy like first make a proper plan and then go through it.

That's it, you will definitely succeed. Because I have succeeded.

Try to Create Your Own Product to Make Big Bucks-

See, for making big bucks you need to have your own product.

But, remember your product must have something dashing that's why it will go viral, which require lot of hard work, but later it will pay you huge amount more important consistently.

Well, you can start with an e-book, then you can sell on Amazon, Instamojo and on other platforms too are there.

I know choosing a right blog topic, will keep you one step ahead to succeed in blogging, but keep going don't stop.

Write one blog post daily.

Promote the blog post to your audience.

Solve people problems, help others like crazy person.

Be calm, consistent, patience and succeed!

Is there anything you need to know about choosing blog topic?