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I talk a lot about blogger, but today about "Bluehost Review 2021" I write why blogger is the best? why start a blog on blogger and all that even I have published a awesome, details guide to start a blog and earn money from blogging.

Today, I am here to share with you a web hosting service provider which has been providing service from from last decade and million of people using their service, I am must say Happily.

One there are countless bloggers, entrepreneurs, personal people and many others are using BlueHost service.

Why You Should Listen to Me About BlueHost Discount 2021 & Review-

I have been blogging from last five years help more than half million people through this blog planning to help another half million in this year and I am working hard to reach this target of course in this way I will also earn money.

Okay, now the question is that why you should listen to me, the reason is simple I have been using Bluehost for while now, and of course I am going to share with the inside view of Bluehost insight view here with Bluehost India Discount Coupon Code.

NOTE- Even, I have started with absolutely no knowledge about set up and all that but later I search and struggle to know about all those settings which is really necessary for starting a word press blog and when I have started rarely I found any blog talking about Word Press in details, so for the ease of people I have started providing Free Installation service but you need to buy hosting by using my link and of course you will get discount but it is for limited time remember that.

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What is WordPress Hosting?

Well, if you are new to blogging and you don't have knowledge about it, then don't worry this blog post will let you know each and everything about hosting, more important why you should choose WordPress for your hosting program

Actually let me make you understand what is WordPress, this is one of the finest CMS (Content Management System), it is having a piece of code which you need to put of hosting and your content will be live in the internet.

Blue Host is a finest hosting provider for WordPress hosting, the reason is simple they are expert in it, because they have been in this field from 2002, yes they have more experience than decade, I am also providing discount on Netmoly hosting, here check the page for coupon code Netmoly Coupon

What is BlueHost?

Well, BlueHost is a web hosting service provider which has been in this field from last decades, now you can understand the leadership quality they have and the quality of service they are providing, right.

As an Indian or any other country beginner bloggers, those wanted to start wordpress or I must use a word professional blog then BlueHost is just a perfect choice for you.

Why BlueHost is Best for Starting Your Wordpress Blog-

Well, it is obvious that there are million using their hosting service then definitely they are providing great service to their service user's right.

One more thing which is just amazing for any beginner's, Actually Blue Host gives free .com domain name with each web hosting and of course its free of cost.

Five Important Things About BlueHost-

Here, I am going to share with you few tips and tricks those are really important for any one those wanted to start blogging-
  1. This web hosting company will give you free .com domain name
  2. Dedicated Amazing Server
  3. Attractive Discounts
  4. It is providing its service to more than million happy customers
  5. Almost all beginners bloggers start their word press blog with Blue Host
  6. Ten out of ten people recommend to use its service
  7. Its Alexa rank is 710 world wide and having more than 48,000 website gives links to Blue Host
  8. Many popular bloggers using Blue Host service like Pat Plynn and count less

Payment Options for Indians-

If I see few years back when I have started blogging in that time I did not option to pay for my hosting because I did not have credit card.

Now in these days its been solved, I mean the problem has been solved, you don't need to have credit card to buy domain name, web hosting or almost any product on the web.

If you have debit card then the BIG problem is solved, that's it.

For me its really a great option for all of us, because may be you know getting credit card in India is really difficult for common people or must say for student.

Indian Bloggers Choosing Hosting for Wordpress-

Cheap Hosting in India, Hosting Price in india

Indian bloggers always looking for cheap as well as great service provider for getting as out put of their investment, if you are thinking about like this then I am sure you must go for BlueHost, here are few things I found those are helpful for you as an Indian Bloggers-
  • Dedicated Up time Guaranteed
  • 24*7 Support
  • Great control C-panel
  • Very good infrastructure

Server Specification of BlueHost-

Server support is the key or must say most important factor to keep your blog live on the web that's why it will put great impression on people, I hope you are getting me, here are few important features of BlueHost Server-
  1. Dual E5530 2.40GHz Xeon quad core hyperthreaded processors
  2. 24 GB RAM
  3. 250 GB RAID 1 (mirrored) OS drive
  4. 1 TB RAID 1 (mirrored) customer data drive cached
  5. Battery backed, RAID controller for all drives
  6. Redundant Power, HVAC & Fire-Detection Systems

Why Every Smart Blogger Must Have Hosting on Bluehost-

Well, its not new for many, but new for many those are just newbie in blogging, world, they don't know even what is blogging?

