Send Message Private on Twitter

Twitter is one of the top website in the world and most probably third largest social networking website in the world, but more important is that Twitter is world's top micro-blogging website, which helps people to follow their favorite people, there are almost all brands can be seen using Twitter for getting connected with people.

For me, I use twitter for networking that's why my blog post can be reach to right people, well I used other sources too for getting traffic to my blog.

What's New on Twitter-

 Yes, its a new news, I just got an e-mail from twitter about it and I was thinking why not to share with you, that's why you can get help from this service of Twitter.

Actually, Twitter having this feature earlier but because of increasing spam messages and lot of complaints regarding this Twitter just thought it new way.

I think you can not send URL in your message.

But, actual thing we can come to know after only implement this feature, okay I am just going to use this feature on Twitter, then I will tell here how is this working?

Currently I can not use this feature, I will definitely update here after using it.

What is Twitter Private Message About-

Well, it's a way to send message to any twitter user's if you have any private talk with him or her and it will be private only.

Let's take an example, I am a blogger, if I need to send any message to other blogger then I can send a private message to that person.

I hope you got the point.

How Twitter Private Message Helpful for Marketers

 Twitter did not have this option from long time, but earlier it was.

So, marketers can not be in contact with other marketers for business talk, even I could not that's why I know very well about this fact.

But, now any one can do it and it is very good for marketer on Twitter also.

Is Twitter Private Message Safe

Yes, it is safe I got this from twitter, which e-mail I got just right now.

I hope you are a twitter users too, if you are not then don't let it go this golden opportunity to leverage your marketing ideas, improving connectivity.
I hope this is going to help many people those are hanging on twitter for different purposes, this is really helpful for bloggers like Me.

Yes, I am a blogger and it will help me to send private message to my interested people for networking purpose.

At last, I would like to say only one thing, Thanks Twitter

What do you think about Twitter Private Message?