Most Important Things in Blogging

Blogging is the most important way to make money online but for this you have to do some work that is keep blogging.

I this article, I will tell you something important which will make your blog more popular and you can have money making blog, which is every blogger dream.

Here are those important things in blogging you must follow to make your blog more popular, one of them is I already told you.

1). Consistency Can Improve Anybody-

Keep blogging is the key "SECRET" to get success because blogging is not a website but yes it is better than a website.

Because, you can write something new every day for your readers and that article will be in your blog directory for forever, which is the most important but in a website you can not change the design daily.

Well, I don't mean to compare blog and website, I mean you can improve your blog readership daily, because you have easy option in blogging those are writing, publishing, promoting, relationship, getting popularity, relationship (directly or indirectly) and at the last money.

2). SEO The Main Key to Blogging-

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is also important to get good massive traffic to blog but for this you have to do title work.

You have to learn it, I will not recommend you to hire any SEO consultant because it is not a one day job.

SEO always change with time to time so you have to learn it spare time because it is the great way to get traffic.

Do you believe there are SEO consultant they are making millions definitely there is some reason behind of this right!!!

3). Content is Always King-

In blogging content play most important role. Yes it is really true, your ranking almost depend on how much time people are staying on your blog.

Always right- lengthy content and informational based which users want to know.


What do you think? let me know!!!

I know you will tell me right, just give a comment it will reach to me.

4). Images Are Just Awesome Because of Pinterest-

May be you don't think about this, yes you must think about this there are millions of people search images on the search engines.

So, if you will upload images on your blog post with giving name exactly to your blog post, I know you will get good traffic too from the image.

Just do this and see the traffic coming to your website, I am 100% sure you will get more traffic from it.

See, I have very good example of it-

I have written a blog post- Top Bloggers in India, I don't know why? my blog post did not get good rank for the keywords but my image of the blog post got very good position in search engines for the same, query.

Here, is the proof of it-

Just, I have search "Top Bloggers in India" on Google and I got it on the top, here is the screenshot of it-
Top Bloggers in India Google
I hope you can see, the same image I have put in this  blog post, that is also there on Google image search on fourth position.

That's exactly, I am talking about at this point, hope you understand the power of putting images on blog and one of the study said images engage better than content.

5). StumbleUpon And Reddit-

Many bloggers don't use power of social medias, but they do write great content and wait for getting traffic from search engines, then let me tell you dear don't forget to StumbleUpon your blog post.

Oh I am so sorry, I don't know about this you know or don't know about stumbleUpon or not and there are other social medias too having lot of potential to drive traffic but you must concentrate one then go for next like StumbleUpon, Reddit, Facebook, Digg, Twitter,,, Pinetrest etc.

Then, let me tell you it's a website where bloggers submit their webpage and people browse webpages from this website "StumbleUpon

Who knows you can get 1000 of visitors in the next couple of minutes, do try this here is the link of this website:-

Best of Luck.

6). Making List of Emails-

Yes, collect email addresses of your readers from the very first day, I know this will change the future of your blog. Yes it is right.

If you think so this is not right, then think about it you got notification from Facebook or any other website may be blog.

What does that mean they want you to come to their website or blog every day that's why they remind you almost every notifications.

It can be possible quite easily use Google Feed burner which is providing this service completely free for like us.

7). Telling Friends About Your Blog-

No matter who you are, what is your background but you can become a good blogger. Yes if you will put effort.

Tell your friends about your blog and get some feedback from them, you can change the blog according to them or may be not, it is upto you.

After all you are everything of the blog, this will always work and you will get couple good visitors for free.

8). Easy Social Media Sharing Button-

Social media is most important now a days because people don't have time to go their friends home one by one.

Yes, they do come online, because it is the cheapest and quite easy.

That means, if you will put this button on your post then definitely your readers will share your blog post on their profile.

Then what will happen? you know that!!

9). Stick to Topics-

Yes, this is really important if you wanna become famous blogger then I will suggest you to be stick to your blog topics.

You may choose 4 to 5 topics then provide wide range of information on your blog, which people really want.

You can take as example of any blogger those stick to their topic they are successful yes it's true.

Here are few examples of most successful bloggers on the Earth-
  1. John Chow
  2. Darren Rowse
  3. Yaro Starak
  4. Jemery Schoemaker
  5. Neil Patel
  6. Amit Agarwal
  7. Harsh Agrawal
  8. Kristi Hines
  9. Brian Clark
  10. Brian Dean

10). Write About Your Case Studies-

Yes, as a blogger you must do experiments may be in writing, in Adsense placements, in designing or any other things which really need in blogging.

I know everything will not work for you, but something definitely work, then what next share with your readers, if anything does not work then even share with your readers that will also a helpful message for readers.

Share always best thing you know with your readers this is the gateway to become a successful blogger.

That's true "WHICH I BELIEVE"!!

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Well, today I look around few people those are bloggers, successful and happy, they are doing something different.

That's why I was thinking why not to update this blog post with something new that's why it would be different for you.

See, I have been blogging from long time and I know this is most important for me, because in this long time journey I learn many things I have seen blogger become popular, few popular blogs loose their business over night and so on.

But, I have been consistent.

And I believe this is the main key to be a successful blogger, here is the something new for you, I hope you are going to be happy from this awesomeness piece of surprise-
successful blogger

I know there are many things to follow other than these like patience, writing, relationship, back links, blogger friends and many more.

But, these are most important, if you will follow these things in beginning, then I know you can easily become one of the popular blogger.

Is there anything you would like to know about Important things Blogging?