Blogging is one of the most popular search terms on Google, which I come to know from Google Keywords Tool, even there are more than 100 million blogs exist in the internet even increasing day by day.

But most of them are not even driving 100 visitors per day, then how would they be a good money making as well as popular blogger, see if you want to become a popular blogger then you must have to concentrate on your topics and as well as planning.

For helping newbie bloggers I have also written an article on which you can give time to your blog for six months then I am sure you can drive at least 500 to 1000 visitors per day.

Yes you have to give six months, like one to two hours daily.

So, Why Bloggers are Increasing?

The answer is quiet simple for every newbie bloggers, even they started blogging after looking at income report of any professional bloggers like John Chow, he is making over 40,000 dollars per month, but the truth is that he is blogging from last 8 years, 8 years such a long time, if any one will study then he or she can complete Ph.D. even but after +2.

So, you can understand that he is having great experience as well as achievements, but in that time blogging was not easy even and also there were another truth, i.e. rarely people blog in that time.

But I will suggest every newbie bloggers don't choose topic by seeing that other making money online from that topic or Google Adsense pays more per click on those topics, choose topic which you have knowledge.

That's why people will get satisfy from your thinking one more thing about blogging, I would like to share with you, this is not like that you are going to make 1000$ every months from blogging, but one day you can make, for that you have to wait as well as keep working.

Well, let me give you an answer of the question that is blogging looks easy as well as tension free, but in reality blogging is not easy but of course it's tension free.

Why Blogging is not Easy?

First of all, too much competition out there, lots of things to learn, you must be self motivated to work hard, when your blog is not making money even.

Tips for Newbie Blogger to Make a Long Time Money Making Blogging-

After three years of blogging, I have learnt thousands of things, even I am learning something new each and each every day, that's why I can share with you new things in blogging.

I will suggest you to do the same.

But here are few basic tips I have figure out for you!

Understand Basic Search Engine Optimization Tips

Well I have already written many articles on blogging tips, those articles are totally based on my experience.

Why SEO?
SEO stand for search engine optimization, this is big in blogging, even if you will not know about basic SEO then I am 100% sure you will regret after blogging two to three months, so first learn basic SEO, before going to launch a blog.

Here is the blog Post I have written on SEO which contains almost all basic SEO tips

I will recommended you to read one another article on Blogging tips, which will definitely give you great idea to create a Good Blog.

Choosing Topic

When I have started blogging, about three years ago, in that time I did not have any idea about blogging, but I have started that's why I took too much time to get 100 page views per day to my new blog, but when I got an idea then just after few months I have started driving more than 2000 page views per day, then after a year I have started driving more than 11,000 page view per day.

Is not this awesome!

Then the lesson I have learnt.

First give time to choose topic for your blog, which will make your goal crystal clear.

I have a big dream about blogging, but still I have to learn many more things in blogging to my dreams come into reality.

Get a Domain Name

The biggest mistake I did.

That is I did not buy domain name earlier, I know blogspot blogs even drive ton of traffic, but blogspot blog is not going to get good rank on search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Ask.

For Google it is good.

What I have observed even then I think getting domain name for blog is the step to create a popular blog.

I will recommend you to buy domain name from Bigrock, I am using Bigrock for my all blogs.

Write Only Best Known Content

When people started blogging they get excited!

They even started posting more than two to three blog posts daily.

The big mistake!


Because you will not maintain this frequency in future that's why, one more thing if you will publish more than two blog posts daily, then I am sure it is really difficult to maintain quality of the blog post.

Quality matter in online.

Don't hide anything from your readers, write each and every thing you know about the topic, may be you are thinking why should you give these for free.

You are not giving these for free, you are just making your own market to provide service later, which will make you lot of money.

Comments on Other Blogs

Well commenting on other blogs, is not a new trend its a old trend but effective.

I will suggest you to make list of popular blogs on your niche only and also comment on those blogs regularly, which will drive traffic to your blog as well as build relationship in the internet.

Reply to Comments

Many times people understand, why should I reply to other comments, wastage of time and these that!

Big mistake dear?

You have to take care of others, because there are thousands like you, keep this in your mind.

Read Other Blogs

Oh, I am sorry.

I must give this tip before comment on other blogs, but never the late, let me give you the main concept of commenting on other blogs, actually I have used there term, comment on other blogs on your niche.

I told you that term, because it will make understand about your blog about as well as you will increase your knowledge on your blogging field.

Don't Try Hard in Blogging

I know, when you will start blogging, at least for one month.

You will have full excitement because it's a new concept for communicating with other people.

But after one month or two months you will loose your confidence about blogging, because you will not drive that much traffic as well as you will not make more money from your blog.

In that case either you will try hard means writing more articles or try other sources of making money online, here almost all bloggers do mistake.

I will suggest you to be calm and keep working, one day will definitely yours when people will talk about you.

What Next in Blogging?

Actually as I got the concept of making money online, I understood it is really difficult to make more money from advertisement networks, so stick to your blog topics and create your own product when you will have lot of ideas as well as you will have audience which will take you as well as your blog to the next level.

You will make more money, which will make you keep blogging with effectively.

If you want to take an example then see any professional bloggers almost every niche they must have their own product from Amit Aggarwal ( to Neil Patel (

They have their own product that's why even they are having this much royal readers!.

