Cyber Cafe Business Plan, Small business, make money
Cyber Cafe's are right now getting less number of customers, I don't know about other countries, but I do know the condition in India, well its been long time I have been moving here to there and I have analysed, that's why I was thinking why not to write an article, which will help cyber cafe's owners to exist for long time.

I mean, how they can earn some extra cash without putting lot of effort, well first of all let me tell you, if you are a cyber cafe's owners then it is possible in real.

So, here are few things, you can do for increasing your earning-
See, for increasing earning you need to put, little effort, but it will help you lot for your future, because plans I am going to discuss with you, those are just unique and till now I have not share with anyone.

YES, any one

1) Start Blogging in Free Time

Blogging, is the great way to increase your earning, you just need to write and share your known things on your blog and you will print money.

It's seems too simple.

But, in actual. It is really going to take your time, but later you will get lot of help from this, I mean do blogging when you got free time.

Just start, then I know you are going to fall in love in this, then you will achieve, what you can not imagine now, well for helping beginners, I have written an article, which in details and of course for free, Start Blogging for Beginners Guide.

2) Start Using Link Ads on Your PC's

There are many advertisement networks those offer such service for like, actually I have used this network for making few more bucks earlier, when I have started blogging.

But, it was good for me.

Because, at least I was making few extra bucks each and every month, you can shorten URL of any search engines then put on your browser then if any new user will come to surf internet then it will make you few cents.

Well, it is depend on situation as well as quality of ads.

3) Start Selling Electronics Items

One of the best thing about cyber cafe- you can sell other items too like Pen Drive, Card Reader, Memory Card, Mouse etc.

These items are highest selling as well as it would be good for you to increase your earning, the best part is, these items can make you very good commission from 10% to even 40%.

But, I will suggest, don't go behind commission, go behind number of products are selling, it would be a good business plan for long time.

Well, there are few things you can sell for boosting your income like

  • Card Readers
  • Pens, Pencils, Erasers
  • Memory Card
  • Pen Drive
  • Chocolates

4) Start Selling Popular Books

Most of internet cafe visitors are- actually I got this data from my own analysis as well as after asking few internet cafe owners.

They told me the right figure for this.

Almost 50% are students, 30% are job seekers and 20% depends.

So, I hope 80% people are willing to buy books, those are not study but may be novels of popular writers.

Or, any other books, those are highly popular.

5) Create Monthly Membership with a BIG Plan

Well, for increasing earning from cafe business, this is one of the master plan, so read these words very carefully and implement.

I hope it will help you.

See, if you want to get more customers, then first advertise about your cafe, I mean banner ads is good enough in your own city or town.

Now, give special access to members, for membership take only reasonable charges and give them surprise discount too.

It will help you to get more customers.

I know, these things are looking little bit interesting for you.

Because, points I have discuss here, few are simple and few are little bit difficult if you are not sound technically.

Well, don't worry, I will help.

Is there anything you would like to know for Cyber Cafe Business Plan