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Flipkart is one of the largest e-commerce company in India in a very short span of time the company grown very well. That's why I have used their affiliate marketing to make some extra bucks from links I shared, well I did not put much effort but even then I got sells around 10,000 INR and I earn few bucks because my almost all products were electronic that's why I did not earn much, because commission for selling electronics is less.

There are even many those wanted to know the meaning of EGV, in this blog post I have covered all those things including EGV meaning, what is EGV? and all information you wanted to know about EGV and of course with Flipkart.

But, yes I have earn some money from them, here is the problem I faced to spend EGV on Flipkart to buy anything.

Steps to Get Information About Flipkart EGV-

See, if you don't have much knowledge then read my all steps, if you are already affiliate of Flipkart and you got paid from Flipkart then you need to know your transaction ID, this ID you can easily get from Flipkart payment history on their affiliate page.

I just got that transaction number and e-mail to help team, they have replied with very good helpful information.

Here, is the e-mail I got from-
How to Use Flipkart Affiliate EGV
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Information you required to use this EGV- 
  • Voucher Number
  • Pin Number
But, few lines I have just copy paste as it is below, well those really helpful for beginner's to use EGV for buying any product on Flipkart.

How to Use Flipkart EGV-

  • Go to www.flipkart.com and select items to purchase.
  • Add items to your cart and go through the ordering process.
  • Choose EGV as the mode of payment.
  • Enter the Voucher Number and PIN to complete the payment.
  • In case the order value is greater than the balance available in the voucher, you can pay the remaining amount using any of the available payment modes.

Want to Earn Money from Flipkart-

Earning money from Flipkart is not difficult but you need to have a good online presence to earn money online.

You may use Facebook, Youtube, Your Own Blog, Twitter as well as other social medias.

Just you need to spread links and you will be earning commission for free, I mean think about this you are working while sitting on a beach.

This is amazing, right.

This is only possible with Online business, see there are many business you can do online from selling own products to selling other products.

But, I will suggest you to earn money online by doing blogging, because I like blogging the most, that's why I have started a tutorial on this, that is How to Start Blogging Without Investment

If you want to earn passive income from Flipkart through selling their products then its easy but you need to put little effort at the beginning I mean you need to choose right hosting plan, domain name as well as a product to promote, here are few steps to follow for earning money from Flipkart-

  1. First of all Get Hosting & Domain Name- Before getting hosting and domain name you need to choose first product then choose a domain name, suppose that you wanted to sell fancy saree then choose a domain name around those keywords, that would be easier for better ranking, yes I will recommend you to check Bluehost Indian Coupon Code 2016 page for discount, if you wanted to go for cloud hosting then check Cloudways Coupon 2016
  2. Installation of WordPress- See, I will suggest you to use WordPress because this is one of the best CMS out there for bloggers, you can easily do it, if you got any problem contact hosting support team, this is how I have started.
  3. Writing Articles- Beginner mistakes [They put their whole effort to write content and they forget to promote content so here I will suggest you to hire someone and put your effort to promote content on social media will be very good for growth of your blog and get success]
  4. Places to Promote Articles- Facebook, Twitter and of course on Google plus on the first day of writing article, but in the next day share articles on Pinterest, Scoopit and of course on StumbleUpon for getting green signal from social media and don't forget to promote on related Facebook groups.

How to Promote Flipkart Products for Earning Money-

There are many ways to promote Flipkart product and one important thing is that people trust Flipkart, so if you will promote its product you will make money as well as it would be better for getting more sells, means conversion rate would be much better.

So, here I am going to share with you those tips and tricks that's why you can also make money from Flipkart and enjoy shopping.

See, there are two ways for getting payment from Flipkart as an affiliate-
  1. EGV- Its means Electronic Gift Voucher, yes its full name is this, but this is the one of the way to get payment from Flipkart and you can enjoy shopping with Flipkart by using code provided by them, if you will get any problem then you can contact them directly and one most important thing about this EGV is its validity is one YEAR, remember this.
  2. Direct Transfer- There just you need to put your bank account details then Flipkart will send you money directly to your account when your account balance threshold cross.
Well, here are best two ways to promote Flipkart product-
  • Blogging-  Most probably blogging is the best way to promote Flipkart product, but you must be honest as well as know how to start blogging effectively.
  • Social Media- Social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) you can also promote product on these medias through your profile for getting sells.
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I know at the beginning everybody face problems, but if you will be confident that you will find out solution of your problem then you will definitely find out the solution like I did.

Well, Flipkart is a very good e-commerce company, I have been using its service from last four years.

So, if you wanna earn extra income from your social media profiles then don't let it go this opportunity.

Is there anything you would like to know about Flipkart Affiliate EGV (E- Gift Voucher)