Basic SEO Blogspot Blogger Missed
Blogspot,  the extension of blog, its been long time I have been blogging having lot of visitors to my blog. But, today I am going to share with you few mistakes those I did, when I have started blogging in that time I did not know how to do SEO, even what is SEO?

But, today I will reveal each and everything those really you need to know for becoming a better blogger, more important you will start earning from your blog.

The Story for Writing Basic SEO Blog Post-

See, I don't know what you know about SEO?

But, there is a guy his name is Sanjit Singh, he is my friend from last couple of months, he also wanted to start a blog to earn some pocket money.

Well, let me tell you about him.

He is a Mechanical Engineer, then it is obvious he is not having any kind of knowledge about blogging, SEO, Writing articles etc.

So, I had to go through all of these things, after knowing about this I have created another blog post, that is for beginner guide about blogging- How to Start a Blog Right Way for Beginners

But, I did not mention in that blog posts these SEO mistakes, so I am writing this blog post, if you have just started blogging then you must read that blog post too, it will definitely help you.

How to Do SEO Settings for Your  Blogspot-

First starting from title name of your blog to the description of your blog, so for this you first need to log in to your blog-
Then go to settings<Then by default it will show you basic settings of your blog.

Now, at very first you will see Title, just change that name with your blog content, now another settings you need to do that is Description of your blog.

These two settings are most important for any blog and most interesting thing is that you don't need to do settings every day, once you did means it would be for life time.

SEO Settings While Writing Blog Posts-

Well, both of those settings really good for getting help from search engines for long time but for getting help from search engines from each blog post then you need to implement my given below SEO tips and tricks.

Well, first go to the page for writing a blog post, now hopefully you first write blog post title, here you need to implement a concept which you can get from Keyword planner guide, well you should know which particular term people are searching the most.

Then, you need to check its "Permalink", don't do any kind of tweak here, simply add keywords according to your title but don't forget to add dash in between two words.

At the last, you need to write search description, which would be about the article you are writing (you can find out this option on the right side your article writing box).

That's it.

You need to implement these tips and tricks whenever you are going to write new article for your blog.

Well, these are not all, there are about 200 Factors on those basis search engine shows results, here is the guide of most important 40 SEO Tips and Tricks.

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One of the most important concept, I must shared with you here, first learn, implement and then share, this is one of the best way to succeed in blogging, because blogging is something which can help you to get-

  1. Name
  2. Fans and of course
  3. Money freedom
What else you want?

I know these mistakes almost all beginner's made, that's why I have written this blog post, does  not matter what you know about SEO?

Just you need to keep learning and implementing right way for getting results, once again you are not going to get result in a day, it will take time but definitely one day you will get result.

Is there any SEO Mistakes you made in beginning?