What is Alexa.com and Why to Check Ranking of Your Blog
Alexa.com is providing great platform for bloggers or website owners to know ranking and some keywords those are providing visitors to your blog or websites.

In this article, I will share with you something important about this website, which you can use for getting more visitors to your blog as well as I must say you can major your success in blogging.

So, lets get started-

1):- Alexa Shows Your Blog Ranking

If you will go to Alexa.com then search your blog, you will get your blog ranking, this is great for us to know rank of our blog in the world and also you will come to know in which place your blog ranking better, may be in any city, country.

Yes, that's possible see blogging is good way to become famous and make money but you need to be aware of few useful tools like Alexa, Keyword Planner and few other tools those are useful.

Here is the example of my blog rank on Alexa, I have already written an article for getting your blog alexa rank under 100,000.

Here is the screen shot of my blog Alexa rank-
Alexa Rank of a Blog
See, on the above ranking my blog rank about 110,000 worldwide and 11,820 in India, which means my blog readers more in India as compare to other countries.

This is how you can come to know popularity of your blog worldwide, that's not all you can also see your website ranking too like same manner.

Okay, lets take an example of a popular social networking website "Facebook"-
alexa rank of Facebook
The screen shot shows how consistently Facebook rank on second position on Alexa.

2):- People Check this Website to Check Their Blog Ranking

It will give your blog rank, which will give you more inspiration to work hard for your blog, this is a great feature provided by Alexa.

Well, I have already told you about this, but in this section I am going to share with you in details ranking factor.

Facebook Alexa Rank Geography
Main benefits of this geographic is easy to understand your blog readers strength country wise as shown on the above screen shot.

3):- Alexa Gadget You Can Use on Your Blog

Gadget of Alexa.com you can use on your blog to show people how much popular you are in the internet world.

Many people think that adding gadgets to blog is useful to improve their blog alexa rank, actually it is true also, because Alexa directly can come to know about your blog traffic potential including sources of traffic also.

Here is the screen shot of that gadget-
Alexa Rank Gadget for Blog

4):- Alexa will Also Give You Keywords of Your Blog

In blogging SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works also on keywords, you can also come to know other blogs keywords.

Then, what next?

You know very well, write article based on those keywords to get more traffic to your blog and more traffic means more money.

Here is screen shot of keywords of a popular technology blog- Techcrunch
Keywords Suggested By Alexa of a Blog
On the above screen shot we can see keywords help techcrunch to drive traffic to their blog, although its a very popular technology blog in the world.

Another, one good feature provided by Alexa that is search engine traffic ratio of a blog, for the same blog that is Techcrunch I have taken a screen shot that is given below-
Search engine traffic according to alexa
This is really an amazing feature provided by Alexa, which shows how much organic traffic getting this technology blog and all other traffic coming to this blog from other sources.

I mean think about this about 89% of traffic of this technology blog is not coming from search engines, if you can anyhow leverage your traffic to do the same then I am sure you can definitely attract much more traffic in future.

Sources to drive traffic other than search engines-
  • Social Media- Other than search engines second biggest source of traffic is social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Scoop.it, StumbleUpon, Reddit. These sources are great for driving traffic to blog, you must not forget to use these sources of traffic.
  • E-mail List- Difficult to build a huge list, but easy to get traffic as well as promoting any product may be your's or others. but it is worthy, may be you wondering to know about making huge list of e-mails.
  • Direct Contacts- Tell friends, relatives, tell people about your blog this is a great way to drive direct traffic with very less effort, if you will spend little money then it would be much easier, like have you business card and don't forget to add your blog address there and whenever you meet any unknown person then give that card it will help more to get direct traffic it is a cheap method as well as effective.
  • Quality Content- Quality content market itself, if you are having quality content then each and every sources will be helpful for you, but it requires hard work, like if you are going to write a details blog post then minimum it will required about 4 hours, then only you can able to write a great article which would be much easier to goes viral.
  • Friends Blog- Ask your friends those are bloggers to put your blog URL with little good keywords on their blog it would be easier for you to get good rank, it would be much better if they will put link of your blog post in their blog post with keywords.
  • Link Building- Link building is the key for getting good rank, but you need to be steady about it otherwise it would be just wastage of time nothing else. Like only commenting on other blogs can not help you much to get good rank on search engine result page.
  • Questions & Answers Websites- These websites are just great source for getting traffic to our blog as well as getting strong back links, again you need to answer the question right way that's why it will be look like genuine again no need to answer questions for 4 hours daily just give daily 20 minutes, then think about this how much back links you can get in a year, always think long time because its a real business it takes time to grow.
  • Distributes T shirts- Actually, I have learnt this tip from Shoe Money blog he gives free T shirt which helps to make a big brand.

