Podcast, Create Podcast

Podcast is one of the way to become famous and earn money, like blogging.

In this blog post, I will share with you each and everything about Podcast, because I have podcast my own audio files, that's why I have very good knowledge about it.

In this blog post, I am going to share with you few basic as well as needed information about Podcast like-
  1. What is Podcast?
  2. How It Works?
  3. How to Start Own Podcast
  4. Podcast Starting Guide Right Way
  5. List of Free Podcast Service Providers 
  6. List of Premium Podcast Service Providers
  7. How to Podcast For Long Time 
  8. How to Monetize Your Podcast
  9. How Podcast Helpful for Bloggers

What is Podcast?

Podcast means, casting your own audio or video file, but basically people cast their audio file in the internet.

Actually, this concept change the entire Radio concept.

Because, Podcast is easy to do, any topic having lots of audience, see any one can start Podcast because its don't need anything special to start, just need a device to record your voice and a internet connection to upload the file.

That's It.

Actually, there are purpose behind Podcast, at least as my reader I hope so, you want to start podcast because you want something from it.

For achieving your goal through Podcast you need to really invest time in it as well as put your creativity.

How Podcast Works?

Popcast- Basically a audio file, which you will upload on internet audio file sharing websites and people will listen to it.

That's it.

If you will become popular, then you can think about making money from this, well this is not easy but not even impossible.

Well, Podcast is easy to create as well as easy to spread, if you are doing this for a cause then I am sure your Podcast will be popular.

How to Start Own Podcast?

Well, if you are thinking about it, then let me tell you, its really too simple to start your own Podcast, I mean requirements are quite simple.

You just need a device to record your voice and just upload your audio file  to audio file sharing website, that's it.

As simple like that.

Podcast Starting Guide Right Way

See, if you are looking for starting a popular Podcast then think before starting a Podcast, I mean first think why people should listen to your Podcast?

There should be a cause for starting a Podcast.

Good cause always become famous with less time, I hope you got the point.

List of Free Podcast Service Providers 

There are many websites those offer people to Podcast their audio file for free, well here I am going to share with you those service provider.
  1. www.chirbit.com
  2. www.soundcloud.com
  3. www.archive.org
  4. www.mazons3.com
  5. www.ourmedia.org
  6. www.podomatic.com
  7. www.podbean.com
  8. www.buzzsprout.com

List of Premium Podcast Service Providers

There are many those offer premium Podcast but you need to spend money for this, but as a beginner I will recommend you to start with free one.

And whenever you will see that it would be worth full then go for premium one.

How to Podcast for Long Time

It depends on you as well as your Podcast topic, see if you are going to Podcast on something, in which you are working daily then it would be for long time.

I hope you want to do Podcast for long, one more thing I would like to share with you, if you want more benefit of your Podcast then create your own blog.

How to Monetize Your Podcast

See, it is not simple like that people are going to spend money on your Podcast for free, well you can use few affiliate programs, but don't recommended.

I will tell you to sell your Podcast, its easy as well as would be more beneficial for you, but for this you need to have a strong reason that people will subscribe your Podcast.

How Podcast Helpful for Bloggers

If you are blogger.

Then let me tell you, this is one of the best way right now for becoming a popular blogger, the reason is simple only few bloggers do Podcast.

If you are blogging in certain niche then just start blogging and utilize this great opportunity, rest on you.

What you want?

Podcast is not old, it is just like Radio, but now it has been changed because internet come to play its role here.

Actually, any one can start Podcast as well as make money.

Any singers, comedian, motivators must use this platform, if you really want to become famous and full fill your dreams.

I hope you want.

Then you must start Podcast with blogging.

Is there anything you would like to Know about Podcast?