Happy New Year 2015

Well, after publishing couple of articles on make money online, I was thinking why not to tell you to start a new year "2015" with a great thing.

Well, first of all I would like to tell you Happy New Year 2015

Please don't do something wrong in this new year, lets start this year with a new vision which probably change the way you think about your life.


The big problem of human beings from food to travel everywhere you need money otherwise you just can not enjoy your life.


Then why not to take a vision of becoming a free mined from MONEY problem in this year, if you want to become free minded from money problem.

Then it is for sure you need to solve a problem of people that's why people will come to you and you will solve problem and they will pay you for this.

Well, last couple of days I was busy because of launching my e-book on New Year as well as I have launched an E-book on Search Engine Optimization on Amazon (Which is one of the largest e-commerce company in the world), which is just an amazing e-book you must read, if you don't want to become next failure in online business.

So, how you can help thousands of people quickly and you can also collect money from them more easily.

I don't think so there is any medium out there other than internet, so you need to start an online business.

See, I don't know.

Who are you?
What you do?
What problem you can solve?

Almost, I know nothing about you, just I know one thing that you want to make money fast that's why you are reading my blog post.

Then let me tell you, without hard work no one can help you to make money online or offline, well you have to do hard work but you need to do hard work in right way that's why it will work for you.

Well, I have step by step guide for you to make passive income online, what I do the most, that is blogging, I am going to share with you, what you need to start blogging right way, well here is the blog post for you start blogging in 2015

Other than blogging, there are other methods too like creating your own product, writing an e-book, providing online service, freelancing, affiliate marketing, but as a beginner you must start with blogging because the guide I provide which require minimum investment to start online business, hence less risk of loosing money.

Few things you need to notice, here are those things as a beginner blogger-
  • Don't Try to Blog More Time in Beginning- I have notice many bloggers start giving time 12 hours a day but they see that they unable to make money then they loose interest, so I will suggest you just give one to two hours daily but don't expect that you are going make $1000 from very first month, but after few moths you can earn money when you will have about 50 good quality articles and you will have at least 500 unique visitors per day.
  • Learn Step by Step- See, you must not be in hurry in learning you need to learn each and everything properly that's why you can do the next step.
  • Implement Step by Step- Yes, this is that next step, that is implementation of those things what you have learnt? This is real beauty of blogging or I must say online business implementation of learning tips and tricks is very quick, that means you will come to know what is working and what is not?
  • Set a Target for the Day- Without setting target you just can not achieve big things in your life, so try to set a target for your work on DAILY basis.
  • Be Helpful- If you find that any one need your help then just go for it.
  • Active Online- If you wanna be successful in online business you need to be active in online that's why you will be touch with people.
  • Be Social- There is huge popularity of people in social space and people only trust those who is real, if you will be social they can connect with you, you must have profile on Google Plus, Facebook and also twitter. These are just must.
  • Tell Friends About Your Blog- The BIG mistake I did, because I always want that my friends should not come to know about my blog, but later realize that I am loosing because I am not sharing with my friends what I am doing? After sharing I got lot of more inspiration, exposure and also traffic to my blog.
  • Write Your Blog Name of Your Facebook Header Page- This is one of my latest experiment  there are more than 400 friends I have on Facebook and more important is that almost all of them are active on Facebook after adding my blog name on header. I am getting more than 10 unique visitors per day to my blog, if you will think this for one year then you will have 3650 unique visitors, I think that is nice.
I know it is not easy.

But, I believe if I can do this then any body can do it, this is not a rocket science it is simple but you need keep going for success.

What Other Things You Want to Do in 2015?