How Copying Contents from Other Blogs Dangerous for Blog SEO
Copy and then paste is really easy right, that's why it's worth is about zero even dangerous for blog health for SEO point of view, specially search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing hate copy contents blogs that's why Google panda and penguin penalized those blogs, even some blogs lost visitors in overnight, can you believe this? I don't know, what do you think about this? But this is true otherwise just search on Google about Google panda and penguin update sudden dropping traffic many good blogs even.

I am going to share with you in depth concept about this topic "How Copying Contents from Other Blogs Dangerous for Blog SEO", in my life I found one simple great concept, which concept really useful for every one, that's why I am sharing with you- "whenever any thing taking more time to do, that means that thing having more value".

Use this concept in your life and you will see how things will be simple for you and more important valuable for you, now come to the point, see if you will copy any blog content and then paste in your blog, then probably you will never get good rank on Google, this is true?

But, the question is that, how search engine find that you copied content from other blogs or websites?

Here is the answer, probably you have seen many times on other blogs as well as on your blog, i.e. the date and time of blog post published, Google crawler notice all those things, while indexing a blog post, of course it's automatic through algorithm, other than this it is on their algorithm to know whether content is copied from others or not.

So, there is no shortcut way to make your blog popular, see internet is really for cool people, those really want to succeed through internet they must be cool and creative thinker, because internet is already having lot of over smart people and they are penalizing each and every day, so don't be over smart in the internet world, otherwise you will have to pay for it.

Probably you got the point, how search engine discover which blog content is not unique, so don't copy paste even a single blog post from other blog, but that does not mean you don't need to read other blogs, no you have to read other blogs and leave comments but after reading the whole article, even I read more than 100 blog posts each week, but do not follow any one of those blogs post concept directly, because I always use own strategies to take my blog to the next level, I know, I will become one of the most popular blogger in the world, but I know even it will take time, but that day will definitely come.

Now, you are thinking, what should you do?

 Simple read many blogs on your niche and get as much knowledge as much possible and implement those concepts in your blog to achieve a small target and then share the achievement with your blog readers, don't use any difficult word to show your proficiency in English, simply write a blog post that any one understand about the blog post.

Now, I am remembering one quote, by Einstein

"Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler"

I think you got the point, what you need to do to make money blogging and finally become a successful blogger.

Here are few important steps to follow for making your blog popular to make money blogging-

Be Your Own-

Not impossible.

Yes, but you need to do hard work, you need to implement, experiment, learn, think that's why you will have enough valuable things to share with people.

Again, don't try to write many blog posts, rather try to write a unique, valuable, useful, descriptive blog posts, that's why people will become fan of your blog.

The way you need to implement, that is comedian way, they just find out the way to make you laugh enough and finally you become fan of The Comedian.

Try to Solve Your Own Problem-

I was thinking, how can I help others?

I found something interesting, if I can not help myself then I never help others, so I have started helping myself first and go for others.

And the interesting thing is that- it works.

Sharing, Representation and Relationship-


I called this in short form.

Kidding dear, actually it is the way to keep blogging, if you will follow all these three then it will help you to keep improving yourself, never the less your blog readers also keep improving.

Promotion of Your Blog Posts-

No matter, how quality product you have?

If, it will not reach to right people then its worth is ZERO.

Absolutely, ZERO.

Here is the blog post for you- How to Promote Your Each Blog Posts

Give Time to Write Articles-

Think that you are writing an article for your own LOVE one, that's why your article should be descriptive enough to understand and implement easily for your readers.

May be you are thinking, how much time you need to take for writing an article, then I will tell you to give at least four hours per article to make it useful for your blog readers.

Proof Read is Must-

If you are thinking about helping others and wanna get help from them.

Then you need to make them understand that you are really helping them, for this you need to make it professional and mistakes free.

Proof reading is one of the good way to show this.

Share Your Own Story-

Sharing your motivational story can help others to create another story, this way they will be happier for reading your own story.

As a blogger you must not stop at a point you should need to keep moving, means should need to keep experimenting and then sharing.

Active on Social Medias-

People trust known person than an anonymous.

That's why you must put About Me page on the home page of your blog, it will be helpful for getting trust from your readers.

Yes, don't forget to put your social media profile URL, it will help to build a good virtual network, few social media profile you must add like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and of course Google Plus.

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I know every one want to succeed, but don't use shortcut way, use effective and useful method and think about what you can do for others and there would be some one who will definitely come out for your help that may be financial or individual, use this concept specially in blogging, you will definitely get result.

What do you think? Is Copying content good or bad?