InfoLinks- The New Age Ads Network for Bloggers to Make Money

Infolinks is one of the best Google Adense Alternatives as well as best intext ads network for earning money from blog, even it works great with Google Adsense, actually I was thinking about writing a blog post on ads network, which would be best for making money from blog, I mean tension free fixed income.

Yes of course you need traffic for this.

So, here is my own servey, which I have been doing from last two months, see I have used many ads networks but I did not find out any one like Infolinks.

History of Infolinks-

Infolinks has been started to maximize revenue of web publishers as well as higher return of investment for publishers, which was the fantastic idea, of course that's why it works, I would like to share one more good thing about Infolinks that is the slogan of Infolinks is  “banner blindness”.

Personally, I like this much, because now a days people are just don't want to waste their time on clicking unusual banner ads, because time is more precious than any other thing in this world.
That's why Infolinks did awesome job here.

Why InfoLinks Best Google Adsense Alternatives-

Most of the bloggers, did know only about Google Adsense for making money from blog, there they did mistakes, I mean after hearing lots of stories about making lot of money from blogging, $$$$$ blah blah blah, they just repeated the same mistakes they unable to maintain or provide just awesome content and what will happen next you know very well.

They unable to get approval and they try few other networks and then finally after few weeks they quit blogging, this is the story of 85% bloggers, I don't know you are one of them or not, but here infolinks come forward to provide a new life line for bloggers to earn money.

Why You Can Use InfoLinks With Google Adsense-

Google adsense ads are keywords based as well as banners ads, I mean they do not offer products those offer my Infolinks like Intext advertising.

Actually, I did an experiment on my blog, I have seen CTR (Click Through Rate) of Infolinks is much better than other banner ads network, but that is depend on ads placement, but in case of Infolinks it works automatically, I mean intext ads shows only on important keywords.

Great Statistics of Infolinks-

You, me as well as almost all people in this world know Wikipedia, do you know why?
I hope you have few reasons- the main reason its really useful for us.

Here is the same thing, if anything is good then it will be or it is popular so for checking it, I am going to share with you its popularity just below from Alexa Rank to Facebook likes-
  • Alexa Rank- 1,572
  • Google Page Rank- 5
  • Google Plus Followers- 1,329
  • Facebook Likes- 100,778
  • Twitter Followers- 8,629
  • Pinterest Followers- 1,199
  • YouTube Subscribers- 1,342
  • Google Results for Infolinks- 17,20,000

Type of Ads Formats Offer By Infolinks-

Well, after looking at the above image you can understand, what type of format Infolinks offer for their publishers to use, here are those ads units-
  • In Text- The ads link will show on a small box when readers will put cursor on the keywords, which is highlighted.
  • In Tag- This is quite similar to In Text but it appears on the bottom of the blog post as well as sometimes on the top of the blog post, which is totally depend on the design of the blog templates.
  • In Frame- This is one of the awesome ads format provided by Infolinks, because it appears on the both sides of the blog template and its appear when readers start reading the blog post, which will increase the Click Through Rate of the blog post.
  • In Search- This ads format specially to increase the CTR as well as getting high revenue because its appearance is really unique.

Withdraw of Payment-

There are many methods to get paid from Infolinks like Paypal, Local Bank Transfer/E-check, Wire Transfer, Piooner Prepaid Debit Card/ Hold Payment (This option is an amazing option if you are looking for holding your payment on Infolinks network only), but later you can withdraw.

But, remember minimum balance require to place a request for withdraw is $50, its really easy to reach there if you are planning for making money from blogging.

What You Need to Get Start Today-

Obviously you don't need to know about rocket science, you just need your e-mail address as well as a blog with having about 10 good quality blog posts.

These two things are the main requirement for getting approval from Infolinks, even It is easy to get approval it takes one to three days only.

Best Things I Found About Infolinks-

See, this network having lots of advantages but I am going to share with you points those I think it helped me earlier-
  • Easy Approval Process
  • Easy To Place Code- I mean Place Ads code any where on the website, it will effect the appearance
  • Good Revenue- I have seen About $17 per thousand visitors.
  • Different Payment Methods
  • Good Customer Supports
  • Good CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • Good ROI for Advertisers
  • Great Statistics of Infolinks
  • Its a Legit Network- Soon Going to Upload Payment Proof

Ready to Join InfoLinks- Click Here

This review does not mean to you for stopping other your earning streams, even this will open another earning streams for your blog.

Three suggestion, I would like to give you- Have patience, Work HARD to provide best detail contents, Improve continuously.

Is there anything you would like to know about Infolinks.