Hard Work Can Make You Famous Professional Blogger
Online is the best place to show your talent for the world of people and make unlimited money, if you have talent, which can help people, then start blogging and help people, you will definitely become a famous blogger, famous blogger means more than 10,000$ per month yes, per month, this much money probably some people do not earn even in a year (In India)

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  • 50 Plus Tips to Become Famous Blogger
I know as a newbie only the problem is selecting best ad networks, well if you able to get approval from Adsense great but you have not then try these networks, I am sure it will make a difference in your blogging career.

Making money online is not a recent trend at all, this is old even from last 15 years people are making money but time to time strategies are changing, if you are a blogger and you are blogging then keep blogging one day will definitely come, that day will be about you only, this is My Believe.

To see that day you have to do Hard Work, remember hard work always bring success and then you need to keep doing hard work to be successful, because "Success is a Journey not a Destination".

May be you are thinking, why I am telling you this?

There is one simple reason, if you will do hard work then definitely you will do some unique thing, which will help lot of people, this is the great sign for becoming a great successful blogger.

One more thing, I would like to share with you, don't afraid to do hard work, because in blogging you have to do hard work, otherwise you are not going to get in, where you wanted to be in your life through blogging.

It's not only about blogging, it's about your life, if you are getting something for doing hard work that's worth more than you are getting anything easily.

For example-
Many bloggers do write great blog posts, even they spend 4 to 20 hours to write a blog post, that means they are doing hard work right? They are also getting worth for it.

If you are new to blogging, then may be you are thinking four to twenty hours to write a single article, what they writing?

This is the same questions, I was thinking, when I have started blogging, the answer is very simple, you have to write at least 1200 words article, with proper SEO On Page Factors to get good rank on search engines, which brings traffic.

If you will write an article of 1200 words then, lets do calculate this, suppose you are having typing speed of 20 words per minute then you will take about 60 minutes or 1 hour to just write the article, if you will write continuously then only.

But in reality you need to give time to write, because you have to think, what you are writing?
You must make it easy to understand for others.

Then you have to do proof reading the article, then you have to add an image to make your blog post professional and also get traffic from search engines through image searches.