What do you think? To Make Your Own Money Making Blog!

UPDATE 2015 About Blogging-
I wanted to add few more but most important information about blogging, that's why you will have pin point information about it, see in blogging there are three most important tactics everybody must know, if any one know or anyone will know and start blogging then I am sure that person definitely earn BIG amount from blogging that is for sure because it has been proven by many.

Well, I will share with few great information including basic information, those really good as a blogger.

Here are those three important things about Blogging, but it is coincident that these three are same, its Readers, Readers and Readers.

Probably you are thinking, why I am saying this?

There is a strong reason behind this, because it is readers those will come to your blog, it is readers those will click on ads, it is readers those will buy products that's why you will make money from your blog.

I hope you understand now, why I was saying like this.

Okay, let me tell you few important things about blogging, if you are newbie then try to pay attention, it will help you a lot to make money-

When It Comes to Blogging-

When it comes to blogging, then you need to learn, because in blogging learning should be never ending if you want to be a good blogger, once you will stop learning then you will loose your readers day by day, because someone other will take your position, just remember that every time.

See, this is 21st century here you have everything to achieve and if you have hear this, I mean about blogging then you are the lucky one, because still there are many those are looking for an opportunity to work but they don't have one, but you have one and you just need to learn few things and keep doing hard work, that's why no matter what you are sharing but if people will get help from it in any way then you will see very soon people will start loving you.

Writing Is Important- One of the most important element of blogging as a blogger is writing, because at the last readers will read your blog, if your way of writing is not good then how would be possible that it will make you popular so try to write well detail and simple language blog post, that's why even anyone can understand it and one of the simple way to write awesome blog post that is always write for newbies.

Taking Care of Getting Traffic- Yes, without traffic you can not get your blog live for long because you will not make any money and very soon you will loose interest and you will quit blogging and I don't want that, first thing to get traffic that is SEO, yes, without SEO you can not get traffic for long time but don't try to over optimize your blog post, because it will ruin your all hard work and after getting traffic you have to take care of them because you have to help them for what they came to your blog, they must get it and second try to get them for your blog readers for forever through social media, e-mail marketing.

Money from Your Blog- No blog, no company exist for long time without earning, that means you must know how to make money from your blog, without disturbing readers, yes, there are many ways to make money from blog, but most effective way to earn money from your blog is ads networks, which is every bloggers first income source even mine- here are few ads networks you must join as a blogger-
1. Bidvertiser- I made more than $260 and that's awesome
2. Infolinks- One of the most promising ads network to earn money
3. Chitika- World's first network for me for most Click Through Rate

Its All About You in Your Blog-
One of the most important thing I have learn in life that its on you. 

what you do? 

How you do?

How you think?

How you implement?

Because, in these days nothing is beyond, if you have talent then you can catch cash and in the internet it's really easier than any market in this world, because if you want to do business in a city you have to invest thousand of dollars but in online its not like that you can invest any amount but the promise is that you have to provide value to people, that's why they will like you, they will remember and most important they will follow your path, in blogging exactly it is the best way to make money.

Three Blog Posts Every Beginner Bloggers Must Read-

In this blog, I have shared many awesome blog posts those are from my own experience and very 
helpful for every beginners blogger's that's why they too can earn money from blogging.

Before going to share with you those blog posts, let me share with you one thing only reading these blog posts will not help you, you have to implement and keep working hard, see only seeing others income report in thousands of dollars and seeing them working from a big hotel or those guys going for a vacation for long long time, even few top bloggers says those are working only for few hours and of course you see their traffic and ranking statistics, let me tell you seeing all those things only help you to get inspiration and keep dreaming how you can do the same, but real thing is that only few bloggers can do the same.

Do you know?


Because newbies only dream, they don't try to understand that how much hard work that blogger did those are making thousand of dollars every month and even newbies don't see how still they are working hard that's why about them you are reading.

If you can do the same hard work then I am sure you can also become a famous blogger even better than them, because now a days getting things is easy to get than earlier days.

Let me give an example, in earlier days even when I have started blogging in that time I did not find out any good blog, which blog I can follow to choose the right path, that's why I made lot of mistakes, but I am happy because I am still blogging AND making money from blogging and I am sure I will keep blogging.

In blogging, if anyone started thinking to quit blogging, because unable to earn money, enable to attract traffic, these are major two reasons to quit blogging, then you have to refresh yourself then you have ask yourself.


And try to get answer and don't excuse if you could not find out one, because it is for sure you will get answer, see if any one is successful then that's because of him or her and if anyone is not successful then even the answer is same. 

So, does not matter what is happening with you, the reason is you, so you are the only one to change your life.

Here are those blog posts for you-
1. 36 Blogger Tips and Tricks for Smart People
2. Top 5 Google Adsense Altenatives
3. Hard Work Can Make You Successful Blogger

There is a reason of increasing bloggers, I have shared with you all of them as I know, I will share with more in up coming blog posts, that's why my blog post reach will be more and more bloggers will start earning.

But my blog post will only help you, if you will work, only reading blog post will educate you but implementing information of my blog post will make you money, now choice is yours what you want?

Let me know about your wish about making money from blogging?