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Choosing topic for blog is a life changing thing may be you are thinking how?

Because, if you will choose topic what people are looking for more that means your blog will become popular very quickly. But, it is the place where world of people is looking for information that means it is obvious that every one is looking for different different information.

Although, some topic are very common for most of the person.

But, according to me choose topic from yourself that's why you can do write a awesome blog blog always, whether there is competition or not.

I mean, if you know the best then you can full fill the requirements of people in the best way what does that means?

It is the ladder through where you wanna reach from blogging?

Believe me!!! it can change your life. Probably you are new to blogging world but according to me the blogging passion can change the whole world in the upcoming few years. It would be the way where people will love to share and make money online as much you wanted to make.

But for this you need to do hard work!!!

So, share things what you know the best if you don't know the best then learn to share best information what the world is wanting from internet. Don't worry, if you will do hard work may be today or tomorrow, it will give you worth of hard work with best solution!!!

Then, what you are waiting for? Start your blogging career now.

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Few exercises you need to go through before choosing a right blog domain name, those are given below with very good live sources-

Find Out Your Strong Points-

One of the tough thing- I know, because when interviewer ask this question to interviews, it was become difficult to answer, if you don't know earlier about this, but you must know what exactly you are, if you will do so then it would be easy to become a money making, popular, authority as well as well known blogger in a niche.

See, you must take time, may be one week, two weeks then find your strong points or you can ask your teachers, friends, parents, it would become much easier.

What other things you have to find out your strong points, here are few steps to go through-
  1. See Your Past Activity
  2. How You Achieve Anything in Your Life
  3. Think about helping others

Find Out Your Weak Points-

Its really important to know weak points of itself, because it is the main gateway to success, but in blogging you must not choose topic in which you are weak, but yes you need to see weak points on few areas, like here are few points for you to think about-
  1. If you are lazy
  2. You only dream not work
  3. Your way of writing is not good
  4. You don't know your power

Select Any Four Topics First-

Its time for the BIG decision, selecting topics for blog.

See, if you want to really succeed in blogging  then don't do time pass at this point, otherwise you are going to be in different direction and according to the heading select only four topics in which you are good, you have interest, you are curious, you want to learn, you want to keep going, more important you will not feel bore.

Keyword Research Before Buying Domain Name-

Keyword research is the key in blogging, because this will help you to know the real cine behind the search engines, I mean you will come to know potential or traffic having any topic, well its really vast to understand- here is for you Learn Google Keyword Research.

Things to Take Care While Choosing Domain Name-

Domain name.

The brand, if you want to get a brand, then you need to choose an amazing domain name, but make sure the domain name must have a keyword, in which topic you want to create blog. I think one of the biggest reason many pro bloggers said that stick to topic, because your blog domain name keywords really play important role for getting traffic from search engines.

But, now a days it is also matter that your are providing great content for users, see more time users are going to spend on your blog much better ranking you are going to get on search engines, this is really simple concept, you need to put your attention here also.

Few tips you need to take before choosing domain name for blog-

  1. Domain name must have meaning related to your blog
  2. Domain name letters must not be more than 16 letters, keep it simple and easy to remember, very good for branding purpose
  3. Think for little long time for making it unique and perfect
  4. Have positive nature and think about helping others will help you to grow faster
Best topic is not that which is having lot of potential to drive traffic, its about your knowledge, interest, experience, eagerness.

I will suggest you to take time while selecting topics for blog, don't do anything before selecting topic for blog, till that time you can learn about SEO, which would be helpful for you.

Is there anything you would like to know for selecting topics for blog?