Top 8 Mistakes Of Every Beginner Affiliate Marketers

MISTAKES are good.

But, it’s not all the time, especially when you are trying affiliate marketing, because a mistake means you are going to lose money.

I don’t want that.

I am going to tell you top 7 mistakes generally made by beginner’s affiliate marketers and that’s why most of them end with their first try, because they don’t succeed in affiliate marketing.

They Don’t Understand Customer Need-

It’s all about need.

If you don’t fall in ill then you never go to  Doctor, like the same if you will not sell product which customers are looking for then how would you hope to get sells?

For this you need to be seeing around forums, question answer websites, blogs, social media.

So, first understand the customers need and the go for promotion of any product.

They See Only Money-

Money is not everything; if you want to make long time relationship then you must promote products those really helpful for customers.

Otherwise you will end or you will lose lifetime customers.

Best way to promote right product- first try the product by yourself if possible then go for it, otherwise you can ask anyone who already use the product.

They Used Only One Media-

Don’t promote product only on one media, well you need to keep doing experiment as a beginner like try PPC, CPM, Adwards, Popads, Content Marketing, Social Media ads etc.

Now need to know, which one is working better for you, which one is better for you just use that method you will made lot of money.

They Don’t Collect Gold-


Because, it’s even better than GOLD, let’s assume “DIAMOND”.

They don’t collect e-mail addresses of people, all of them those are visiting the product through your campaign are not going to buy product.

What Does That Means?

You are losing them, so the best as well as easy way to make relationship with them is e-mail marketing.

Not Using Content Marketing-

Content is marketing is good for affiliate marketing because here everything would be work viral, means you will not lose money, you will just create a blog on the product you are going to sell, I am going to talk more on this, because it’s really matter.

Sending Traffic Directly to the Sells Page-

Sending traffic directly to the sells page means your conversion rate will be poor, because people will not come to know about the product.

See, we first see the product then we decide whether the product, you will buy or not, so you need to tell them benefits of the product.

And first you need to tell the PROBLEM going to solve the product, because people will buy a product if they need.

Need to Apply Newton’S Third Law-

We all know, About Sir Isaac Newton for his great contribution to the society.
Okay that’s good.

But, the question how you can use his 3rd Law in Affiliate Marketing?

It’s simple, just try to give something to the society, if it would be really helpful for the society then they will give you back something may be money or any other thing.

Now think about this, if your help will reach to 1 million people if they will help you any way and you just think $1 for one person.

That means you made $1 Million.

Cool right.

Affiliate Marketing is good to earn money online but need to learn little bit different things to sell product online, then you will be NEXT king.

But, most important I think is collecting e-mail addresses of people, because it would be helpful for you for long time.

Is there any common mistakes made by Beginner Affiliate Marketers?