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Infolinks as well as Bidvertiser both I have used long time as well as I made money from these networks, probably you are reading my review about Bidvertiser as well as Infolinks because you wanted to decide which one is better, see after using both the advertisement networks I thought why not to write my own view about these two network that is why I have decided to put heading Bidvertiser Vs Infolinks.

Well, first let me tell few important things about these two networks, that's why it would be easier for you to figure about the ads network for your blog, okay lets start with Infolinks-
  1. Infolinks founded in 2011
  2. Alexa rank of Infolinks is 838
  3. Highest Ecpm I got $7
  4. Highest Ecpm I heard $17
  5. Good for English speaking countries
  6. My Total earning from Infolinks $70
  7. Very good ads format
  8. They have launched popup ads for increasing revenue of publishers
  9. Many big websites used Infolinks all over the world
  10. Infolinks important saying is "Banner Blindness"
  11. Minimum balance required to withdraw is $50
  12. Try this ads network with different colour combination to find out the best one

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Okay, that's about Infolinks, lets talk about Bidvertiser-
  • Bidvertiser found in 2003 by Bpath 
  • Alexa Rank of Bidvertiser is 1034
  • Highest Per click I got $1.2
  • Highest per click I heard is $1.2
  • Bidvertisers work almost same all over the world
  • My Total Earning from Bidvertiser is $404
  • They provide flexible ads format like banner ads, text ads
  • Bidvertiser do provide pop ads
  • Almost all take name of Bidvertiser when it comes to use best Google Adsense Alternatives
  • Bidvertiser save my blogging interest because my first earning that is $10 from Bidvertiser, it was an amazing moment for me in that time when I saw $10 on my Paypal account.
  • Try to put ads code above the title of the blog posts and and also bottom of the blog posts

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Big Points for Readers to Choose the Best Ads Network for Your Blog-

That is Bidvertiser or Infolinks for your blog.

See, only knowing all these points you can not decide which ads network is best for your blog, because my blog traffic quality, value, location, desire, passion and there are many other things may be different from your blog, that means only knowing these points then taking decision might me wrong one.

But, I have a full proof method for you.

Actually, that method has been implemented by me, see writing in depth article like this one is not easy if you are not familiar with the ads network [topic], now you can understand that I have experienced both the networks.


Dear, I have used both networks on my blog to find out the best one.

Actually, I want you to implement both the networks for week and then decide which one is best for you.

In real, you can use both the networks on your blog, but I will suggest you don't put over ads on your blog, just put ads but less that's why readers will not get disturb.

I hope you are getting me.

2 Quick Tips for Earning More Money from Blog-

See, I am not going to tell you change ads location, of course that works but here I wanted to share with you real more earning money tips that's why in real your earning will increase, yes one most important thing that is your blog must have attractive blogger template, I hope you are excited to know all those tips-

Affiliate Marketing- 

Big concept, source, working way to earn more money from blog, yes its nothing but affiliate marketing, that's why the first ever guide in the whole internet about Affiliate marketing I have launched- Get it here- Affiliate Marketing Guide, I found there are few risk free profitable way to promote affiliate products-
  • Write Review About the Product on your blog
  • Promote the Product Through E-mail Marketing
  • Create a Niche Blog on the Product

Own Product Marketing-

There are many things to create, but easy and effective way to help people that is informational based product like any e-book, there are couple of e-books I have written on Amazon, here is one of the Amazing book- Earn Money Online in India

Like the same you can create your own e-book and sell on Amazon, which would be good one for getting passive income

Other than this, you can create membership websites, video tutorial, selling product on ClickBank also, but first start with one and get experience then go to another if you want to get success otherwise trying everything at a time is not going to help you that much. I use another platform to sell digital products online that is Instamojo, I have also written about Instamojo Indian Payment Gateway Review.

In coming days, I will write details guide to create your own product but I will write about E-book because I have experience on this.

See, my motto to tell you details about these two ads networks, I hope you learn something from this review, if you are really interested in blogging then you must keep trying new things to be a successful blogger.

And if you are seeing these ads network for earning point of view then Infolinks works great with Adsense.

On the other hand, if you did not get approval from Google Adsense then you can use Bidvertiser as well as Infolinks both together on your blog.