SEO Tips for Blogger
SEO Tips for Blogger in 2021 is really little bit changing from last few Years like Google Panda, Penguin updates and Google Authorship, but other than these, another one thing is there for getting good rank on search engines for a query.

The great thing is here user experience, yes now search engines like Google concentrating on users experience from your blog or website, now question may be you are thinking, what is users experience?

There is one of the simple method to calculate user experience of your blog, if a user is staying about 3 minutes on your blog that means your blog having good content that's why users are staying on your blog for this much time.

You can refer Alexa as well as Google Analytics both are good, I used both of them.
Alexa Rank of a Blog
But, make sure your users must stay on your blog as much as more time, remember your this goal will become successful, only when you will provide good value of time spending by users, means if your users will not get good amount of information then how could be possible that the user will come to your blog again and again.

What is the Important Thing in Blogging in 2021

I am not going to tell you all basics concept of SEO, because I have already written many articles on basics SEO, but in this article I am going to tell you which will really open your eyes, yes I am confident about this, because what I am going to tell you that is not about SEO, that is all about how you are sharing things on your blog for people.

See, there are about 100 million blogs in the world, but according to survey only 3% of them making decent income online, then how can you get into that as soon as possible, this is the biggest mistake you are going to do in blogging, don't write article more than one or two daily.

Because, it will decrease your blog post quality that is sure, see if 3% bloggers are making decent income online then they have given too much time to increase their content quality and also quantity, if you have lot of time then you may write more articles, but quality should be taken care to make money blogging (decent income about $3,000 per month)

There are many bloggers making more than this much amount, but for reaching this much amount you should have good amount traffic and to get good traffic consistently you have to create great content consistently, don't stop, keep working time will definitely come for you.

My Recent SEO Experiments-

I hope you know about me, I always look for something new interesting as well as useful that will help me in blogging, here I got two most important benefits those are- I got an idea or way and another one is "I can share about my experiment in this blog".

So, today I am going to share with you about an SEO experiments, that is about URL structure, if you can able to write proper URL structure then you can win the SEO.

For for knowing this you have to know about Google Keywords planner, I mean first you need to check which keywords people are searching the most then you need to write the same keywords in your blog post URL but title should be catchy one.

It helps me lot for driving decent traffic to my blog and more important I am happy with it.

Few SEO Tips for Blogger-

Do you know Old is GOLD?

May be you know but let me tell you one thing Old is Gold that's true but you need to find out new concept those are diamond.

I mean you need to keep doing little bit experiments to find out the best thing if you can do so then I am sure you can achieve anything in this world.

Okay, few SEO Tips and Tricks, here are those-
  1. Domain Name- Domain Name keyword really play important role in long vision business, many internet marketer selling product on this information for few dollars.
  2. Keyword Research- Many blogs fail because they don't learn how to start a blog, if you are going to start a blog then learn how to start blogging then start a blog otherwise it is really difficult to make money blogging
  3. Content Length- Content length is the key for getting real targeted visitors to your blog, if you can do so then you are the winner in blogging.
  4. Image Optimization- There are about 50% bloggers don't use image in their blog posts (Big Disadvantage) and there are about only 5% bloggers optimize their Images for Search Engines, now think about it, an opportunity is waiting for you, just don't forget to optimize images of your blog posts, yes for this you don't need to learn rocket science, just put the name of the image as related to your blog posts and then add two tags to your image those are title text and alt text that's it and then you will drive traffic to your blog through images one more interesting thing is that people likes and shares more images than content.
  5. See Competition Level in SEO- Many bloggers said there is competition but I said still there are lot of things internet world required but you need to find out the require things (Gap) and start filling that in the internet through your blog but you need to learn and implement few basic SEO Tips and Tricks in your blog.
  6. SEO Tools- SEO Tools always help bloggers like Alexa, Google Webmaster Tool, Ahrefs, Open site explorer, these tools are really helpful in blogging like for checking rank of your blog, CTR, Back Links and there are many more aspects to know about your blog through these tools.
  7. On Page Optimization- The key concept, if you are newbie then don't even thinking of playing game with Google Ranking system otherwise you will be next quitter blogger, just try to implement SEO "On Page Optimization" like Meta Tags, Meta Description, Title Name of the Blog Post, Heading, Bullets, Numbers, Bold Letters also.
  8. Back Links- If you are really interested in ranking then start building links but one of the best genuine way to get more links to your blog post that is Info-graphic, create awesome info-graphics you can easily get more links.
  9. Sharing- Don't forget to promote your blog posts like social media (Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and also blog directories) the source for instant traffic.
  10. Inter Linking- One of the easy and clever way to keep your readers on your blog for long time that is inter linking your blog posts, it will help to keep your old blog posts on the way for readers, it is helpful for SEO point of view.
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Two pro tips for better scope those are-
1. Better engagement- Always try to engage your readers on your blog by adding videos, images as well as by interlinking with other blog posts on your blog.

2. Branding- Don't just try to get visitors, try to give them lot of value it will help you to get superb success in this field, because there are many bloggers those are having very less articles but from that even they are earning lot of money, lot of clients. So, always write articles on your blog so that you can offer them paid service, there you will find big opportunity. In simple words write what you know and in which you have passion.

Become a great blogger, write pillar posts for your blogs, means on which topics people usually search daily, but remember when there is high amount traffic there are many bloggers are writing on those topics, there is only way to get on top that is SEO article as well as great content and content length with image too.

Keep in mind every time while writing a blog post!, have you any other thing about SEO 2014?