Blogger is a great platform no doubt about that, but if the problem or question right now you are facing that is "How to Rename Labels in Blogger" then I have the solution for you. In this blog post I am going to share with you how you can rename labels in blogger as well as you will come to know why it is important to rename?

What is Labels in Blogger-

Blogger is one of the awesome platform that is just awesome for people those wanted to share their knowledge as well as they can make money online.

But, you need to know how to add labels to bloggers, well I hope you know about it because you wanted to know "how to edit labels in blogger", well, if you don't know then follow my steps-
  • Just go to create a blog post
  • Then just give little bit time to open it and then you need to see right side on your screen 
  • There you will see the first option that is Labels
  • Just Click There and add labels
  • Deciding labels is not a difficult job
Here, I am going to share with you how you can decide labels for your blog, see if you are writing about a mobile phones about any company then you can add labels to like Mobile cell name including company name.

For example- Micromax A1

It is also known as category of blog post.

Actually, if any one will click on a particular labels on your blog then blog will shows all blog posts under that labels.

That means, it will be helpful for people or readers of your blog too, and there is another good benefit from search engines that I will discuss with you just below under different headings.

How to Rename Labels in Blogger-

Here you go, I am going to share with you step by step guide for renaming label of your blog post-
  1. First Log in to Blogger or go to
  2. Then click on your blog
  3. Now click on Posts
  4. Then you will see your all blog posts including draft (means those blog post you did not publish)
  5. Now click on the blog posts in which blog posts you want to change labels
  6. Now you will see blogger blog post writing dashboard
  7. Now you will see option "Labels" on the right side
  8. Just click there and write your desire labels and you need to go through the last steps
  9. You need to click on Publish
  10. After this see your blog post, hopefully you will see changed labels on your blog post
Still, if you got questions for going through these steps then let me know, I will help you to do this, okay here I want to tell one more thing about this-

Don't try to put too many labels in a same blog posts, that would not be effective for none of point of view. I mean neither for your readers nor from search engine point of view, so what you should do?

You need to do little extra effort for writing labels for first four five blog posts to understand the concept after then you will be familiar about it and you can easily write labels for your blog posts.

Just like for my blog posts- most of my blog posts are under- blogger tips, SEO tips etc, that would be depend on topic I am writing on my blog posts. There are lot of tools in the market, okay tools always helpful for getting success in blogging so here I am sharing the best tools with discount- KWFinder Promo Code.

SEO Importance of Labels in Blogger-

Of course,

It is helpful from search engines.

Because, search engine crawlers can read category or labels of your blog post, so if you want to get more help from search engines then you need to stay to the labels.

I mean, if your blog is about health related tips, then you may used labels as "Health tips", like mine blog is about making money online, blogging tips, seo tips, that's why most of the blog posts labels are under these categories.

I hope you are getting me.

Here, I would like to share with you few more seo tips and tricks those you need to take care writing a blog posts
  1. Blog Post Title- If you are beginner bloggers then I will suggest you to know what people are searching on search engines before deciding the title of the blog post, which will help you a lot for deciding traffic driving blog post title.
  2. Content Matter- This is fact, if you are writing great content then that is for sure you will be a  real winner, but it takes time, hard work, dedication, patience and few other things also.
  3. URL Structure- URL full form is Universal Resource Locator, you need to write good URL structure, well if you see this URL structure you need to see Permalink on blogger, just click there while writing a blog post then you can see the structure, you just need to put your blog post title there and put dash in between two words that's, if you are newbie then I will suggest you to see my Blogger SEO Tips Guide,
  4. Search Description- This option is available on the right side of blogger writing dashboard on fifth position just click there and add your blog post title, if you are little familiar with seo then write about your blog post in short, it would be much better for getting good rank on search engines.
  5. Way of Writing- Writing is the almost main key for blog, if you wanted to really get good wealth through blogging then you must concentrate on your writing part also, if you are not good then try to be good as well as proof read your own blog posts to avoid errors in blog posts.
Till now you have gone through all steps those are related to labels in blogger, but one most important step is understanding SEO effects of putting labels on blogger.

My recommendation for you, you should add labels to your blogger and if you did any mistake earlier you must correct that as soon as possible.

Work Hard, Become Smarter- Successful Blogger

Is there anything you would like to know about Labels in Blogger?