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In 2016 bloggers are increasing day by day rapidly, but only few of them is going to become a professional blogger, this is sure! In this article I will give you only and only one important mantra in blogging, which you should implement to become a better blogger.

As I have noticed, about 100% bloggers do blog for 2 or 3 moths with full concentration to make some money online, if you are thinking the same that after blogging few months you will make ton of dollars then this is not going to happen at least in 2013, because almost every niche having lots of establish bloggers, to beat them you have to give time and also learn things better way, that's why, you can share better things with your readers.

Here is the good mantra for you- "Read, Learn and Share".

But in the beginning of blogging don't write article very often to maintain quality because in the beginning of time blogging, you have to learn many things that's why you will become master in your field, see if you are starting blogging now then you have to keep blogging at least for 6 months then only you will earn good income from your blog and don't give up!

Now may be you are thinking, how would you learn important things, see internet is the biggest market place in the world, if you will search some thing, you will definitely find some thing new for the topic, so always read other blogs, to know what other bloggers are thinking and how they are writing on their blog.

See, if you want to become professional blogger, then learn one good thing, that is how to do hard work, because only and only hard work can make you professional blogger, there is nothing like short cut way to become a professional blogger, because people will not visit your blog for free, they also want something from your blog, something means correct "information".

Provide good staff for your readers to get repetition of visitors to your blog, otherwise your blogging career is even not going to last for one year.

See blogging is the good way to make money online, but for this you have to keep blogging and experimenting, that's why you can share your experiences with your readers, because readers always want unique things, not copy paste.

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One more thing, I would like to tell you, which I got from 3 years of experience of blogging, that please do read twice your blog post before publishing it.

Well, this is not easy even for newbies to become a pro blogger like John Chow and others too there, but if you will follow few strict rules then you can make very good money from blogging.

So, here I am going to share with you few tips and tricks those really going to help you to make money blogging.

Write What You Know?

Don't go behind people

I will suggest you to go behind knowledge, I mean if you are very good in anything then why not to share with people, if you will do so you will be successful.

But, you must know how to Google Keywords Planner, because it is really helpful for knowing potential visitors for your topic.

This is one of the most and useful tool for almost all top bloggers, because it will help you to plan for your business, because it can give you almost right data regarding traffic for any particular sentence.

Lear SEO from Ground Level-

Most of the bloggers unable to attract traffic, because they just don't know how to do SEO.

I mean, if you want to jump in river safely then you must know how to SWIM?

Just like the same, if you want to start blogging, right way then you must know SEO.

See, there many SEO factors on those basis search engine shows results, but there are only few those are most important like- title of the blog post, URL structure of the blog post, backlinks to your blog, keywords in the blog post, content length, quality of the blog post etc.

If you can understand there basic terms about SEO then I am sure you can easily become a money earning blogger.


How much you will earn?

That would be depend on your effort as well as time, I mean the situation on your niche.

Proof Read After Writing a Blog Post-

Again the blunder one!

The biggest mistake, if you will not proof read then I will just say, you are wasting your time, because it is really difficult to write any article accurate in the first time.

Because, we all are human beings, we make mistakes, but only few those correct it and that's why only few those become popular in this world.

Promote Your Each and Every Blog Post Effectively-

See, I and you we both know?

If any movie do not get media coverage about any movie launch, okay that may be Bollywood as well as Hollywood.

Then, there would be not even 1% chance that people will go to multiplex for watching the movie, that means whole credit goes to promotion media.

Just like the same, if your blog post will not reach to people then how would be possible you will become famous.

Its like impossible.

Then, I will suggest you to do few things just After Creating Your Blog Post for Promotion.

Start Building e-mail List-

John Chow the famous blogger, know for making $40,000 per month said that his biggest mistake, he did not build list of e-mails.

But, later he has started.

Here, you need to also apply the same thing, well if you don't have budget then for Google Feedburner for building e-mail list.

Make Friends on Your Niche-

The mistake I made here.

I did not make any good friend in blogging earlier.

But, later I understand this.

And started helping out many newbies on different different issues and I have seen the difference in my blog stats.

Well, I will suggest you to make friendship with reputed bloggers, then it would be easier for you to become a next level blogger.

The biggest mantra in blogging is Never, Never Never Give Up!!!!

But, even than may be you will have a situation that it will force you to quit blogging, then what to do?

I will suggest you, don't quit.

Just give less time, but keep blogging, success is definitely there.

Happy Blogging, All the Best.