How to Be Different by Not Doing Different in Blogging 2015

After publishing a blog post, on How to Become Rich in India, I got lot of e-mails, messages for more help.

Funny, thing is that almost all contacts me those are unknown to me, that's why I got an idea to write this blog post.

I mean how you would be different that's why you will be known for all. I mean people will want to talk to you and they will need your help.

Well, its not a easy way, but not even impossible.

So, here I have break down all the way to be a famous as well as valuable person and once you will become famous no matter what you are going to do that will be famous and all of those things will be happen on autopilot and interesting part is- it will be for free.

Here, are those steps you need to follow-

Try to Help Someone-

Take an example of any company, they are helping others no matter which way they have adopt, like Google helping us to find something, Facebook help us to connect with our friends.

So, they are helping us and of course they are popular as well as they are making money we all know it and still we are using their service, because service they provide that is unbeatable in the market.

So, if you have anything to share with people then don't think just go for it, because

"Ideas are worthless until or unless you will not applied".

You will never come to know, whether your idea going to work or not in real, so keep applying your ideas who knows your idea can change others life and finally your own life.

Have You Ever Achieve Anything in Your Life-

I am damn sure you definitely achieve something in your life, no matter that is BIG or small, so I am sure again many people wanted to achieve the same thing.

If you will share with people those wanted to do the same then it will be the great way to start your own path to be a Different person.

Did You Face Failure-

If you did not failed in your life then it is little difficult to know the joy of win.

Because, I have face failed lot of times in my life and win lot of time, I have enjoyed those moments when I win and inspired to achieve many more things in my life.

Yes, I am an Engineer, a Mechanical Engineer.

If you faced, then I can also assume that you can really know the joy of win.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat-

Since, my childhood.

I have heard from my parents, teachers, elders.

Son, if you want to score well in examinations then practice.

In blogging, scoring well is nothing, but yes getting good rank in search engine results is really great to be a successful blogger.

So, if you wanna be a successful blogger then keep repeating what you are doing you will be a better blogger and you will definitely make money from blogging, but you need to improve your blog continuously.

The Success is You-

Well, I am really curious to learn new things, that's why I learn SEO from beginning to advanced, I am working couple of new projects too, I will definitely share with you those strategies later on.

After writing a book  of Amazon kindle on SEO Tips and Tricks, I got lot of things as well as I come to know many more things about making money online.

Those, I will share with you.

Well, let me tell you about the Success.

Do you know- you are successful.

Because, no matter what you do?

What you have?

What you would be?

There are still millions those wanted to be like you.

So, tell me you are successful or not.

I think you are?

Compete Yourself Daily-

When, I was a student in my school. I usually become topper till 7th class from nursery, after then ranking goes on decreasing till 12th class.

Can you guess the reason.

I did not beat my self daily.

Don't compare with anyone else, because all are unique in this world, so if you wanna be on the top then you need to compare yourself daily.

Then one day you will be on top.

That is for sure, that thing I did in Engineering and I become topper, I can just imagine that day, when students, management people, director, principals, staffs all were talking about me, most important thing is that they did not know me personally.

I am really lucky to see the day.

Well, still there are many things to do in my life its just beginning.

I hope you wanted to do something in your life.

And I am sure, you set to become something in your life, then just think it in reverse way, if you want to do something for human beings then you don't need to become anything.

But, yes if you will do something then I am sure you will become something in your life and it will be soon.

Be different, don't try- Just do IT and go for it.