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Are thinking about start a blog in 2019, then I am here to help you to start your own blog, see I hope you want to start a blog for money, passion, fans, help others, whatever reason you have? I hope ultimately you want to earn money from blog, hey this is my own expectations from you as a reader of this blog, I appreciate your time spend on this blog, but I can give you the best possible information regarding blogging, because personally I am an Indian Blogger and I have started my first blog in 2010.
List of Blogging Platforms in India
One of my favorite platform, personally I have started my journey with, which is owned by Google
Best platform, but you have to invest money to get hosting, domain name and of course you need to have little technical knowledge to get started smartly.
Good way to express your feeling online
Great platform, I must say this, because they have pretty cool features too, Mark E. Zuckerberg had his blog here.
Good one to express things online
Another great service, I have tried but I did not used their platform often
Just like this platform, I have few micro blogs
There are many those used this, they also have very good features to express things online.

Now, you can understand how much experience do I have in blogging, actually the reason behind writing this blog post is that I want to help you, because you want to start a blog, as a beginner bloggers you are going to a regretful mistakes from choosing domain name to writing content on your blog, till you will come to know mistakes you did, you will quit blogging, because blogging is not a one day job its a real business and real business takes time to get popularity but once you will become popular then you are the real winner you are going to get each and each everything in your life, which you can not get from your day job.

Because, I have experience this on me, okay may be you are having these following questions right now, if you want to start a blog-
  • Best Blogging Platforms to Make Money
  • Best Blogging Platforms for Photographers
  • Best Blogging Platforms for Fashion
  • Best Blogging Platforms 2015
  • Best Blogging Platforms for Writers
  • 10 Best Blogging Platforms
  • Best Blogging Platforms Free
If you are thinking about above questions then I have answer for these questions, that is, which is owned by the search engine giant Google.

YES, Google.

May be you know or don't know?

Actually, I don't know about this because I don't know about you.

May be you are thinking why I am telling you to choose to start your blog, definitely there are many reasons behind of this, let me tell you frankly you must read this blog post for knowing all reasons-

The Blogging Platform is Free "Blogger"-

Yes, this is world's No. 1 blogging platform for people those are not sound technically, don't want to invest any money and also want to earn passive income online, actually I have been using this platform since 2010 so I can tell you about this platform much better way.

If you are looking for such awesome blogging platform then this is the perfect blogging platform for you even you can make thousand of dollars per month but for this you need dedication, but first need to choose right path to start your blog right way.

After looking at the demand of people online, there are millions those wanted to earn money online but could not find out the right way to start blogging, for them may be for you, I have created a list of blog posts which let you earn money online because that blog post having all resources to make money blogging and of course for free of cost.

I hope you are looking for that blog post- okay then wait dear let me tell you few things before you are going to read that blog post.

See, dear don't be in hurry in blogging you need to have patience and keep delivering awesome blog posts just for six months you will be next winner in blogging.

Recommended for You-  Start Blogging for Free

Hey, don't try to read the article and implement ideas in a day, no don't do that it is not going to help you for long time rather read blog post properly and understand concept then go for another one, it will help you much more in blogging to become a better blogger.

Blogging Platform Integrated with Google Adsense-

Google Adsense is the world's first publisher like advertisement networks for publishers the same fact for advertisers also.

Here is the truth, there is only one blogging platform which is integrated with Google Adsense that is Blogger, about which blogging platform I am talking right now.

Here couple of benefits of Google Adsense-

  • Great earning potential
  • I have already earned about $10,000 whereas I have also earned over $5000 from other ad networks.
  • Ads are quite good interactive
  • Good CPM rate and there are others too.

Blogger Blogging Platform Easy to Use

Blogger platform is one of the easiest platform to use, because there is each and everything you need to start your blog.

But, to start your blog right way, that's why you can become a successful blogger then I must say you need to follow some one who is already blogging.

If you think I can help you then don't forget to contact me. I will try to help you, because I have been blogging from last five years, so I know where beginner bloggers made mistakes.

If you want to start your blog right way then don't forget to go through the link as I have given above and below also.

You Can Add Domain Name on Blogger-

Domain is like branding, if you think to make your blog as a brand then it become quite easy for getting popularity in short period of time, but it would be depend on your hard works.

There are thousands registrar out there those are providing this service but I will recommend you to use Godaddy because they are having simplest method to add your blog to blogger as I ever read, seen, did in my five years of blogging journey.

Although I have used Bigrock, here are steps to follow for adding domain Bigrock to Blogger.

If you are looking for simple as well as effective solution for your blogger blog then I will suggest you to choose Godaddy.

I will create a video on this, because what I said that is true I am not saying anything in the air, I have used this feature and as a Mechanical Engineer it is really helpful for me, otherwise wasting couple of hours for adding those IP, Code and few other things just a headache nothing else.

I know, if you are just started a blog or you are not having any technical skills then it is really difficult job for you.

