Thinking about becoming a Pro-blogger, then I will suggest you to do one thing start analyzing time table of few pro-bloggers.

I mean, you need to think, why are they pro-bloggers?

Let's take name of a Indian pro blogger- He is Amit Agarwal

Well, personally I am a big fan of him, I always wanted to earn some pocket money from internet, after thousand of hours effort, I found blogging is a good way to earn money online.

Till now I have earn thousands of dollars online and my earning increasing day by day and I am happy because of that, that's really motivate me to write helpful blog posts on this blog.

See, I am not a BIG fan of earning $10,000 per month but yes, if I will keep going like this then that day is not too far.

I have simple aim, that is my all blog readers will earn at least $200 per month, then I know they can reach this target, I am dead sure it will be just a awesome path for them to increase their earning, because starting is everything, once you will start right way then you can easily achieve your target.

Here, I have something to share with you, if you did not get Google Adsense approval then you must read this blog post, because recently I have shared how I have earn more than $932 from Google Adsense Alternatives.

It will definitely help you to earn few bucks from your blog.

Well, the questions, you have right now, I did not clear yet.


I was thinking, why someone is popular or valuable person today? or why someone is not popular or valuable?

The reason is simple

They are working hard as well as putting concentration, right now I have something important to share with you.

People said, smart worker always win, actually in real it is not true.

I mean now think about this for a while, if you will not come to know about the real thing about anything then how it would be possible for you to use your brain properly, so for working smart way you need to first start hard working.

Then you can use your brain smart way, you can say short cut way, which would be better for you.

So, Always think practically.

I mean, you need to work for long time for becoming a pro-blogger, there is no short cut way to become successful blogger.

Well, if you will invest money then I know you will get traffic, even I can say unlimited traffic, but for getting traffic each and every day you need do hard work.

So, the big question- how to get inspiration for writing blog posts for long time-

Make Any One Your Favorite Blogger-

There you need to select one blogger that one day you will beat that blog and for this you need to know five things about the blog those are-

About the Author-

Especially, those are popular blog, those are popular because of two things one of them is blog content and another one is who is author of the blog?

Actually, you need to check few things about the author, you need to create same things like the author have, if you will copy then at least you will stand somewhere on the good position, but don't spend money like the pro-bloggers are doing, if you will do so, then may be you will loose money at the earlier stage of blogging, which may lead you to quit blogging.

So, you need to do everything under little budget that's why it will not be burden for you later and yes you must have about me page on your blog.

About the Blog Alexa Rank-

Alexa rank is one of the best way to know about the website reputation, well if you are new to it then you must read my article about improving your alexa rank,

So, for checking alexa rank right way you need to read one of my blog post- What is Alexa Rank

About the Blog Back links-

See, for know back links of any blog you need to check it out, here is the screen shot of my blog-

blogspot backlink, ahref tool for blogspot

Number of Blog Posts The Blog Have-

I hope you will agree with me, at this point.

That is blogging is not a one day job, in blogging you must have to keep writing awesome full detail blog post for getting good response from readers as well as it will lead you to get good rank on search engines, which I have been observing from last couple of years.

For knowing number of blog posts of the blog have you need to apply little technical steps- First go to Google-

Then search like this-

And you will get result there, there it will show number of blog posts, as I have given below the screen shot-
number of blog posts of a Blog

Do Little Bit Exercise Daily-

If you will do exercise daily, then it is for sure you will have better health.

Everybody know it, better health means better performance, so doing exercise daily would be much helpful for you.

Set Target Every Day-

Small target can easily achievable than a big target, now think about it, if you will set small target daily and achieved then I am sure you will achieve a BIG target too, because small target always help to achieve big target.

Give Reward Yourself After Achieving Target-

Reward yourself, when you achieve your small target and do things to achieve your target with fun that's why you will not get bore.

There are many ways to reward yourself like getting some delicious food, going outside for fun, going to multiplex etc.

Take Time to Reach 12 Hours Per Day-

Its not easy to keep the time table for forever, may be in the beginning days it is possible after couple of days I know almost every new bloggers loose confidence about making money from blogging.

That is the big reason behind- almost all are not successful blogger.

Make Your Own Blogger Friends-

If you have blogger buddy, then I am sure you will get lot of help to get your blog on the top, but first make sure you are satisfied from your own articles, if you are then you don't need to do anything else.

You should use social medias to find and make blogging buddies.

Some key points to develop to write articles with passion-

  • Find out a big reason behind blogging
  • Motivation for becoming a superstar blogger
  • Be helpful through articles
  • Always try to find out your own motivation thing like many wants fans, many money and many self satisfaction after working hard for long time, but most of the blogger biggest motivation source is money.
  • Always know the basic concept of blogging and try to treat it as a real business.

There are thousands already are establish as well as there are thousands are starting a blog everyday, they have only and only one dream on their mind that is Becoming a pro-blogger and earning $1000 of dollars per day.

So, how many of them succeed only few and others are just work hard for few days and loose their hope, see in blogging you must not loose hope you need to have a reservoir of confidence and you need to use part of it each and every day that's why you will be active every day.

Is there anything else, which could make you to do blog more than 12 hours a day?