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If you are looking for best five blogs in the internet marketing niche then I must say, you will say QuickSprout, there is nothing wrong with this because this blog deserve this, more important the person behind this blog he is Neil Patel, his way of writing, presenting is just amazing, recently he has changed little bit in design of Quicksprout.

Writing Great Content-

In blogging, if you can write better content then you  can earn money from blogging, the exactly same thing I have learn from his blog, here are few things those are really important while writing blog post-
  • Your blog post must have headings, sub headings, bullets, numbers
  • Your blog post must have images, if you want to get more likes, shares and comments on social media sites then image is must, for SEO help you need to optimize image.

Promotion of Blog Post-

See, if you can deliver great content then that is for sure you can get good traffic from search engines but what about that? If you want to get traffic quickly then you need to promote your blog posts in many media like reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn, Scoop.it, visual.ly etc.

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Power of E-mail Marketing-

I did not use e-mail marketing in the beginning of blogging, but after knowing about e-mail marketing from Neil Patel, John Chow and of course Darren Rowse, I have started using Feedburner which one is my first e-mail marketing and I got lot of things from it, more important I came to know the power of e-mail marketing, later I have used Madmimi, Mail chimp also.

Taking Care of Each and Every Readers-

The best thing, I have learnt from Quicksprout that is Neil takes care of each and every reader of his blog in this way he made relationship with them and one of the best thing about reply to comments will make your blog post rank also improved for long time as well as readers like it.

Experiment with New Things-

One of the best thing in blogging is experiment with new things to find out the better one, each and every day as you will keep the journey of blogging you will come to know new things, there are two options you will have either you will use it or leave it, I will suggest you just keep doing experiment it will help you to find out the much better things in the blogging world.

Dealing With New Customers-

There are numerous blog posts he has published on his blog, regarding dealing with customers related to price objections, service, consulting and all these things you must know if you wanted to make your blog a perfect business.

Earning Money from Readers-

See, if you are thinking about only earning money from readers then its really a blunder mistakes you are going to make in blogging, you need to think like this- if you want to earn $1 from one reader then you need to give back $20 value, if you want to play it for long run, because it will be helpful for you as well as for your readers.

Update 2020-
Well, it is always an amazing pleasure to follow top people in your industry I mean what they are doing and most importantly how they are doing so that you can follow their foot print and get at least fraction of their success.

This is the mistakes made by many newbies because they just don't want to put amazing effort to write content and again to promote it if you will write amazing content and promote it then definitely you will get success in life.

Let me tell you about me till 2014 from 2010, I was a struggle blogger hardly I was making $300 per month. But suddenly I have invested money in domain, training, conferences, books, hosting and of course invested time to write content.

And from 2016 onward I am a full time digital entrepreneur, that is the power of investing money and time what you love to do?

I know it is not easy but if you will make habit of it then definitely it will become quite easier as well as fun for you.

So, here are things, I will suggest you if you wanted to become full time blogger or digital entrepreneur then create your own product out of your knowledge and start selling through blog or even YouTube, because without revenue you can not exist and if you will not put your 100% effort you can not get tremendous success in this highly competitive world.

But, in comparison to the offline market still there are many untapped topics still need to discovered so you need to find those niches and then here you go you.

Success is waiting for you, I will suggest you a platform to create your digital product is Podia, it is good here you can get some discount on it- Podia Discount Code.

Above all points help me to become a better blogger still, I am learning, experimenting, doing, providing, working to provide you guys better information that's why you will come to my blog again and again.

I know nobody will come to my blog, until or unless I will not provide value for spending time on my blog, I hope you are getting my point you need to do the same for your's case, if you want your readers, customers come to your blog or website again and again.