Create Paypal Account, Paypal Get Verified in India
Well the story begin here, when I wanted to Create Paypal Account in India, well I am an Indian- but there was a strong need behind this, actually I wanted to get paid from Bidvertiser which is an advertisement networks for bloggers (I am a blogger and I make money online), but the problem was they paid in dollars but I wanted to get paid in Indian rupee.

So, I have started searching about this and one day one of the friend told me about Paypal even he told me Paypal offer this service for free for individuals but of course there are some limitations, but never the less I was happy after knowing about Paypal.

Well, in this blog post I am going to share with you- step by step guide to create Paypal account as well as how you can use it effectively.

What is Paypal?

Well, Paypal is a gateway for getting as well as sending money from one place to another place through online.

More important about Paypal- Paypal will do a very good job for you, because of that I am happy from Paypal, its they can withdraw money into your bank account directly more important in your own desire currency.

I hope you are really excited because of this right! Even I was.

Requirements for Creating Paypal Account for Indians-

Well, there is two most important things you must have to create working Paypal account, one of them is an e-mail address may be Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail any one and also you must have your PAN Card, which is necessary for Indians.

If you don't have PAN card then apply today because without PAN card you can not create working Paypal account in India

Types of Account You can Create in Paypal-

You are reading this blog posts means you are not familiar with Paypal, then let me tell you there are two types of accounts you can create and are you looking for those accounts-
  1. Individual accounts
  2. An account for business
Here is the screens shot of it which I took from Paypal for your much better understanding about it-
individual account, business account at Paypal
May you wanted to know which account I have used in Paypal, individual account, here is the current screen shot of my receiving payment from Paypal, well I will write a blog post on it but for now the screens shot of payment, which proofs that I am using Paypal and information I have shared here those are on the basis of my experience-
payment through Paypal in India, earning from blogging
I hope you like it, as a beginners seeing payments like this on other blogs is really becoming inspiring to keep blogging and hope you will earn more money than me from blogging or from internet may be from blogging, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, writing e-books or any other way.

Create Paypal Account Guide-

For creating Paypal account you need to go to, then wait for a moment to load the website properly.

Now, you need to click on Sign Up, this option you can find on the right top of the Paypal website, then you will see another page, which will ask you to choose your account, which is individual or business, I hope you are looking for creating account for your own, which means individual, then click on individual.

Now fill the form, which is been ask and then click on Agree and Create Account, there you will also need to add your PAN card information for operating your Paypal account.

Benefits of Using Paypal-

Well there are lots of benefit of using Paypal, I have listed here few benefits-
  1. Get Paid Automatically in your own Bank account
  2. Send money to anywhere 
  3. Receive Money from Anywhere
  4. You can sell product and get paid through Paypal
  5. You can get paid your own desire currency

Verify Paypal Account in India-

This is really very good way to verify your account in India, see when I have verified my Paypal Account back in 2012 in that time I took about a week, because I did not know about it, almost no bloggers, websites share its details guide but today there are many has started sharing tutorial regarding Paypal India, because if you are getting payment from western countries client then you will get payment in Dollars only and no matter in which currency you will receive payment.

It will be converted into your own country currency, like I am from India and I got payment in Rupees and more important directly in my bank account.

After adding all information required by them, I mean by Paypal like adding bank account details, PAN card number, I have wait for the final steps verification

That is putting payment information, which I have received from Paypal in my bank account, actually Paypal have very good verification process, adding all information the will send you payment in your bank account, two payments, payment would be more than one rupee and less than 2 rupees.

After getting payment from them, I have gone to near by ATM and take mini statement from ATM to know exact value of their payment and after knowing those values I came back to home and opened by Paypal account and put their those payment and it happens, Paypal account verified, it was fully verified and from that time till now I am using Paypal no issues face till now.

Is Paypal Safe for Transaction-

Of course, at least I have not seen or face any problem till, I have been blogging from long time its about five years and I have been using Paypal from 2012 in this duration I have received lot of payments and lot of payment send by me and I did not face any issue.

I hope you have seen the image or I must say the screen shot on the above of this blog post that screen shots state that there are 162 millions used Paypal now think about its reach to people.

Its amazing, is not it.

Then the answer to this question is that- yes this is really safe to use Paypal.

List of Required Things for Creating Paypal Account Successfully-

In this section of this blog post, I am going to let you know all those things you need to have to create your own Paypal account in India and more important is that the account will be active that means verified and after this you can use your account.

Okay, here are few things you required to create and get verified your Paypal account-

  1. First you need to have e-mail address may be Gmail, Yahoo, hotmail any one
  2. You need to have bank account may be PNB (Punjab National Bank), SBI (State Bank of India), OBC, HDFC, Axis I mean any bank which accept Paypal to send payment, personally I used PNB for handling my Paypal account
  3. The most important PAN Card number, which is must for receiving payment from Paypal
  4. That's it, you need to follow my steps to learn

What I Like the Most About Paypal as an Indian-

Paypal India, add debit card, credit card, link bank account to Paypal

I hope you know?

I am an Indian blogger, since I am from India so I need to transfer all my transactions in to my own currency that is in Rupees.

So, I have started searching and start asking my friends to know about it, one of my friend tell me about Paypal

Then I have browse the website and create my account and get verified, I have used another feature of Paypal that is auto withdraw of your payment in to your account, generally it takes two working days and maximum it takes 5 to 6 days.

Overall, I really feel happy with their support as well as their service, I am really happy with it thanks.

Enabling Auto Withdraw Options on Paypal-

This is one of best featured offered by Paypal that is auto withdraw your payment to your linked bank account within few days of getting payment on Paypal.

Well, I will share with you a like example of it, that's why you can understand first let me tell you steps for enabling auto withdraw option on Paypal, that's why it you can do it quite easily-
  • Go to your Paypal account
  • Now click on account
  • Now click on withdraw
  • There you will find options for auto withdraw
  • And time for auto withdraw payment to your account is maximum 7 working days
Here, is the screen shot of my auto withdraw payment-
auto withdraw in Paypal
I hope you like the screen shot I am provided above.

How Paypal is Useful for Bloggers-

Well, I am a blogger that's why I know the benefits of using Paypal, see for getting paid from advertisement networks or from any other person. Paypal is the best way.

I always get paid through Paypal to my Bank account directly, which is an amazing feature provided by Paypal. 

When I have started blogging, I don't have any idea about this but later when I wanted to withdraw money from Bidvertiser (I have earn more than 340$ from Bidvertiser) I have started learning about this and I found Paypal.
One more thing- If you want to start blogging then start today for free and make money online

Update- Another payment gateway I am using to sell my digital products that is Instamojo, its been great for me like-

  1. Zero to start 
  2. Easy to handle
  3. Great customer support
  4. Customer have multiple option to pay like debit card, credit card and even internet banking
  5. Get ready to get started Click Here & Get 500 Rs
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I hope you have created your Paypal account, see I don't know for what you have created Paypal account but I will suggest you to have password with you, mean don't share with any one.

I know Paypal having amazing benefits, which has been really good for me from long time.

Is there anything you would like to know about Paypal?