Popads.net VS Popcash.net, pop ads network
YES, Its been more than one year I am using both ad networks that's why Popads vs Popcash article idea come to my mind to write.

Because there are numerous bloggers confused about Pop up ads, see ads networks are great for beginners for earning money without taking tension of selling products, so here I am giving my whole experience for you.

So, here I come with another one dashing blog post.

See, I have earn more than $932 ads networks in very short period of time, this happened because of only my experiments. Well, I have already written blog posts on these two networks on my blog with full details information, but in this blog post I will put my own experience.

And one more thing please go through the link of this blog posts, if you are newbies to Pop up ads because those linked posts are most important too for newbies to know the real insight about Pop Up Ads.

Popads Vs Popcah Top Pop Ads Netorks

Year of Establishment
Minimum Withdraw
Best Thing About these Networks
Daily Payment Request Applicable, the only these two networks have this option in the whole internet world.
Modes of Payment
Paypal, Payza, Wire Transfer ($2000), Payoneer ($20)
Paypal, Payza, Paxum
Referral Commission
Customer Support
Approval Process
Very Fast
Very Fast
Message for Publishers
If you are looking for revenue then this is the best programs for you.
If you are looking for revenue then this is the best programs for you.
Message for Advertisers
Are looking for cheap leads as well as want to increase rank of your brand online then you must invest money in this network
Almost same for Popcash also.
Matter of Traffic Location
Yes of course, if your blog getting traffic from English speaking countries like USA, UK, Canada then chances of earning will be more.
Pay Per Thousand Impression
Around $4
Around $4
Alexa Rank Worldwide
Google Results
I Earn Money
I have Earned More Than $585
Just Cross $120, but in short period of time
My Review
Which One is Better
See, it depends

I will suggest you to try both networks and then decide with which one you would like to stay.
Want to Join

See, only using these ads networks is not going to help you to earn more money, yes it is for sure your earning will be increase but you need to think on another thing also i.e. you need to think about traffic of your blog, that you need to increase traffic of your blog, if you wanted to earn more money in future.

Recommended for Indian Bloggers- Google Adsense Alternatives for Indian Bloggers [I have earn over $2000].

These days even from last three years there are lot of changes we have seen in advertising industry and pop up ads networks are just amazing, because these ads networks are performing very well for publishers as well as for advertisers.

Insight Information about Popads and Popcash by Ujjwal Kumar Sen-

Hello, guys how are you?

There is no meaning to ask you this question after one complete comparison between two well know pop under ad networks in the whole world it is not saying by me only, but it the fact because these networks are really popular, even these networks got space in my Top ECPM Ad Networks list and that's great achievements of these two ad networks.

I must say this, because after earning nearly $593 from popads [Till now I have update only $400 but next I will update this so stay tuned to see such update] and $120 from Popcash its really feel me awesome, because I have using long time Popads and Popcash its really little long time, but I am sure in future I am going to earn more from both the networks & I will keep updating you.

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There are few other pop up ads companies those also are providing same service and of course they are helping publishers as well as advertisers for increasing their business potential, here are those my recommended companies review- PropellerAds Review 2016, Poptm Review

And if you wanted to know more about earn money from blog, then I will suggest you to one of my article- Monetize Your Blog Smart Way.

Which One to Choose PopAds or PopCash


That's a right question dear, I am sure you are in the situation, so let me give you one suggestion to find out the best network for your blog.

Just do one thing use both of them and stick to one later which one is performing the best, this concept I have used several times to identify the best ad network for my blog and succeed.

Hopefully you got the real insight about these two networks (Popads and Popcash), if you got any question then you can ask me below through comments.

I know this is going to create little bit problem for your readers, but again here you and me both know if you want to get something you need to give something.

But, this is also true, if you are giving right content to your readers, then it will not create much problem.