Blogger is a good platform to start a blog and earning money online, I hope you are doing this that's why you have landed on this blog post, today I am going to share with you a blog post which will help you to decrease bounce rate, bounce rate really play important role, which also been shown by Alexa tool, but the fact is that there are many ways to decrease bounce rate like interlinking your blog pages, adding popular blog posts widget, related blog post widget, About Me Page, Easy navigation, content quality too.

At the last, I must say people only will come to your blog and read your blog posts, if you have very good useful content according to visitor not you.

 Many blogger said that I have very good content, but how did you come to know?

You must ask them as well as there is another way to check it out that is interaction with readers those ways are-
  • Facebook- Most of my blog readers contact me on Facebook
  • Comments- I got many comments on my blog posts, more than 1000 comments I have on my blog
  • Twitter- Not that much effective for me, but there are many those using Twitter for attracting good traffic
  • E-mail- Getting readers for forever for your blog
  • Bounce Rate- Bounce rate is one of the key factor to define your blog traffic quality, less bounce rate means your blog is really awesome.

How to Use Custom Redirects on Blogger-

You need to follow the following steps for the settings, here you go, first you need to log in to your blogger account<click on blog headings for opening dash board<click on settings (this option you can get just below of the left hand side menu)< Scroll little bit downwards the page and click on search preferences<Then you will see the page, as I have given below the screen shot-
blogger custom redirects

I hope you got the same page, as I have putted above screen shot.

Now you need to click on EDIT, which option is right side of the Custom Redirect option, after clicking there you will see a next page as I have given below screen shot, actually the page will not change but you will see option there for redirecting the broken page of your blog.
Custom Redirects in blogger
Just you need to put the URL address of your blog, which URL you want to redirect and where you want to redirect.

I hope you got it.

If not then don't worry I am here to help you, I mean, I have an example for you, without example it is little difficult to understand new things proper way.

Suppose, I want to redirect an URL one of my blog, which blog post URL has been changed-

I want to redirect this URL to a new address like

Then, I will do like this, I mean the screen shot this is given below-
custom Redirects in blogger
After doing this step click on SAVE, then you will see save changes will be highlight just click on there.

You have done it, enjoy.

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I hope you got it.

There is definite use of this tool in blogger, that's why they have introduced this feature to blogger, what do you think?

If you are facing any problem to redirects URL in blogger then let me know, I am always here to help you.