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But, never mind, I am here to help you, that's why you can become a successful blogger, very soon, I am going launch a product on this and most important thing is that the product will have step by step guide and in Hindi language that's why those know Hindi they can too start blogging.

Well, in this section of this blog post, I have mention in the heading that is "Smart Blogger", see just like that you can not become smart until or unless you will not find out the proper niche and proper direct to do blogging and keep blogging.

Because, Blues Host provides great professional dedicated server to create your blog and keep blogging without tension of your blog server just you need to take care about your blog content and rest others thing will be taking care with Blue Host because you are paying them to do so.

Then they will do the same for you, as they are doing already for millions, then you must think that you are alone.

Is Blue Host Costly Hosting Programs-

There is nothing like that, this is a only hosting service provider in this world, but yes this is one of the leader in providing great hosting service to user's in a affordable price.

I mean, we all travel by train.

If you will get a train ticket of 2 tier AC for the price of 3 Tier AC then would you be travel in 3 Tier AC obviously not.

The same case is here, you are going to get great dedicated server as well as fantastic service from their customer support and so on.

See, for the heading of this section, the answer is its not a costly hosting service provider.

Is Blue Host Perfect Choice for Word Press Hosting-

I hope you read my blog because you are a blogger or you want to become a blogger to earn money online, because almost 98% of my blog posts related to it.

if you want o start a word press blog then I must say just the statistics of Blue Host customers there are million of word press blogs already hosting by Blue Host

Then this is for sure you don't need to take tension about server time, support, server down issues almost nothing like problem you will face.

I mean you will be happy with it.

Why Not to Host Word Press Blog in Free Hosting-

Word Press is one of the popular as well as fantastic CMS for all bloggers or I must those are little less familiar with complex coding Word Press is just helping them to solve their problem just like that.

Well, free hosting always painful because of server time, loading time, customer support and there are many other things those we need to take care for our blog, those almost we can not get from free hosting.

This is the real loss of blogging.

Recommended Hosting- WinHost Promo 2021

See, in blog you will do lot of hard work and its really painful then you loose your blog content and its many times happened with many bloggers those use free word press hosting and they loose their long time hard work just in a moment.

Writing this section of this blog post is the motto to tell you the real information for hosting your valuable blog on free hosting, don't ever choose this option.

Steps to Sign Up for Blue Host-

In this section of this blog post, I am going to share with you step by step guide to Sign Up for Blue Host hosting program-
1. First go to Blue Host Official Website- Click Here, If you are belonging from India then click here
2. After clicking there just wait for opening the official website till that time have drink some water, it will make you feel relax and cool
3. Now you will see the official website of Blue Host, choose hosting program, after the website is loaded properly, now scroll down to the bottom of the page, there you will find out a option on the complete left side "Products"
4. Click on "WordPress Hosting", after clicking there you need to wait another couple of seconds to load the page properly
5. Now scroll down to see the pricing and select for the blogger one for your good understanding I have putted a screen shot of it also-
BlueHost WordPress Hosting Sign Up process

6. Just click on Select and then again wait for few seconds to go for the next page, here is the screen shot of it-
Sign Up Process for BlueHost WordPress Hosting Step 2
7. If you don't have domain name, then I must sure, you need to contact me because I can let you choose a SEO friendly domain name, but if you have already have domain name then just put there your domain name and do ahead, just I have taken for an example,, after putting there you need click on Next

Recommended Hosting- Coupon Code 2021

8. Then you will see a last and final step to follow, there you will see congratulation just fill the form and then go ahead, there you will see different payment options one is through Credit Card and another one if Paypal, choose your desire payment option and do payment, that's it.

Why BlueHost is the Wise Choice for Starting Your Blog-

BlueHost is one of the popular, best serving, bloggers choice, people choice, reader friendly web hosting company, that’s why there are already millions those are real webmaster those are using its services from years, the webmaster does not matter where is he or she belonging from, may be from India or may be from USA or somewhere else in the world.

For, me I am from India and I prefer to use its service because it is one of the trusted hosting service providers in the world, so here I am to share with you details information about this web hosting company.

See, when I have started blogging about five years ago in that time I was not aware about any web hosting service, first I got information that this web hosting service is good but later I realized they have strong problem that is loading, I don’t know where they have set up their server, because if a web hosting company do not set up their server in good location then customers means webmasters will suffer because their website will load very slow.

So, what should they do that’s why they can not have such type of problem, I am writing this review because I want you to know a good web hosting company and here is the great hosting company for you, because it is providing such service, I have already share with you many reasons behind of this well this is a updating blog post.

