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Monetize a blog is most important part for any blogger but many bloggers make mistakes while monetizing their blog even I did mistake when I have monetized my blog 5 years ago.

Recent Trending in 2020 After Earning Over $10,000 Just in Last 3 Months-
There are two most effective ways you can earn money from your blog-

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Creating your own products
Both are amazing ways, currently I am master in both the ways because till now so far I have earned over $120,000 online, which is way higher than any job if did.

So, I suggest all people to have your online assets so that you can live your amazing life, so here are tips for getting success with affiliate marketing.
  1. Don't just refer all types of products
  2. Refer only products related to content you are writing
  3. Write reviews and your own personal experience
  4. Always promote products those you used or using.
  5. Creating video will be an amazing idea to promote it.
  6. Always use e-mail marketing for getting best out of your campaign.
Let's talk about creating your own products, here I am going to share with you some tips after creating dozens of successful products, after having over 10,000 plus paid students across 100+ countries, this is good is not it. For selling video courses online I recommend Podia, see Podia Discount Code 2020.

Here are simple rules for it-
  • Create your product related to your blog content
  • Video products sales more than PDF product
  • Always do survey before creating products
  • Paid promotion is a great way to scale sales
  • Use highly sophisticated instruments for giving amazing experience to your students.
  • Price should be very competitive
  • Be specific in your course
  • Deliver values.
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Now Question is that How to Monetize Your Blog in Smart Way?

It means you can make more money from your visitors, generally what I realize that do not monetize your blog with one advertising company, actually there are numerous way to monetize your blog.

May be some of them you know but in this article I will tell you advertisers name as well as their features too.

As a blogger or web publisher we have first option to make more money from blog is Google Adsense but now a days it is quiet not easy to get Google Adsense Account earlier of starting blogging, specially those bloggers are from India or may be china, according to Google Adsense they have to wait for 6 months for getting approval from Google Adsense, but I have seen in come cases Google Adsense give approval before six months.

You need to give time to your blog to get some good quality visitors then only you can get Google Adsense Account this is my experience.

So, My First Recommendation for Banner Advertising Programs-

There are many advertising networks, but I will recommend you to do signup with few only-

Bidvertiser- I Earn More Than $500-

Reason to Join This Advertising Network-
  • Very old company established in 2003.
  • You will get approval quiet easily.
  • Good Opportunity to make money from their referral program too.
  • Getting Paid Money Is Easy Paypal, Wire, Cheque.
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Monetize Your External Links of Your Blog-

Every bloggers provide external links that means you can also provide links to other website make money from those links also.

But, please.

I repeat please

Don't put links, if you the links leads to any type of bad service provider and not useful for your readers, if you will do so then probably for short time you will make some money but if you will think long time then you will loose a lot.

Yes, I mean it "a lot". The Best When It Comes to Monetize External Links-

Big reason to monetize your external links-
Because if you are providing external links to any other website then you should earn some bucks and many making money too then why you are not.

You can make about 4$ per thousand external links and this is good.

Note:- Please read this because this is important "Okay here is the thing actually you need to use headers ads one not full page ads because it may not be liking by your readers"

Well, this option you will get from this ads network only, while inserting ads to a link.

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Monetize Article Words of Your Blog-

This is now a new age trend to monetize your blog and this way of advertising helping both advertiser as well publisher too.

Best Networks for This Way of Advertising are-

  • InfoLinks
Infolinks Review

Reason to Join This Network-
  • 70% revenue share highest in the indusry
  • Very Attractive Way to Show ads.
  • More Than 40000 publishers joined.
  • It's time for Yours!!!
Currently, Infolinks introduced brand new product, which one I am also testing to see its effectiveness.

Here, the screen shot of it, its really good in looking, I hope you also are going like it, here is the screen shot-
Infolinks, New ads

Join Affiliate Networks too-

Affiliate programs are good to make more money from your blog for this you have to have good content that's why quality visitors come to your blog.
Because it is like that people click on ad and you will get paid it's like you have to give lead.

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But if you can give lead then you can make money  10 times more money than any other monetizing programs here I am telling you some network offer this program.

Clickbank- The Best One-

Big Reasons to Join This Network-
  • World Most Popular Network and old also as I know.
  • Upto 75% Commision.
  • Ten Thousand of Products.
  • All are digital products
  • 100,000 people are making money from this network.
  • ClickBank already made 1000 millionaires
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Big Reasons to Join this Network-
  • Very Good Tools for Promoting
  • You can get .50 to 4$ per leads that awesome.
  • Very good response from advertisers as well as affiliates about this network.
Commission Junction-

Big Reason to Join this Network-
  • Great Opportunity to Make More Money
  • Unmatched access to widely recognized and highly specialized brands
  • Transparent performance metrics
  • Customized transaction feeds
  • Easy to get paid.