Because, personally when I first bought my domain name, I took more than three days to do settings with blogger even then there was some problem I could not remember that, but anyhow I managed to do it.

I know, how it was the time for me?

Everything just not known for me and it was just disgusting, but now Godaddy make it super simple for you.

Because, there are about 95% bloggers those are not technically sound that means they find out that there is such system needed and they did it and it works.

People are using it and bloggers are spreading words about their amazing service, if you need any help then let me know, anyways I will make a useful video on this, that's why you can understand how it works.

Unlimited Templates Are There to Use on Blogger-

Not true.

Actually, this is true that there are unlimited templates out there but almost all of them not SEO friendly, after looking need of this I am thinking and work on it. I am going to start a new blog which will offer free template for bloggers.

Of course there would paid as well as free service available also.

But, the fact is that you need to have a good SEO friendly blogger template which is easy, simple as well as effective, hey what do you think about my blogger template?

It's good right.

Because, many said to me and asked me, who designed this blogger template, I said me, because actually I have designed this template. Even I am providing a great template with amazing features, Very Fast Loading Template for Blogger. For good SEO you need good hosting, IOZoom Promo Code for getting 50% discount on hosting.

Thousands of Tutorial About Blogger-

For starting anything you need guidance, I mean, if you want to play cricket then you need to learn, how to play cricket?

If you will not learn and directly you will go to field, then probably spectators will laugh on you, may be you have laughed couple of times, because most of the time we have seen such things.

Well, here in blogging if you will do the same then may be no one is going to laugh on you because no body is having such time.

But, this is sure that you will quit blogging the reasons are only few-
  • You will not make money from your blog
  • Your blog will not have good traffic
  • No one will comment on your blog
  • May be no one will read your blog
  • Your blog will have no fans 
And there are unlimited reasons behind this, but the main important reason is you, because you are not doing what people want?

If you can give your 100% to blogging then there is nothing which can beat blogging in terms of earning, fans, authority, popularity, knowledge, future prospective too.

Blogger Can Be Used as Private Blog-

Private blogging is works like diary, I mean if you want to start writing a diary, book, novel then you can start a blog on blogger and start writing later when you will complete you can get it in soft copy, I mean you don't need to convert it into soft copy if you will write on paper.

It will also save trees.

Well, I hope you are thinking how is this possible or may be you want only one or two persons only can read your blog then there is a solution provided by blogger, actually I have already written a blog post on this, if you are interested then I will suggest you to read the blog post properly- How to Start Blospot Privately.

Up to 100 Authors Can Write for One Blog-

Many blogs start with a team, see if you want to real reach to a standard height with minimum period of time then I will suggest you to choose 10 people to work in a blog, there is a great benefit of it.

May be you are thinking how?

Actually, this concept I got couple of days ago.

These days I am doing day job, I am in teaching profession in an Engineering college, well there were function going in a School, which is one of the School of our Group where I worked.

Actually, I have been invited there and I got one who knows me earlier, as we have started discussing about the function then while talking he asked me.

You are a blogger?

 I said Yes, I am?

He showed me a business plan, sorry I can not share with you right now about that business plan, but later sure I will write a blog post also on this.

Well, there he said to me, there were person for each work and I got it, he is really having good plan, just like he told me to do SEO for his website.

Guess, what?

I agreed

Because plan he shows that is really going to work.

Easy SEO Integration "Blogger"-

SEO is the key for a successful blog.

The reason is simple, you can get consistent traffic to your blog through search engines, there are many factors on those basis search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask shows results.

Search engine giant Google alone shows results on the basis on 200 factors, but not all of them are not given same preferences.

As a blogger you have lot of things to do like On Page SEO of your blog, meta tags, meta descriptions, Header, blog post descriptions, permalink, image optimization, video optimization and there are many things.

But, you need to know how you can implement them effectively in your blog- 40+ Blogger SEO Tips and Tricks.

I will recommend you to read the article properly and utilize all resources provided there to get maximum help from it.

Plus Tips for New Bloggers-

There are many bloggers those just start and quit because they just don't have patience, so always try to have patience to get success not only in blogging but in life.

It's been decade I have been blogging, I have seen bloggers comes and go from blogging sphere but those stick to it and keep improved and keep learning attitude they remain in the market and not only this they are making lot of money passively.

So, this is the power of having patience and have faith in itself, this is what exactly I have learnt from Bhagvat Geeta, so here are few plus tips for you-

  • Don't criticize, start appreciating
  • Keep learning, but implement to see result
  • Try to get knowledge and then write
  • Try to invest money in learning to get things on right time so that you will be ahead of market knowledge not lacking behind.

No doubt blogger is the best platform whose wanted to earn money online without investment even I want to clear here another one point that is you don't need any core technical skills to run your blog on blogger.

It's just simple and easy to run.

If you have any question or doubt about blogger then don't forget to share your views by commenting below.

Is there any other platform like Blogger?