Okay, the reason I have updated this blog post, then I have to share with you a story it is about my friend, well generally my friend is really good and he shared with me almost everything what is going on his life and of course about his future goal, one day when celebration is going on in our organization we got lot of time to discuss about future planning, I hope you are also having a good future planning that’s why you are reading this blog post.     

Well, he told me about an Idea, well security reasons I can not share with you his name because this blog post is going to read by many I don’t want his name will attached here, because he told me about it.

Well, I will share with you detail blog post on his idea because very soon he is going to convert his idea into reality and I am pretty sure if he will work on it, it will definitely works, because the idea is directly connected with digital India, so here I am to help him in SEO field.
I reason behind sharing this discussion with you is that the web hosting he bought is really bad service provider everyday their server gone out of connection and most of the time when pick time of people to visit website in between 10 AM to 4 PM in India.

And my friend thought he must discuss with me about it, but the problem was there that I am a Mechanical Engineering and he did not know about it that I am also a blogger.

But, one day he gone through many of my Youtube videos and he surprised that my video got more than 23,000 views on Youtube and most important thing is that the video is not having extra ordinary things but the information I have provided in the video is just price less.

So, after watching the video he called me that you are doing from years and you did not share with me about it.

And shared with me that he is not happy from the hosting provider then I suggested him to use Blue Host and as I am writing this blog post he is sitting with me and he is just laughing about it that I am writing about him in my blog post.

So, if you are just newbie in this field then I will suggest you to buy hosting from Blue Host only and I am sure you are going to get lot of things free of cost from it and its really worthy and most important thing is that if you will look at the facilities they are giving to webmasters are just awesome.

Then, if you are looking for a best web hosting for your first WordPress blog then this is the best web hosting programs for you, don’t think too much just start blogging and I am sure you will definitely become a successful blogger.

May be you are thinking about why am I saying so?

The reason is here, because you are reader of my blog and it is my responsibility to make you successful blogger, but yes I can only guide you, rest you need to do from yourself.

Before you are going to leave this page let me share with you few tips and tricks those will help you to do the journey of blogging and finally you will make lot of money about which you can not think -

Don’t Think About Money for Six Months-
There are more than half million people are reading my blog and there are hundreds of blogger those subscribed my pro plan for starting blogging, I have analyzed those bloggers only think about money all the time and don’t write blog posts, I mean think about it if a news blog having only one news blog post, are you ever going to read that blog, I don’t think so then why others will come to your blog, see in blogging you have to think practically so, until or unless you will not write blog posts more than 100 till that time don’t think about earning from blog and one more thing your each blog posts must have more than 1000 words, if you are writing how to articles to outrank your competitors easily.

Learn First Five Things-
I have shared couple of times that I am a Mechanical Engineer and All mechanical engineers must studied about 5M that is Man, Machine, Material, Money and Manufacturing.
Like the same I told my all newbie bloggers those are interested in blogging they must concentrate on few important things in their blog, if they want to grow and leave a foot print in the entire blogging world, see its not difficult, it is really easy but you must have to choose a right topic, right hosting, right domain, right way to monetize and of course right time to write blog posts.

Follow Other Bloggers-
Does not matter in which field you are working if you are new then you must asked or follow someone who already finished that step that’s why you will come to know the way to finished that step.
In blogging, the biggest step for beginners is driving traffic to blog and converting traffic to lifetime reader, if you can do so then you will be the next popular blogger, in blogging world, there is lot of space to acquire but it is up to you what you can do for others?

Obverse Bloggers in Your Niche-
See, observing others those are already succeed in your field will definitely helpful for anyone, which helps me to become college topper from a failure, observing others those are succeed in the same field make me successful.
Like the same you have to follow and observe other bloggers those are getting good amount of traffic and earning money online, you need to follow their activity and need to implement in your blog.

And Take Action Don’t Except for Over Night Result-
Most of the bloggers think, especially those are newbie those are started blogging after seeing bloggers earning report that someone is earning this much from blogging, the newbie thought that it is also possible for him, yes it is sure it is possible for anyone but need to go through right approach.

So, give time and keep putting your effort that’s why you can succeed in blogging, because blogging always take time to get success.

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I know you have got lot of important points those are helpful for hosting your word press blog on BlueHost, and also this review about Bluehost will help you a lot.

Most important points, I found that is dedicated server and which is just amazing for any bloggers that his or her blog will be live 24 * 7.

Is there any query you have about BlueHost?