In blogspot blog, we can change blog background quiet easily, but here is the reason why?

People want change right, if you will change background often then it is quiet good for your users, they will be happy every time coming to your blog, again and again.

Ok come back to the topic, it's simple dear.

Go to<Click on Your Blog on the blogger Dashboard on which blog you wanna make change<Now click on Template (This option you can see on the left side on the page)

Blogger Template, Background

< Now click on Customize
Blogger Background

<Now click on Background< (This option you can see on the left side on the top of the page)

<Now select any color you wanna add to your blog (And see the color changing below preview of your blog template).

If you wanna add your or more designing template then follow the given below steps-
Blogger Background

After clicking there a new pop up window will open, just like I have given screen shot below-

Now select any one template and then click on "DONE".

Then visit your blog, your blog background has been changed.

If you wanna add to your own design background or may be your photo then follow the below step-
Blogger Background
After click on "Upload image", you will the option as I have given below screen shot.
Blogger Background

Now Click on Choose File, then choose the photo you wanna give background to your blog.

And click on "Done".

The last step click on the "Apply to Blog", this option you can see on the top of the right top side.

Yes, you have really done dear. Enjoy.

Hello, I have something to share with you, those are really awesome, here are those things-

Benefits of Changing Blogger Background-

Well, in real I did not know its benefit but after seeing few event blogs, news websites, I have really excited to share with you those benefits of using good attractive blogger background.

Basically, what happen after looking at the news website, I have seen new websites change their background according to occasion means, when you and me celebrate new year they also put the background of new year.

The case is applicable for all.

I mean, when we celebrate Diwali, you will see Indian based big web portal show Diwali image background, I hope you are getting me.

This thing is applicable for them, if you want to get such type of benefits like they are getting then you must apply this concept on your blog, it will help you to win your blog readers heart.

SEO Aspects of Changing Blogger Background-

If you are thinking about this, then I have something important to share with you, if you will put large file image as a background of your blog, then that is for sure your blog loading time will be increase then it is for sure your searching engine ranking will be effected.

So, you need to examine two important things, although both having only one objective that is not killing ranking of your blog posts on search engine results and those are-
  • Image Size and
  • Checking loading time after and before you add the image as a background
Above two statements are awesome because it really matter for bloggers, I mean for you and me before changing our blogger template.

Which Blogger Background is Best-

I don't have direct answer to this question, but yes I will suggest you to put background related to your content, if your blog is not based on all topics, if you want to put professional impression on your blog readers then you must take opinion from your blog readers only that way to know which background they wanted to be on your blog.

For this you need to design and then add few amazing background images after you need to take opinion from readers.

For getting opinion you can choose online form like Google forms, I hope you are getting me, that's really an amazing way to capture people opinion.

I am telling you to use Google forms because one of my friend whose name is Gagan Gulati his blog is based on UGC NET Preparation guide for management students, he told me that he is using Google forms for writing another research paper on Laptop Branding.

I got an amazing experience from that conversion with him about Google forms.

Blogger background really play important role for branding purpose, but you need to see other things also along with look of your blog.

I hope you understand this.

Only look do not make that much better appearance of your blog, you need to see loading time, readers choice, own choice also for other thins those I have described above

Is there anything you would like to know about Blogger Background