Where to Find Best Affiliate Products

Affiliate Marketing- Oh The Amazing money source for all bloggers.

The reason is simple, we know how to write, rank on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), but the big problem bloggers always face that is best affiliate products.

Check the Product Quality-

Before going to promote any affiliate product, you must think about few things because its about your relationship with readers.

If you will not do so, then probably you will loose trust, here are few things to know about the product-
  1. Consider Yourself as a customer of the Product
  2. Use the product first by yourself
  3. Know the real concept of the product
  4. Make sure the product is having genuine price
  5. The product should be valuable to customers
If you will check these five sentences, I have written then I am sure you are going to do long time business.

Put, your readers first then see money, because blog without readers just useless.

Send Traffic to Big Companies-

Big companies, well known products always convert well.

The reason is simple, people already using their service so people trust those companies, if you have traffic then don't forget to send traffic to big companies.

If you will see income report of any pro bloggers, those bloggers 80% income from affiliate marketing.

DO You Know Why?

Because, they are clever.

Yes, they do indeed.

That's why they are making money, you know what they do?

They just add a page, under heading "Tools I used " or "Service I Recommend", they know it, people or I must use the word here "beginners" definitely click on it.

AND their earning boost up from there, many confessed about it and many don't

Well, I mean you to make understand the concept behind making money.

Analyse Your Readers-

This is important.

If you wanna become successful affiliate marketer, then you must follow this, because just a year ago, I came to know about "Vick Strizheus"

Well, in 2013 there is a lot of buzz about him in internet marketing world, because of his products as well as making money concept through internet marketing.

But, let me tell you the BIG reason behind this, what I come to know after doing lot of research about him as well as the real cine behind his success?

He did a SURVEY.

I just don't remember, which service he used to take survey, but I know about a famous service which is free too, that is Survey Monkey

I hope you liked it.

Well, let me tell you, What Vick Strixheus did?

He did a Survey the survey for bloggers, he just wanted to know, where bloggers are struggling because there are millions of blogs exist in the world but only 3% of them making money online.

Then, he just started promoting products related to making money online through affiliate marketing as well as getting traffic to blog, because most of the bloggers struggle here.

And he succeed in this.

Preferred Affiliate Networks-

Well, there are many affiliate networks but choosing affiliate products would be depend on your blog content.

Well, here is the list of affiliate networks those professional bloggers usually used-
I know it is really difficult to choose a best affiliate product according to your blog, because as a beginner you don't have that much idea about affiliate marketing as well as about your readers, for this you can use survey monkey to know more about your readers.

Then, you can easily come to know, what your readers want?

That's it, now you can make money online through affiliate marketing.

Is there anything you would like to know about "Finding Best Converting Products for Your Blog"?