Payment proof of Ads Network

YES! Its been more than four years I have been blogging, but in the beginning of first two years, I did not know even the basic concept of blogging, the basic reason is I never think blogging as a pure business.

I always wanted to earn some pocket money from Internet, that was my target, but later I have changed my thinking about blogging.

NOW a days I am thinking about a full time blogger, but in different way, because you don't just depend on advertisement networks.

You need to find out other sources of stable income from internet, like affiliate marketing, selling your own product, no matter in which field you want to go.

So, here is my experience with ads network as a blogger from last four years-

List Of Advertisement Networks for Bloggers-

Well, four years is a long time, but I have achieve many things from blogging, no its not money, its something else.

Which will made me lot of money in future.

Here, I am going to share with you my experience after using these ads network.

Bidvertiser- I have Already Earn $100 

Well, I have already earn $100 that's true but let me tell you how much time it take, it takes around 6 months, but after putting ads network on my blog, I did not even see the stats.

Okay, that's fine they paid me on time, even I have written a post on Bidvertiser Payment Proof with review.

I hope you got it earlier.

Well, that's not the point I am going to discuss with you, actually I am going to discuss with you, how you can use these networks to earn more money.

I will suggest place your ads just after the title of the blog post for more clicks, you and me both know more clicks means more money.

As simple as that. I have Already Earn $100

This is the network.

Which is really amazing, but little bit annoying for your blog readers, but all these things are fine if you are delivering what your readers want.

I have already written a full length article about Advantages with Review, I don't want to repeat those things again.

Chitika Good One If You GOT Traffic


It is really very good alternative to Google Adsense, but once again not good for all countries traffic.

YES, if you are getting traffic from English speaking countries then probably you are going to earn good money.

Well, once again I will say I have written a Great Review About Chitika, if you are really curious to know more about Chitika then go ahead and read the article.

Ugly Truth About Ads Network-

90% bloggers quit blogging, because of their earning from blog.

This all happen only because of traffic, they just fail to drive enough traffic to their blog consistently and their is only one way to get best traffic to your blog.

That is SEARCH ENGINES (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask too)

Then, I will suggest you to use SEO Basic Tips and Tricks as well as know How to Use Google Keywords Planner.

My suggestion to all bloggers, don't just depend on ads network, its good that you are earning some money.

But, always think long term, I will suggest you to create your own product, but your product must be useful for others, don't just create product for making few dollars.

CREATE product for helping others, may be it is less than even 10% but it must be useful for others.

What You Should Do To Earn Real Cash Online-

It's YOUR OWN Product.

That may be digital or physical.

But, you need to sell online for more revenue in very less period of time, actually this is the beauty of internet, if you will invest money you can get any number of customers to sell your product.

I hope that's why people are moving forward digital marketing. couple a days ago I have read an article on news paper too about digital branding.

Bloggers see only ads network for earning money, DON'T see like this.

Always have freedom, I mean always try to have a business for long time and for this you need to create your own product, then you will not need enough more traffic, you will just need few quality visitors.

Then you are going to earn good money, I hope you are getting me.

Is there anything else you want to know about ads network for blogs.