5):- You Can Check Who Is Writing Post on Same Keywords

This service, you can use to know your competitors, who is writing on the same topic, then read their articles.

And improve your article to beat your competitors.

See, in the internet world there are numerous people those are looking for information it is on you how you can help them?

If you can help them then don't try to help all for all topics at a time, if you will do so then probably no one is going to get help.

Rather try to help for a single topic, write an article about that topic in details from beginning to end, don't think that readers already know this, actually in the internet world you can not judge about your reader's knowledge so you need to write for beginner's which convert well.

Here are few important things to do for beating your competitors-
  • Traffic- Its all about traffic, if you have traffic then you can do anything with your blog, but after all traffic comes to blog for hard work, so first you need to spend time on your blog.
  • Readers Priority- Forget about money for a year and stop seeing your blog rank every second it will not help you to become a popular blogger, first see your readers need and then full fill their need if you wanna be on top
  • Readers Acquisition- There are many ways to keep your one time for forever for your blog like use social media pages, e-mail list, but all these work great if you will provide a free gift to your readers like e-book, free T shirt and may be any give ways through your blog, it is one of the best way to increase engagement of readers for your blog.
  • Solve Readers Problems- People spend time online because it is easy to access and there are unlimited options for them to use, but the main thing is that those bloggers solve readers problem those are winner in blogging.
  • SEO- The BIG one, if you want to get traffic from search engines then you need to do little extra effort for learning SEO, if you will learn and implement it right way then search engines can make you millionaire.
  • Networking- Better network you have online more reach you will have but first priority should be given to content, if you will write great unique content then automatically networking will be follow you, but it is difficult to maintain, so I will recommend you to have a good online friends for networking, it will help you to spread your blog posts much faster way.
  • Design of Blog Template- First impression is the last impression right, so if you wanna make good impression on your readers then you need to choose a simple easy navigation SEO friendly template.

6):- Alexa Service is Free for You

Their service is free for you to check your rank, however they provide paid service too, for SEO audit of your blog and others also.

Many digital marketers can use their service for getting depth statistics about any website, blog, forums too.

Here are few important things they provide in their paid service, but you can only use those service effectively if you know about internet marketing very well like SEO, Link Building, Keyword Research.
  • Historic Traffic Trends- If you are core marketer then this is most important for you to know statistics of your blog, in this feature you can compare your blog statistics with your competitor.
  • Demographics- You can come to know about your blog readers including sex, income, internet browsing place, profession, age and other things also. 
  • Social Metrics- You can come to know how many people like your blog on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus including shares. 
  • Sites Linking In and Upstream sites- This is helpful for your blog to know competitor strength much better way and you can come to know the way to compete them. 
  • Engagement- Engagement is depend on your blog quality as well as structure of your blog template, in this feature you can come to know about page views, bounce rate and time spend by user on your blog. 
  • Traffic Sources - Obviously there are many sources of traffic like search engines, ads, directories, social media you can come to know all these sources with traffic potential.
  • Downstream sites- From this feature of Alexa you can come to know about visitors movement from website to website.
  • Organic and Paid Keyword Insights Keyword Research- You can come to know what is the key factor of success that's why you can repeat it and finally you will make money. 
  • Page Views- Well, its simple one but Alexa also provide page views in the pro plan.
  • Certified Metrics- May be any your fellow blogger, advertisers wanted to check your blog Alexa rank there they will see certified metrics which improves branding.
  • Uptime Monitor- You can come to know your website up time and down time condition through this feature of Alexa.
  • SEO Audit- Turn-Key solution can help you to improve ranking of your blog on search engine results page.
  • Full Site + SEO Audit- This is a combo feature of Alexa, I mean this feature allows you to audit full site for different purposes like security, SEO audit, search preference also.

7):- Do Check Your Blog Every Week

Many bloggers waste time for checking their blog rank every time, you must not repeat this mistake, check your blog rank but once in a week.

If you can see that your blog is ranking day by day then you will work more hard and blogging little more hard than a day job.

Here, I have written a blog post for comparing Blogging Versus Day Job.

At the last, I have one thing to tell you, never never quit blogging!!

Alexa.com provides us very good tool for using and majoring our blog growth in the world, see everybody want to become successful blogger but only few work for becoming a successful blogger so it works like pinching, I mean it will show whether you are working or only dreaming.

Is there any other Internet tool which help bloggers?