Get Response Vs Constant Contact, Get Response Vs MailChimp

There are many bloggers, entrepreneurs, webmasters, e-commerce founders are looking for a good e-mail marketing company, which will take care of their hard work, I mean e-marketing will help us to build relationship with our readers, customers. which helps to have long time business with them.

In this blog post, I am going to write comparison among all three e-mail marketing companies that's why you can choose one of these three, well everybody have their own views, in this blog post, I am sharing that is my own view nothing personal dear.

Benefits of Using E-mail Marketing from Day One-

Benefits of e-mail marketing, Indian blogger marketing benefit

If you are not new to e-mail marketing then may be you know about John Chow, Neil Patel and there are many those have authority in the blog-o-sphere of course they put valuable information in the internet and there are thousands those are getting help from their contribution.

But, can you believe all of them accept that they did not build list from day one of blogging that is their biggest mistakes, so why not to put your step forward with having one aim that is becoming a professional as well as value added blogger in the blogging world, that's why one day people will write on their blog as an example.

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If you wanted to see that day very soon, I mean within a year then you have to be social and you have to get in touch with your readers and keep providing valuable content that's why they will get benefit of their spending time on your blog.

Here, are few amazing benefits of e-mail marketing for online business people-
  1. Build Relationship- Relationship play important role specially in online business, if you are showing that you are taking care of your readers and any how your blog readers are understanding it then you have done marvelous job from your side, rest leave on your readers because they will do rest job for you.
  2. Direct Contact- E-mail is one of the effective, cheap as well as fastest way to get in contact with readers, so anything you want that your readers must know then you just need to send an e-mail that's it.
  3. First Traffic Source to Your Fresh Content- Guess what? Many professional bloggers like Neil Patel, John Chow they got thousand of visitors to their new fresh blog post, later it becomes easier for them to get good rank on search engine, because of user's engagement on social media.
  4. Probability of Natural Back Links- If you are blogging then getting back links from other bloggers is not easy, because why should any one will give you back links? But if you are having very good relationship with your blog readers then they will give you back links to your blog to their desire blog post, in this way your blog post ranking on search engine results also increase.

Here, the amazing comparison I am going to discuss with you-

Get Response
Constant Contact
Mail Chimp
User’s Experience
Just Fantastic
Very good
Mobile Responsive Technology
Not Good
Not Good
Much Better
Not that much good
Loading Speed
Very cheap started with $15 per month for 1000 subscribers
Its $20 for 0 to 500 subscribers
Its price is $15 for 1000 subscribers
Look of Template
Amazing 5 out of 5`
Average 3 out of 5
Good 4 out of five
Landing Page Create
Easy landing page create tools available
Landing page creator is not that much effective
Good- but not much effective
Trial Pack
Yes- Limited feature you can use
Yes- Limited feature you can use
Website Tag Line
E-mail marketing software and auto responder from get response
Effective e-mail marketing
Send better mail
Main Heading For You
World’s Easiest Email Marketing-
350,000 happy customers in 182 countries, engaging more than 1 billion subscribers every month.
Grow with Email Marketing
Start your FREE email campaign today!
Send Better Email
Join more than 8 million people who use Mail Chimp to design and send 600 million emails every day.
Integration With Google Drive
Loading Blank Page Problem
Website Layout User Experience
Much easier any one can use
Little difficult to use
Easy to use, but some options are not findable for beginners
Checking Mobile Look
The great feature provided by Get Response that you can check how your e-mail will look on different device like mobile
Did not offer such feature
Did not offer such feature
Drag and Drop Feature Interface
Much easier to use and different options available to design attractive e-mail letter
Not that much easier to use but options are there to design
Easier to available and provide very good layout to design but many features are not available for trial user’s
Learning center
Awesome learning center for beginners
Not that much effective center provided by Constant Contact
Very good learning center beginner's
Website rating
8 out of 10
7 out of 10
8 out of 10
Overall rating
8.5 out of 10
6 out of 10
7 out of ten
Who is the Winner
Of Course GetResponse
But, of course if I will compare Constant Contact with MailChimp then my preference is MailChimp
My View For You
If you are really serious about e-mail marketing then why not start with the best one with very comparative price
If you want to just test this is good
If you want to test then you can start.

Oh, actually I did not show screen shot of all these e-mail marketing service provider's, so lets see one of by one-
Get Response-
GetResponse Review

Constant Contact-
ConstantContact Review

MailChimp Review

I hope you like the way, I did comparison among these three e-mail marketing companies, but most important point is that for which one you must go, I think you need to check GetResponse for taking your business to the next level, if you are really worrying or if you want really thinking of becoming a very good online business person, See I don't know what works for me? The same will be happen with you or not- there would be three condition and those are-

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  • May be the same thing will happen with you like it was for me (possibility is less)
  • May be it will work much better for you (possibility is more) and
  • May be it will not work for you (again possibility is very less)
Note:- According to me GetResponse is the best choice for you the reasons are- high speed loading, great look landing page, user's friendly layout, less price, professional e-mail marketing company, lot of customers, responsive technology and there are countless benefits 

Does not matter in which business you are step in, if you are doing online business and you wanted to do it for long time then you must adopt e-mail marketing, there are thousands successful bloggers, online entrepreneur, solo blogger do accept that e-mail marketing is one of the big tool for online business.

More important is that for long time business, there were always buzz regarding this, that money is in the list.

There are numerous products in the internet for building list, but here GetResponse done wonderful job for making it much easier for us, I mean for me as well as you.

Is there are anything you would like to know about e-mail marketing?