How to Add Instagram Widget for Blogger

Instagram is one of the popular photo, video as well as social networking service, I mean if you want to move towards for getting traffic from Instagram for your blog, then it is also one of the best method.

Well, after seeing its popularity almost every blogger wanted to use this network for marketing their blog and adding Instagram widget is the best way for this.

Well, in this blog post I am going to share with you step by step process to add Instagram widget for your blogger blog.

How to Add An Instagram Widget In Blogger-

  • Log in to<click on blog<click on layout this option you can find out on the left side of your screen<Add Gadget<Select HTML/Javascript, for more information you read my blog post, adding html gadget to blogger
  • Now you need to go to-
  • Right now you need to put your log in id and fill information required there, well I am going to discuss about this below.
  • After filling your username you need to put Hashtag that would be depend on your blog category, well if you are blogging, I hope you know about hash tag, if you are not then let me know, I will definitely help you out.
  • Then you need select what type of widget you want, there are two options you can see, if you are right now browsing the above mention website, those are Grid as well as Slideshow.
  • Now you need to decide thumbnail size, I will suggest you to choose 300Px, it is really great for bloggers to show slide show, well you can also choose 250Px that would be depend on your blog design as well as your requirement.
  • Photo Border- if you want border on photos then you can choose Yes otherwise choose NO.
  • Background Color- If you want to play with color then choose any one color according to your choice, well you can also test color with this, I mean you can experiment with colors to find out the best for you.
  • Now click on Preview and then click on "Get Code".
  • That's it, right now you need to paste the code on your blog layout HTML/Java script widget.
Well, hopefully you have gone through the process and you did it successfully, okay I would like to share with you more about Photo sharing website that's why you can get best out of photos.

Well, alone photos having lots of potential to drive traffic to blog, okay enough talk- its time for tips and tricks for you.

Get More Traffic from Photos-

Okay, its for sure now a days photos are doing awesome.

In the internet world, there are many things come and gain popularity with time, like first come content, I mean articles.

Then videos- that's why video streaming sites like Youtube, Dailymotion and other also become too popular.

Then Social Network Era- Started with Napster then Myspace and now its time for Facebook, Google Plus too.

Micro-blogging Era- Now a days these platforms also got much popularity like Twitter.

Photos Era- Its a big one, I have not seen any website got popularity like Pinterest, there are many reasons behind of this but I think this happened only because of bloggers.

Well, I am here to tell the process for driving lots of traffic from photos-
  1. Facebook- Facebook alone having much capability to crash your server, but you must know the way to promote your photos, see you need to tag your photo to promote because tagging is the best way to get attention from Facebook users.
  2. This is only for sharing your great info photos, if you have then you can drive traffic quite easily.
  3. Pinterest- One of the most talking photo sharing website among bloggers in 2013.
  4. Instagram- Once again this is big dear, but you need to have patience.
Hopefully you like the tutorial, well I have analyse there are lots of bloggers having trouble on this topic, that's why I have written this details blog post.

If you have any question regarding Instagram then you can ask me, well my side its great way to market your blog through photos, videos.

Still Have Question Regarding Instagram Widget for Blogger comment below?