Here, I am going to share with you 50 tips and tricks for becoming a successful blogger-
  1. Research- Proper research is important to succeed in blogging you need to learn keyword research as well as you to need to know about few popular bloggers, like what they do? what services they have? But always see your pocket before going to have all those things with you.
  2. Domain Name- Domain name really play important role for branding as well as SEO point of view, personally I believe every blogger must have a top level domain (.com, .org, .net) because if we will compare benefits with price then it is really justifiable.
  3. Social Media- Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Reditt, Scoop.it, Stumbleupon, Visual.ly all these media having lot of potential to make you a successful blogger but there is only one promise you need to make that is you need to provide high quality content which would be valuable as well as useful for readers
  4. Relationship- Personally, I did not believe in this but after writing a guest post on Nisha Pandey blog, I got lot of exposure and of course I got few new blogger friends which help me to create good relationship with her as well as with other bloggers.
  5. Interest & Passion- You must enjoy while writing your blog post, because to write good in depth article you need to have your own interest, so you need to be aware while choosing topic for blog.
  6. On Page Optimization- Are you blogging for passive income from home or may be from beach then you need to put your attention towards SEO also and On Page Optimization is easy as well as effective for driving traffic.
  7. Back Links- Back links is the part of "Off Page Optimization", if you can do it right way then it is the great way to rank your content on the top on search engine results, but don't try to spam
  8. Unique- If you would be your own while writing content then it would be unique because in this world we don't have anything which is not unique from human beings to product created by human beings.
  9. Consistency- It is my personal experience, if you will do hard work consistently then I am damn sure you will achieve your target, because personally I become college topper from a failure also I have another example of it that is I have driven ZERO to 11564 visitors per day to my blog more important is that I was getting this much traffic consistently.
  10. Patience- Business, Education, Riding, Learning, Techniques, Manufacturing, Creation, Innovation all takes longer time and to get success you must have patience.
  11. Value- In business you must give value or I must say product you are offering must be valuable for customer point of view, in blogging you need to create blog post valuable for readers point of view.
  12. Long Time Vision- Business people always have long time vision, if you wanted to become a successful blogger always think about years, I mean, how your blog can put impact in the internet world for people in two years or I must say in five years? Because its not like overnight becoming rich way, it always takes time, see I have been blogging from five years and I am saying all these from my five years experience.
  13. Sitting Capacity- As a blogger sometimes or I must say all the time you need to give time and time only in beginning to do things right way that means you must have good sitting power, if you don't have then increase day by day.
  14. Promotion- Only creating product can not help you, but you need to promote it means you need to help your blog post to reach to targeted people that's why it will go viral.
  15. Image SEO- Images always helps to get more social shares specially on Pinterest, Pinterest is one of the hot social media, the best thing about this social media is that most of the active user's are female and main interaction of this social network is world of images.
  16. Videos- Leverage your content through other media like Videos and may be you know best place to share your videos its okay to share your video on Social Media but you must share your video on Youtube because its a world largest website for collection of videos then why not to get help from this media.
  17. Experiments- Einstein, R H Fowler, Sir Isaac Newton, Henry Ford and their are countless people those got name, fame as well as money because they did experiments, that does not mean they succeed from very first experiment, but of course experiment give results may be good or bad but result are always result, now think for a while if they did it in that time when they did not have much sources like right now we have then can not you become just a successful blogger with all these modern sources only just you need to do hard work and rest others things will be followed on auto pilot.
  18. Guest Posting- I did not believe in this till I did not do it, I have written a blog post and I have analysed it really works to become a successful blogger not only traffic but also relationship, revenue, shares, likes, comments also.
  19. Learning- Learning is a dynamic process means you need to keep learning that's why you will be with the world, if you are a good leaner then I am sure enjoying life is really easy I mean you will all those sources that's why you can enjoy your like as well as your family can also do the same, but you need to implement right way that's why you will get good result because only learning alone can not help you.
  20. Writing- As a blogger you must have good communication skills or I must say good convincing skills, because after all people will read your blog post may be they will watch your videos for helping them- they should understand what you are sharing?
  21. Monetization- Money is necessary for everybody, but don't motivate to work for money sometimes it will decrease quality of your service rather work what is your interest?
  22. Affiliate Marketing- Really key to increase your earning but again don't promote junk product for high commission, it will kill future income from affiliate marketing
  23. E-mail Marketing- "Money is in the List" the sentence I have read lot of time that's why I have implement this and I have discovered another new thing that is "Successful Blogging is in the List" because it is also helpful for converting one time visitor to life time reader of your blog.
  24. A/B Testing- Test, Experiments, Analyse, Observation all these things are just awesome to find out best thing, if you want to find out best working thing for your blog then keep testing but don't compromise with quality
  25. Reading- A good person always a good reader, listener, speaker, as a blogger you must have positive attitude as well as you must have motive, mission as well as vision for your blog.