PopUp Advertisements for Blog-

This advertising program is a recent growing advertising but I know the best network highest paying as ever seen.

PopAds- Review India

Reason to Join This Program-

  • More Money from Your Visitors.
  • Money 4$ never below per thousand popups.
  • Get Payments through Paypal or AlertPay.
  • Minimum balance required to withdraw through Paypal is $5

Updated 2020 for Monetizing Your Blog-

You can make money online in 2020 quite easily even after 2020 you can do the same once you will come to know how to do it right way?

For this you need to read other blogs that's why you will have very good knowledge about it and you can choose right path to reach where you wanted to reach through blogging.

That's why I am going to share with you few tips and tricks those I did not share earlier in this blog post, you know what is the funny thing that is I did not know before these tips and tricks that's why I did not share with you,

So, I was thinking why not to share with you all these tips and tricks that's why you will also get help and finally you can make money like me and other bloggers too.

See, there are about million those are making money online from blogging but few making only few dollars and few making millions.

Do you want to know?

What is the difference between these guys, I mean million and few dollars.


Yes, if you are not successful then I must say you are responsible for this, because you did not take right decision that's why you are not successful.

Here is the complete guide to know difference between Successful and Un-successful Blogger.

Okay, here are those tips and tricks I have learned to earn more money from blogging-
  • Try- Trying for anything new is the key to success, here many did not even try thinking that whether is it going to work or not, these that. Don't think all these just start, who knows may be it can change your life. So if you are thinking for anything good then just have faith on you and start doing with your best effort, success is waiting for you dear.
  • Action- Taking action delay or taking wrong action both are dangerous to be a successful person, so always think but take action.
  • Search- Prepare yourself and search which one is going to be best, I mean you did not know which is going to work for you and which one not then why not to search for the best one.
  • Satisfaction- If you are satisfied with your income from your blog then nothing to do with it but I will suggest you to leverage your income and don't put all eggs in a basket.
  • Comfort- People always become cool and don't do hard work when they are in comfort zone, don't be in comfort zone it is not going to help you to get that height about which height you always thinking of.
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Ujjwal Kumar Sen Advice to Make Money from Blog 2020-

See, I don't know, 

Who you are?

How old are you?

When you have started blogging?

What are your interested topics?

Even your name, I don't know nothing about you.

Except one thing!

If you are reading this blog post, then it is for sure you want to earn money right, then I am going to tell you the real source of making money online without more effort.

That's why I called it is a smart way to earn money online from blogging, I know even it has been great earning way for me.

That's why I recommend all those are searching for making money online from different ways like typing, clicking ads, answering, small tasks like these.

Just leave these ways, because these ways only make others rich.

Not you!

Because its not a effective way, I mean have you are ever come to know a worker become millionaire or billionaire, never right.

But, most of time you have heard, that this business, that business person become millionaire or billionaire.

I mean to say everybody can not start a manufacturing plant to set up a business, but yes you can start your own business, yes I am talking about online business.

There are few reasons behind of this-
  • Requirement of Investment- The real beauty of online business is- it requires very less investment but yes if your idea is solid then you can make any money as comparison to investment.
  • Time Flexibility- It is not fixed, it is on you when you want to work, no fixed time like that regular office our or may be shift work.
  • Working Place Flexibility- Again like time you can work from any where from home, beach, hotel, cafe, terrace anywhere its on you.
  • Knowledge Flexibility- Online business does not mean you requires hard core knowledge about coding No, its not like that. It requires consistency as well as continuous improvement to stay ahead in the market.
Okay, what you should do to earn money from blog in 2020?

My advice to you, don't try to use any ads network if you wanted to do something in blogging, I remember CopyBlogger (Brian Clark), well he is the founder of this blog.

Its one of the big brand in content marketing world!

Actually, The advice from him help me, that he said ads network did not help him at all, only help him consulting to earn more money as well as putting more impact on people life.

Because, you don't know the quality of product providing your advertisers.

So, why not to provide your own product, it will increasing earning, authority, more important you can help people directly.

That's the real thing.

You can directly put impact on people life, no matter which topic you are going to choose to write on your blog or writing

Making Money Online from Blog!!! Is really very easy if you want to then only, means you have to share things more effectively that's why one user once come, your content forced that user to come to your blog again and again.

Advertising is the great media to make money from your blog that may be PPC, Affiliate, PopAds but having own product is just awesome.

Is there any other thing can make you lot of money from blogging?