Thursday, May 19, 2016

SEO Tips and Tricks Those Are Working in 2016 (Infographic)

SEO Tips and Tricks
SEO plays really important role in blogging, I hope you know that, right that's why you are reading this article.

Right my dear.

Every body's know this, at least those started blogging, but there are only few those utilized this right way, that's why there are only few percent bloggers are popular, rest others just started and then quit after working few days.

Here is the info-graphic for you to understand the whole concept, well I have also written a blog post on SEO Tips and Tricks, I will suggest you to go through the blog post.

I hope you got the concept of SEO little bit in depth from this graphic. one more blog post I will suggest you to read, which is about Link building, this blog post having very good awesome working tips and tricks to get more backlinks to your blog.

More Tips for SEO- See, in blogging you need to work on a schedule, I mean make a proper plan and work on it.

No, need to work hard, just you need to go slowly and effectively that's it.

One of the most important and useful tips is keyword research, I will suggest you to take your time while doing keyword research, because your whole traffic graph would be depend on this, well if you are newbie to this term, then the dashing blog post is here- How to Use Google Keyword Planner.

There are many reasons only few bloggers get there blog post results on the top for search engine query.

But, the most important reasons are- content and links from top blogs. Well, as a beginner blogger is it difficult to get high quality backlink but you can get slowly. There is also one another thing that is content, if you can deliver amazing content then you are going to get ton of backlinks to your blog post for free.

For this you need to really concentrate on blogging.

No matter what you are doing? If you can deliver right content with proper On Page Optimization then you are the winner.

But, it will take time.

There should be a foundation of it.

Strong base always help remember that, if you have strong base then you can do anything otherwise all things will be almost wastage of time as well as money.

See, it is really difficult to follow all SEO tactics as a newbie bloggers, but I will suggest you to follow most basic SEO tips and I know you will get good result from this.

Is there any question regarding SEO Tips and Tricks.


  1. Hi Ujjwal first of all congratulation for such a nice article. I have a question for. I do not know is this a correct place to ask this question or I have to ask this question in your mail box. But I prefer here :). I want to know about backlinks. Does backlinks are good which have in my blog or website. And second thing. Why the ranking of website like facebook and twitter does not affected when anybody post a link on these website. Does these links are not backlinks? How the facebook,twitter and google plus handle this. I am asking this question because I am working on my own project. which will be India's first of its own kind of social networking website. and I want to know everything about these points. I am sorry if this question is not appropriate for this article, But I really want your help

    1. Actually, they make it no-follow links, search engine does not give preference to no-follow links.

      If you are going to create a social networking website, your market team should be smart enough, because its quite tough competition there, well you can ask question?

      I will help you.

  2. thanks ujjwal for instant reply. I really like your this attitude toward your blog. You really take care of your readers.

    And one thing I want to add till now I am a single person who is working on this project. I donot have any marketing team till now. Is it required that I have a marketing team for start a social networking website? Well may be you are right but I am at starting point of my dream. I am walking very slowly toward my goal. I am doing a job also so I have to work at night on my project. Thanks for suggestion of a marketing team I will work on this soon. Let me find some smart people for this work ;) who can help me for free of cost :) ... But for now I will follow your SEO tips for my website ;)

    1. Thanks for those kind of words.

      Dear let me know, while choosing hosting company, I will provide you an exceptional discount.

    2. okk I am searching for hosting company which provide me valid rates but I buy domain name it is You can check here how much days are left for launching my website.. I hope you will provide me good links soon :)


  3. brilliant post for seo and it's good to be in brief
    thanks Ujjwal

    1. Yes, it is one of my experiment because writing lengthy content is always not helpful.

  4. thanks Ujjwal I have a question,google analytics is free or paid


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