  26. Compare- Don't compare with other blogs just compare with your blog posts and try to deliver better blog post everyday, I mean your today's blog post must be better than the previous one then you will see the real result and the real benefits of compare.
  27. Friends- Friends are always helpful in networking and in blogging for leverage your blog post you need to get help from them that's why your blog post reach will be wide.
  28. Leverage- Friends, Social Media, Youtube, Dailymotion all these are helpful to leverage your blog post that's why you will have wide audience, but with this you need to 
  29. Thirst- If you are feeling thirsty then I am sure first you will find out water to drink, you must have same attitude for blogging also.
  30. Commenting- One of my favourite blogger is Yaro Starak, sorry I forget to mention founder of Mashable "Pete Cashmore" both said that commenting is the great way to increase traffic, back links as well as relationship.
  31. Templates- Your blog templates must be simple, good navigation and should be targeted for readers, I mean don't use heavy template it will increase load time, unnecessary gadgets, HD images also.
  32. Important Pages- About Me, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy all these pages must be in your blog and should be easily accessible for readers it will decrease your blog bounce rate and of course it will help to improve authority of your blog.
  33. Guidance- If you want to be a good student, player then you must have to learn things from a guider, so if you don't know the concept of blogging then learn from any experienced person or just observe their action plan on their blog, if you can do this and implement their actions on your blog then I am sure you are the next popular blogger.
  34. Schedule- Make a proper schedule for blogging, I mean if you can write one article in a week then just do that only but need to be in schedule, I will recommend you to use Schedule option on blogger for maintaining similar schedule for each and every blog posts.
  35. Place to Blog- See, there are many places to write your blog post, but sometimes you must change your place for writing blog post may be while taking tea in Tea Shop or may be sometimes in a Park, may be while travelling to a tourist place it will help you to get real efficient blog post, I can remember when I have started blogging. I was sitting at a Railway station and I have written an article that works well for writing an informational blog post.
  36. Travelling- Travelling helps you to know few more things, increase interaction, fresh mind as well as you can do blogging and don't forget to put pictures of your tour in your blog posts.
  37. Try- Try, if you want to get anything or you want to start anything then you need to try because I believe "Idea's Are Worthless Until or Unless You will not Try", so give a try who knows it will work for you.
  38. Action- Taking action- no taking action at a right time is the key to live successful life and 2015 is the right time to start blogging sincerely.
  39. SEO Tools- I personally recommend few SEO tools those are really help like Google Keywords Planner, Bing Keywords Tool, Ahrefs, Opensiteexplorer.
  40. Observation- Observation is the key way to know about any successful blogger or people, then you need to just keep following the way to be like them (I mean successful)
  41. Knowledge and Action- Both together works great, if you have knowledge I mean you know about the path and you are taking action then you will definitely become successful
  42. Inspiration- If you want inspiration then be self motivated for this you need to help people from your heart and blogging is one of the best way to become self motivated.
  43. Decision- You must be a right decision taker, like I have heard and seen many people got excited and take wrong decision and then regret later, I have a tips for you- see excitement, angry both can ruin your life because whenever you are in one of the these two states you will take wrong decision and funny thing is that the condition will stay with you for few minutes only if you can control yourself in that time and I am sure you would be winner in your life.
  44. Facebook Header- Yes, I did it and my Facebook friends become daily readers of my blog and you know what happens then.
  45. Be Social- You must have profile on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and one more important thing you need to put your own real photo.
  46. Content Length- Content length is the key for getting good rank as well as it will improve overall your blog reputation but you need to write great valuable content.
  47. Response- You must response fast for a query through Social Media, Comments or may be e-mails, it will show your keen interest about blogging and helping people.
  48. Changes- Don't try to change your writing, blog template, gadgets without informing your readers, first inform them through mails or may be through blog post then make change.
  49. Update- If you got any new thing or tricks then you must update that tricks on your older blog post, if the tricks fitted with the blog post.
  50. Blog Directories- Blog directories play good role for getting back links, traffic, authority, improving relationship with other bloggers because personally I use blog directories to promote my blog posts and it works for me, I hope it will works for you.

New Hybrid System to Make Money to Become Professional Blogger in 2020-

The method I am going to share with you, that is the most quickest way to become professional blogger or even digital entrepreneur.

Here are steps you need to take towards it, first you can not expect that everybody is going to like your content or product, but you can make it almost perfect for about 90% people that is exactly we are doing now a day.

Step- 1 You need to find your experience or knowledge field so that people will get help from your knowledge or experience.

Step- 2 Create a digital product around it like video course or even pdf, video course is much better because it brings more sales means more revenue.

Step- 3 Best platform to choose for selling your video course to the world I recommend Podia discount 2020, if you have any question just send me mail at admin@commonquery.com

Step- 3 Promotion of the course- there are lot of ways to promote your course, I will suggest you to choose two platforms and I recommend to choose YouTube and Facebook ads for promotion, it is working like charm for me.

If you want to become a famous blogger then you must learn about SEO, writing article, marketing, monetizing.

I think these four are most important to become a professional blogger, other than these there is another thing that is consistency.

Improve yourself everyday, each day and see your self just after few months, where you are!

What do you think? what can make you famous blogger?