Hello, Guys How are you?

Today is the day, I am Happy a LOT! Reason is simple I am making money online, a very good handsome income, which I can not accept from my day job, still I am doing blogging occasionally and earning is just awesome because I wanted to give more time to my study these days and planning to become full time blogger from next year, I hope; I can do it.

Well, Today I am going to share with the screen shot, which is about my payment proof that I have received $45.47 in my Paypal account.
Paypal India Payment Proof 2015
That is the earning from Paypal and direct earning in the last two days about $30, so total earning is about $75.47 in just two days, it makes me feel great and about my decision also, actually when I have started blogging in that time everybody of my friends usually told me about my branch and blogging is different few usually said that you are doing Java Mechanical.

Well, I am not saying they were wrong but I was determined that one day people will wanted to talk to me

To learn blogging AND more important they will ask me to trained them to do the same and earn more money online, because first we need to earn money and else other things you can do easily, we can do online shopping, a vacations and what not.

Today right now, I am sitting in Ranchi which is a Capital of Jharkhand and writing this blog posts I hope I manage to complete this blog post today because I have many things to do by tomorrow.

Although this week have been busier for me, because last week I came to Patna which is a capital of Bihar and visited many places like Ganga Ghat, Zoo, Patna University got couple of photos for you, oh I must say its too hot there but after reaching Ranchi I am little bit relax and feeling chill in Ranchi.
patna Ganga Ghat, Ujjwal Kumar Sen, Blogger
Patna, Bihar (Ganga Ghat)

Patna Zoo, Ujjwal Kumar Sen
Patna Zoo, Bihar
Jagannathpur Temple Ranchi, Blogger Ujjwal Kumar Sen

Well, generally I don't share about me in my blog posts, but this is little bit about my blogging success story that's why I am sharing with you.

You can become much better blogger than me, because you are reading my blog and I shared in my blog about my own experience more important I am sharing mistakes I made in my blogging journey.

That's why at least blog readers of my blog will not repeat these mistakes in their blog, I hope this blog posts will inspire you to keep blogging and let you be a successful blogger and more important my mission is that my blog readers will earn more money than me.

Till that time I will not stop blogging, I will keep blogging and keep you inspiring to become a better, a much better blogger.

Here are few tips and tricks those are really helpful for you to become a much better blogger in your own interested niche-

Be Unique in Your Niche-

I hope you are research before choosing niche for your blog because this is really important to become a next popular blogger without any difficulty because you are already good in your niche then there would be any kind quality problem.

In this internet world, there is always demand for valuable people, because internet visitors really take good care about quality blog posts, so be unique in your niche and don't ever copy other competitive bloggers content, if you will do so then I must say you will loose your own brand for which you are known.

Add Some Amazing Photos-

Photos really make readers even me, excited to read the blog posts as well as sharing the blog posts make me happy because readers like it, that's why info-graphics is much better for getting back links than only a blog posts.

You can see as an example of Pinterest, Visual.ly, Scoop.it like websites are growing very fast worldwide.

Don't Forget About Branding-

Branding is not a one day job, it takes years and years, but yes later you can use your brand in the market to promote any kind of product, because people understand name, if the name is known for them then it becomes easier to get convert, I mean that person can easily become your customers.

Again, you can loose your branding by not providing very good quality product, does not matter in which niche you are entered but don't forget to give value of customer money as well as time.

Take Time to Write Blog Posts

I have been following many top bloggers from last few years, I did not steal anything from them, I mean their content that's why today I am blogging because my blog is growing day by day and I am really happy from output in compare with input.

Well, the thing I learn from top bloggers like Neil Patel and their countless those are blogging from long time, they write a detail blog posts about 2000 words in each blog posts that means they are investing lot of time to get publish each blog posts, if any blogger can do the same then I am sure any one can too become a popular blogger like them.

Follow Basic Things Always-

Basic, foundation, root these terms are really important for our life because basic things are most important, does not matter what we loose or gain in our life? But we must not forget our base.

If we will forget then later may be you will loose everything, I am not writing this thing after reading any book, not even I heard from any person, it is my own personal experience, in blogging there are few but important basics things those are-
  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Blog content
  3. Image optimization for search engines
  4. Social Media Optimization
  5. Relationship 
  6. Taking Care of readers
  7. Passion
  8. Knowledge
  9. Consistency and 
  10. Be proud as a blogger

Share Your Story But Real-

Stories always good to read, listen, for inspiration, experience as well as exposure to work further or start your own start up.

I am listen to myself, observe myself, after reading other success stories I really got inspired to work more hard that's why I can share another great success story in my blog and many of bloggers will get inspired.

Read and Follow Few Growing Blogs-

Following others activities those are really successful and more important those become successful in the same field, you need to follow and know why they are successful? what are their strengths? what are their steps?

If you can get answer of these questions then I am sure you must work on it, if you wanna be successful then you have to work, their is no shortcut way for doing a journey of success.  

Let me tell you a very interesting thing, I hope you think any one of your known who is successful may be who is your neighbour, in your working place, in your college may be any one.

But, have you ever eager or curious to know time table of that person, if you did not do the same till now then you need to just know and start working on the same time table and I know you will also achieve what you wanted to achieve from your life.

To achieve anything BIG in this world, you need to learn, think, implement face failures as well as achievements but does not matter what you got?

You must not stop, you just need to keep writing awesome content with full of passion see only reading my success stories about blogging may be other stories about blogging and other entrepreneurs is not going to help you much.

If you want others to read your success stories you have to do work, yes work only work can lead you to be on top, because work is worship, one of the great quotes I can remember right now, that is about work and love there two words are really complicated, if any body can understand depth of it then their life can be changed.

Okay, may be you are looking for that quotes that is- Do What You Love, Love What You Do.

What do you think about my successful blogging journey?