Recover Lost Traffic From Google Panda and Penguin Updates

I know you are little bit in tension, the reason is quite simple that your blog or website has been affected from Google Panda and Penguin Update.

May be this is also possible, you have read many articles about this may be worked, but I gues does not work that's why you are reading this article also with having hope to recover traffic, see I know importance of getting traffic from search engines.

Today I am going to share with you my 4 years experience in online business as well as I will share with you how I have recover traffic for my blog.

Actually, its all started in 2010, having crazy interest to earn money online and within two years my blog having maximum page views 11,564 per day, even I made very good money yah couple of 100 dollars every month.

But, suddenly I wanted to buy a domain name for my blog, here I did a blunder mistake, I did not know about search engine till that time, I only new that search engine shows results on the basis of title of the blog post.

Okay, that's true but I did not thinking of getting keywords rich domain name there I did a blunder mistake, well later I managed to do that, but it was too late for my blog, because my blog traffic drop almost 300 page views per day.

You can understand the pain of this.

But, I did not stop keep trying and later I win, I have started recovering almost all visitors, but that is not important for me.

Right now important for me is that, I have learn lot of things after this incident, actually I have written an e-book of SEO, very soon you can see this book on Google Play.

That's why I am very happy, even I am going to launch few more blogs those really need by people, its all becaus of Google panda and penguin.

But, for my case it works in the opposite sense like most of others loose their business in the over night.

Well, here are few steps you must go through, because I went through these steps and I have recovered my blog traffic, I hope you can also do the same.

Find out less words and duplicate content- 

For any blog their blog posts are the keys for making a blog popular or killing the blog, but if your blog has been hit by Google updates then you must have to find out less words content means those blog post are less than 250 words, because more details content always rank better, duplicate content means content has been copied from other sites, it is really destroy the reputation of the blog, never do this.

Disavow Spammy links Point to Your Blog- 

Disavow tool is a great tool for removing out bound bad links to your blog, now you don't need to contact directly to web master, well that is the best method but if any one is not responding then  you can use this tool.

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Don't Try to Recover Traffic in the Over Night- 

I remember when my mom said to me, when I have fever, she always said that today you are sleeping only because of you, that means you have been enjoying in rain, swimming etc, the same case is here if you have been hit by Google panda then there is definitely certain reason behind this, so you need to take time to find those reasons as well as to fix those reasons.

Have Confidence That You Can Do It- 

Confidence play important role in this situation, if you have confidence then you can easily do that, but there is no time limit, in some cases it takes few days, in some cases in takes few months even, but usually if you got hit first time then it will take only 4 to 6 weeks to recover traffic but you need to find out reasons for this.

Get Trustworthy Back Links to Your Blog- 

Getting backs links is the esiest way but getting trustworthy back links is not a easy job but I have full proof method for this, you can read this article Get More Trust Worth Back Links to Your Blog, but build links slowly- maximum daily limit is 15.

Update Content of Your Blog Posts- 

Here, another story I will give you proof of it also actually its about beating high authority blog in any niche, here is the story its about ranking your blog post on higher, actually I have learn this from my experience that is if you want to beat a high authority website then you need to update the page very frequently with good content then I am sure you are going to get position but I know even it will take time may be a month, but later you will definitely win.

If Possible Then Start Another Blog or Earning Source- 

Many bloggers they loose confidence here, actually either they don't have any other earning source or they don't start another blog, see there is a big thinking behind this, I mean if you will be earning then you will even enjoy to work hard, but after hiting a website from Google updates earning of the blog will gets down here you are going to loose confidence, then it would be like impossible to fix the problem.

Try to Put Image on the Blog Post- 

Images also drive traffic, back links too here for utilizing more from your images start using Pinterest like social media, well here I am telling to do this only to improve user experience of your blog.

Improve User Experience of Your Blog- 

Here you can beat anyone, I mean if your readers with you then I am sure no one can beat you, but for this you need do smart work, I mean you need to take surveys from your users for knowing their problems as well as what they are liking about your blog, as I know, I think there are few thinks those improve user experience of any blog- like blog template light is the best, content, interactions, images, less ads, e-mail news letter.

If Possible Get Simple SEO Friendly Blog Template- 

I know there are many those are using template those are just not good for the future of their blog. Reasons are many like code error, not SEO friendly, Less loading speed, not having integrated social sharing widgets. My advice buy a blogger template or design by yourself, if you are not familiar with these two suggestions then use blogger default template those are by default very good.

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I hope you got few important points from this blog post, those will help you. I  am sure about it.
Well, even then it is not impossible- because nothing is impossible because if you will split it then what you got.- I'M Possible.

Well, recover traffic from these updates is not a rocket science its about awareness and nothing else.

If you need any other information for recovering traffic don't forget to ask question.