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Here is the story, actually its little bit different from my other blog posts, in this blog post, I am not going to tell you any of my achievements from blogging, rather today I will tell you the concept which has been developed.

The name of the concept is- TSU

Well, it’s not been long time the website has been created but the concepts change the entire social media world, to use this social networking website.

The website has been featured naturally on various news, social book marking websites, magazines and many more, that’s why I come to know about the website.

Well, let me tell you the real concept of the website-

They said that there are billion those are using social networking websites, but all of them are sharing their status, videos, photos etc for free.

Although, all of content owned by users.

What does that means?

Social networking websites are making money from people content, that completely opposite thing is going on.

So, here we have a social network which paid for our online activities.

Sound cool.

Well, if you want to signup then you can click here, because directly you can not sign up.

So, here are a single but important tips to earn more from TSU.

How to Earn More from TSU-

Well, it is obvious that if you want to earn more then you need to be active more on TSU, but with this you must have good number of friends and if you will have friends from English speaking countries then probability of your earning will be much higher.

See, I don’t know who are you?

I mean you are student, employer, blogger.

But, if you want to earn more then first you need to have more friends on TSU.

So, here are tips and tricks to get more friends on TSU-

E-mail- The survey said internet users check their e-mail more often than social media, so for quick as well as perfect contact you should contact your e-mail contacts with the little short story but effective story about the website and at the last use your referral URL just like mine one.

Facebook- The big player in the social media market, if you will use this media then you can become anything (Earn Money From Facebook) but need to use right way, you need to just share the same fact on your wall.

Twitter- If you are using twitter and having decent followers then it is really easy for you to get more friends from twitter, but the step would be same like Facebook one means just share your own referral URL but need to write a little story, you can share the story more than once to five times to reach out the message to all.

Google Plus- Share a small story and then your referral URL, you can share this on communities too.

At the last- I have something important to share with you, see from day one you are not going to make lot of money, but yes you will make lot of money, you and me both know more friends you will have more money you are going to make.

So, what you need to do is set a target for making friends on TSU and just keep increasing your friend list, first you must approach to your direct contact friends then go for online.

Because direct contact friends would be much effective and almost each and everybody going to join, because your investment is nothing but you will have option to make friends, get connected with them as well as you will make money.

See, I did not get paid from this website, but I believe and seen proof that this website really paid, otherwise how come big news channels talk about this website like New 
York Times.

I hope you got the point.

Is there any other website paid for sharing our own thing like TSU does?