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As a blogger you should get more comments on your blog, but in the beginning time of blogging, no one will be interested on your blog to read and also to comment, but of course, if you will write great contents on your blog with proper title, then may be it will be possible to get comment on your blog post.

My this blog alone have right now having about 2000 comments which shows the engagements and of course building relationships with readers.

In this article, I will tell you how would you get your first comment on your blog and it will be continue, because if you will get your first comment then think that you can get more comments on your each blog post, see if you want comments then you first need readers and more important way of writing your blog post.

So, here are those steps for getting first comment on your blog within next few days:-

1)- Write Proper Title of Your Blog Post

Almost every thing is in the title to attract readers to read the post and also get good rank on search engines, many bloggers don't write their title properly that's why they don't get visitors and no visitors means no comments, proper title is most important in blogging, so always write title, what people are searching on the web.

But that's not at all! Read your blog post title and also the whole article after writing the article, but do these two things at a time, take time to do it for having better blogging career.

2)- Promote Your Blog Post

After writing a great blog post you should have to promote your blog post, that's why maximum number of people will read your blog post, that's why you will get benefit of writing your great blog post, if you will not promote your blog post then you are missing the thing, what most of the bloggers missed, that is the way to get instant feedback from readers through comments, social sharing.

If you have money then you may try to promote your blog post on Facebook, Out Brain and Disqus like websites that's why you will get good readers for the blog post, otherwise you will get benefit of writing great content always from search engines for free.

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3)- Provide Subheadings in Your Blog Post With Image

See my article, if you will write in this way, you will definitely get more comments on your blog post but remember it takes time to get comments on your each post but of course you will definitely get your first comment on your blog, this is my guarantee.

Now let's talk about Image, image just like blood of the article that's why you may see, we add image every where, that may be in a book, newspapers, magazines. There is a reason, to make it more convenient for readers to understand about the story.

Also you will get benefit from search engines, to get traffic to your blog post, ultimately to your blog, because people do search images too on search engines, remember this every time, at least before publishing your blog post make sure, you have added a image to your blog post.

4)- Ask Questions at the End of the Article

This is the one of the best thing to get not only one comment, of course flood of comments to your blog post, but remember asking question, which must be make sense to your blog post, for example if you writing tips for SEO(Search Engine Optimization), then your question must be related to SEO not any things, that's why people will give interest on the question, to write reply.

Yes, this is not fixed that you need to ask question at the end of the article you can also keep asking questions in between the article which will increase curisity of readers to ask or share their views about the article.

Do you know why?

Pro bloggers got ton of comments even there are many those wait for their next blog posts to write comment-
  • For driving traffic
  • Get back links 
  • Their content is just awesome because they write from their experience to make it more details and useful for their readers.
  •  They have loyal readers and having loyal readers is really difficult, yes dear believe me, because 100 loyal readers is much better than 5000 simple readers, because after all real revenue generates from conversion rate.
  • They always shares statistics and which makes simple for readers to understand and then write about it 
Example of one of pro blogger, whose blog I read very often well I read many blogs but his blog is really useful for me and others too, he is Neil Patel, even I have written an article what marketing tips I have learnt from Neil Patel.

5)- Describe Your Article Fully and Write Controversial Content

Many bloggers pre-assume that the readers know these things, so no need to write, wrong!

Absolutely wrong, you know why? Because you don't know about any one, how much knowledge do the readers are having about the topic you are writing.

This is not a lecture hall or your home meeting, this is internet, where world of people living, so you should write article from beginning that's why the article will be full useful for beginners.

Now come to the controversial content, write content what people are talking, no matter what is the topic, write some thing completely hidden content but of course useful and see the flood of comments on your blog post, one another tip, I would like to share with you, i.e. always do experiments that's why you can share great content with your readers.

Here are few more tips and tricks I got from five years of blogging experience-
  • Reaching- Many bloggers do write great content even they spend lot of time behind writing blog posts, but don't do the next step may be they do not get enough time for that, that is making people to read the blog post, see if people are not going to read your blog post then what's the use of that, so after writing great content on your blog you need to promote it.
  • Social Media- See, these days social media play really important role for getting traffic online, but you must be clever and hard working that's why it will work for you too, you need to share your blog post on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus,, Pinterest, Reddit, StumbleUpon (ultimate source of traffic) also.
  • Blog Directories- There are many blog directories those are really helpful for getting traffic as well as SEO point of view, but don't try to join all blog directories just go step wise may be join one blog directory in a day.
  • Relationship with people- More people like your content more you will get, but here if you will able to make relationship with one person then it will be multiple in very short period of time, remember that.
  • Content Length- Content length really matter for engagement of your blog post, because most of people looking for information those are not advance, if they then those are just not going to increase your revenue (At least as a beginner bloggers)
  • Finishing- At the finishing point of your blog post, don't forget to link your blog post with other amazing blog post that's why it will be great for you as well as for your blog readers, may be you are thinking how? Actually in this way "bounce rate" of your blog post will be decrease (which is just really good for SEO point of view for your blog) and another one thing is that the reader is going to get another great information that means WIN-WIN situation.
See blogging is the good to reach your audience, but of course comments play most important role in blogging, because comments are bones of a blog, but the question is that how can you get it?

Answer is very simple write a blog post like a professional, that's it.

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