Payment Proof

There are numerous ways to advertise your product online, but there are three popular, useful ways with good return of investment (ROI).

Like- banner advertising, text advertising, video advertising.

These three ways are most popular, but today I am going to share with you one of the most popular way that is banner advertising.

Well, there are many advertising networks but one of the most popular is Google adwards but its really expensive.

So, today I will share with you 2nd tier advertisement networks well, I have great experience with them.

Bidvertiser the Great One-

I have just great experience with Bidvertiser, I have earn more than $114 from Bidvertisers, I hope there are people those are getting good ROI from Bidvertiser that’s why Bidvertiser still a good alternative to Google Adsense.

But, the big thing is that you must have good amount of traffic on your blog for 
earning revenue from blog.

Chitika Good to Target Any Country Traffic-

This is another good Google Adsense alternatives, but I will suggest you one thing that is first test on small level, if it becomes beneficial then go for BIG one otherwise you 
know better what to do?

Well, if you will see publishers point of view then it works moderate, well I got payment from Chitka. for Getting More Views for Cheap Price-

There are many marketer’s, e-commerce websites those are utilizing the service provided by this advertising network, I can not say this is a banner ads network, because the website offers you to earn more from your links, means you can monetize your links and earn money.

But, for getting leads, traffic, revenue may be it will work better, but again need to test on small level. Another Ads Network for Getting Cheap Traffic-

Personally, I recommend this network because I have used this network for making my first $500, well today I have crossed $540.

If you want more revenue from your blog or you want more targeted real traffic to your blog or website then you must use this network for better tomorrow of your online business.

The Great Advice for New Marketer’s-

Marketer’s earning just great in online marketing.

But, on the other side those are new to it they lose lot of money at the beginning, because they did mistakes and in online marketing if you are doing paid marketing that means mistakes lead you to loose money.

So, what you should do, you need to read an article to clear the concept about it- Top 10 Mistakes Made by New Marketers.

I hope you got an insight view about banner ads network, but there are other ads networks (like in-text as well as video) those are good.

Is there any other good banner ads network?