How Blogger Can Make Indian Student Financially UP

Most of Indian students just don’t do job, but the new trend is coming, students are searching for part time jobs.

So, I think blogging is the best part time income job, many make it as a full time, but that is for next level, but right now I am talking about earning about $100 per month without involving much in blogging.

I know it’s not that much but not even less, if you will start earning this much money, I am sure you will make it as a full time job.

Well, here are few things I would to like to tell you, why blogging is the best for you?

Don’t Need to Invest Much Time-

Time is more precious than any other thing in this world? 

This is my own personal view.

That’s why, I like about blogging, means what you know?

Just need to share once and whole world will look after your sharing, is not it beautiful concept. For this reason always I thank to Vint and Robert (Founder of Internet).

Daily one to two hours is just enough with superior flexibility, why am I saying like this?

Actually, you can work from anywhere, anytime, from your own choice device.

Easy to Access, Learning as well as Implementing-

Blogger is really easy to access, because if you have an internet connection then you can access to blogger, but yes you need to have an account on Gmail.

See, in blogging few important things you need to learn then implement, because

IDEA’s are Worthless Un-till or Unless You will not implement.

So, here are few important things you need to implement- Basic SEO, Keyword Research, Writing Awesome Content and About Best Advertisement Networks other than Google Adsense, because for applying for Google Adsense your blog must have 6 months old and there are other few things to follow.

You Just Need to Share, What You Learn?-

Sharing things, what you learn?

Is just a simple as well as effective way to become a famous blogger

But, again it will take time, because you will share something new as well as different, and my experience in blogging says it works in Blogging.

More Useful You Will Share You Will Grow Like That-

We all know.

If a person work hard then probability of getting success is more as compare to a person work less.

But, for earning $100 per month you don’t need to do hard work, if you will do so you will earn much more.

Probably $10,000 per month,  yes it is possible in real but take time and there are many other things matter.

Go Through My Few Important Blog Posts-

Okay, here are few blog posts, I will recommend you to go through I took about two years to write these articles, here are few of them-

See, let me tell you frankly, blogging is not easy, but not even impossible, I believe if I can do blogging then in this world anybody can do blogging and start earning from blogging.

But, you need to have patience and don’t compromise with your content, you will definitely become famous, I don’t have any doubt there.

Is there any other easy way Indian Students can Earn Part Time Income?