Custom Robots Header Tags on Blogger is really play important role for search engine point of view, but adding this custom robot header right way is important, I mean which keywords you need to add.

Let me tell you an interesting story, when I don't know what is SEO? and it is obvious that I did not know about Custom robot headers and other seo aspects like Alexa tool, Google keywords planner, link searching tools and of course I did not know about high quality link building.

But, today after writing a book on SEO that is available on Amazon, which book is one of the best seller Book on Search Engine Optimization in Japan and other countries too.

Well, I have been blogging from last five years but I never think blogging as a BIG earning point of view because I always think blogging for getting more knowledge as well as few pocket money that's why I can cheer my student life.

Still, I am a student as well as working for an Engineering college but that's not the reason you are reading this blog post.

I know you are looking for a guide which will help you to set Custom Robots Header Tags, don't worry its really simple to do.

So, are you ready for doing it.

Let me tell you, you are going to make may be another big mistake in blogging, adding custom header to blog from yourself is not going to help you, SEO point of view.

Actually, it is one of the setting of SEO, so for this you need to do keyword research, without this you can not get traffic from this header tag.

Why First Do Keyword Research Before Adding Custom Header-

Keyword research is the key to get success in blogging, may be you are thinking why am I saying this, well of course there are many reasons behind of this, but I would like to discuss with you only few reasons those are important for you-
  1. Potential Readers- See, knowing your reader potential can help any blog to know future aspects of getting traffic, but again no body can predict about future, but we can just forecast that's why we will be confident about our work.
  2. Deciding Blog Post Title- Blog post title is a major factor for ranking well on search engines as well as people are going to click on that result, which is also known as click through rate (CTR), because no matter if your result on search engines will not click by people then what's the use of that so try to maintain mutual things I mean write for people but should be search engine optimized.
  3. Deciding Header Tag- Header tag must be unique, easy to remember, search engine friendly, short as well as should represent your blog, but the big question is that how would you do this, again I will suggest you to take time for doing this you need to do keyword research, you need to ask experience bloggers, you can ask me I will try to help you as well as need to ask your close people to know their views.
  4. Making Easier for People- After all everything come to readers, if readers will like your blog then you will be next winner, if readers will not like your blog then no matter what you are doing? How much you have invested money? How look of your blog is? nothing will work, so my recommendation for you is that try to put readers on the top and rest others things will on the below like revenue.

Best Keyword Research Tool for Bloggers-

I am telling you dear.

Without keyword research there is 80% chance that you are going to quit blogging by the next months there are few reasons behind of this, here are couple of reasons I found those are just here-
  • Traffic Big Important Factor-  In blogging you need traffic to be a long time player otherwise your blog will another expire blog, like others were. so I don't want that the thing will happen with you.
  • Money The Pure Inspiration- Traffic equals money, well it would be depend on quality of traffic you have which will make you money, if you have great quality traffic the 100 visitors much better than 10,000.
  • Satisfaction All About You- Both let will satisfy you, that's why you need to know about keyword research.
  • Surrounding Noise- Everybody he or she has tried making money online and failed and how you can become a successful money maker, then I have something for you, actually one day one of my friend told me that he failed in his first start up and he told the reason behind this, that is he did not ask any one who got success in start up means he did not learn how to get success in start up, so if you will not learn how to earn money online from those already making money online. It is almost sure you will fail in online money making process and again you will blame someone else, don't blame any one else, blame yourself and be self motivated if you wanted to be a successful and famous person.
According to me and from my experience the best keyword research tool is Google Keywords Planner.

How to Add Custom Robots Header Tag-

Here, I am going to tell you step by step guide for adding this tag, okay first you need to go to<click on blog<click on settings (this option you can see on the left side of the web page you have seeing right now on blogger dash board), okay I understand you wanted to see visual, there don't worry I am going to put screenshot just below-
custom header, tags, robot header
Now, you need to add there custom header tag, which you can write just after clicking on edit button, then after adding custom robot there don't forget to click on Save changes.

Just after that tag, you can also write about your blog description which would be quite good for you for getting good visibility of your blog, there same you need to click on save changes after writing description of your blog.

How to Get More Benefits from Header Tag-

Make your blog header tag more related to your blog content keep it short as well as effective and don't change your blog header tag very often.

Of course you can change.

But, think before changing header tag because its the way to represent your blog home page to the search engines.

Well for getting traffic from search engines to your blog through header you need to learn keyword research, I mean you need to know which keywords are related to your blog domain name as well as content.

By combining both you need to choose a header name, the header name must consist of those keywords for getting more help.

Five Golden Rule of SEO for Traffic-

SEO is not a one day job neither it is impossible.

Yes, you can do SEO for your blog like custom header, meta description, meta keywords quite easily, but for other aspects of SEO you need to take care while writing a blog post.

Like Blog post title, keyword density, bold letters, heading, inter linking and back links (links directed to your blog post)

If you can concentrate on these terms then I am sure you will be the player in blogging, so here are few important basic facts of SEO, although I have written a blog post on White Hat SEO for Bloggers.

I will recommend you to read the blog post throughly.

There many settings and practice you need to do with time for getting traffic from search engines, see only writing ton of articles without leveraging is really become difficult to become famous but if any how you can leverage your blog articles.

I mean you can promote your blog content to reach targeted people then it becomes easier to get success in blogging.

Is there any SEO Tips and Tricks You Want Me to Write?