Chitika is one of the Big player after Google Adsense, well its been long time I have been attached with Chitika and earn really good revenue.

See, there are many Google adsense alternatives for bloggers in India but those are only alternatives, I am talking about real alternatives which is really can help you to make money blogging, others are just going to pay you nothing for your hard work then may be slowly you will loose interest in blogging, that's why I am suggesting you to join Chitika, if you are not happy with earning of your blog.

Does not matter how much traffic you are attracting to your blog? If your traffic is not going to see right ads probably they will never click on ads that means you will have less click which means less revenue but in the case of Chitika Click Through Rate (CTR) is just awesome sometimes more than even 12% and which is just pretty good.

I don't know what you think about it, but in real it is really good, I will strongly suggest you to give a try who knows it can be turning point for your blogging journey.

Well, I am an Indian blogger that's why I can understand your feeling, I hope you are too an Indian webmaster or bloggers.

So, here are few things I am going to share with you-
  • My Experience With Chitika (I have used chitika for more than years)
  • Requirements of Chitika for Publishers (Its not HUGE)
  • Benefits of Joining Chitika (There are lot of benefits)
  • My Payment Proof (I got paid from Chitika)
So, lets get started with first one-

My Experience With Chitika-

Well, I had a huge traffic blog, but because of Google Updates its have been crash, but I will get back my traffic I know that.

Well, that is different matter.

The blog having lot of traffic about 5000 to 7000 average visitors per day, now you can understand the traffic volume.

So, first I have applied for Google Adsense, but did not get approval and then I have started searching for good alternative to it.

"Its a Story of 2011"

And I came to know about Chitika, I have Signup for it and seen very good increase in revenue although most of traffic was from India, that means Chitika works with Indian traffic too.

I will give Chitika 7 out of 10 on my personal view.

Requirements of Chitika for Publishers-

Well, you don't need anything special for joining Chitika, if you are a blogger then I hope you have lot of thing to join this ads network.

You just need your e-mail address and your blog that's the requirement for joining Chitika.

Benefits of Joining Chitika-

See, there are numerous benefits of joining Chitika, you need to take test, because we don't know how it will works for your blog traffic.

Here are few benefits I have notice about Chitika Ads-
  1. Approval Process is Super Fast
  2. CTR is just amazing about 3% on average and that's good
  3. Easy to get payments like Paypal as well as check option is also there
  4. Customer support is quite good, because I have experienced this when chitika ads were not showing on my blog.
  5. Payment threshold is only $10.

My Payment "Chitika" Proof-

Chitika, Payment Proof, Indian Publisher ads

The above is the proof that I got payment from Chitika, I hope you are excited to join Chitika.

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Tips and Tricks to Earn More With Chitika-

Well, let me tell you few tips and tricks those will help you to earn more money with same traffic I hope you are interested in this.

I hope so.

At least as a writer of this blog, I can hope so.

So, here are those tips and tricks for you-
  • Show ads just below blog post
  • Shows ads in between the blog post
Hey, one important thing I did not share with you that is user's experience, don't put too much ads that's why user's will be upset of it, just put ads but as a think of helping users.

I know you are little bit busy for earning money for blog, but dear just try it and it is free to join, I know this that you know it.

But, who knows Chitika could be your dream Ads network.

See, I know taking action is the key to get best thing for you, no matter in which field are you talking about.

Is there any point I miss about Chitika?